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Louis’ Halloween Costume

Louis’ Halloween Costume

okay we put up a picture yesterday on
the bonus show: love Louis is halloween costume and we
got so many emails from people who saw the bones show
because their members who said you gotta show this on the
regular show and from people who aren’t members who just really really want to
see it that we’re going to put up a picture of
it this is Luis is Halloween costume from over the weekend Louis just give us give us you went into
a lotta detail on the bonus show yesterday give us the
short version have what this is how you came up with that but what are we
looking at here its course penny that’s what it is
corpse pay okay but Lewis explain a little more for especially for people
who are listening on the radio overplayed you said you wanted me to
give you the shortest possible version that was there okay arm it was there is
being there was adopted by I Norwegian our Scandinavian now black
metal group right and some American ones it was
there it was there a metal thing yeah okay so there is that lewis’s cost
him and there’s always stuff like this
happening on the bonus show: see you should be you should be a supporter David Pakman
dot com slash membership you would have yet been able to see this picture 24-hour sooner some people Louis 24
hours makes all the difference in the world it’s a big deal big of a deal

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