blog banner’s LDCC Security Token Now Available To Unaccredited Investors On OpenFinance’s LDCC Security Token Now Available To Unaccredited Investors On OpenFinance

Now moving along to OpenFinance makes’s LDCC token available to all US investors, what does this mean? So LDCC is is the security token that lottery com issued last year. So basically has, they’re a third party that creates any kind of a
lottery play service for governments, cities, organizations. And what they
wanted to do was to kind of support NGOs, charities, other organizations that
wanted to fundraise for humanitarian causes and so they want to gamify that
through their lottery systems. So they issued the LDCC token through Securitize
on OpenFinance last year. At that point in time it was originally open
only to institutional investors and international accredited investors with
the minimum investment of $10,000 because typical of a US STO in that sense and
they had to go through that process. That gave you that the token itself a 7%
fixed percentage on revenue from this raffle this net raffle that they’re
putting into place… and this news however what’s what’s cool is that now they’ve
passed kind of that delay and they’re able to open this up to accredited and
non-accredited investors in the US and elsewhere on OpenFinance’s system.
So so it’s not news about the token itself, this has been out there and and
already starting to do some cool stuff. This is about the fact that now anybody
can get into it for significantly less capital but also you know we’ve passed
the limitations on non-accredited investors.

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