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Lush How It’s Made: Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion

Lush How It’s Made: Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion

(upbeat music) – Hey I’m Genesis and today we’re making
Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion. Jill will be compounding and Haley our Manager in Training from our Lush store in
Willowbrook, New Jersey will be lending a hand. With every purchase of Charity Pot, we donate 100% of the purchase price to grass roots organizations
around the world. These organizations work in the areas of environmental justice, animal protection and human rights. You’ll end up with
beautifully scented skin, while doing a world of good
with every pot purchased. First up, Jill is going
to melt her shea butter from the Ojoba’s Women’s
Cooperative in Ghana and cocoa butter from the
Peace Community in Colombia, which gives this body lotion
its skin softening qualities. We melt Japan wax and
carnauba wax separately and add it to the butters. Next, we add our mix of olive, jojoba oils as well as moringa oil from our Regenerative Farming
Initiative in Northern Uganda. These combined with the butters, make Charity Pot one of our
most nourishing lotions. Now it’s time to add
all our essential oils. Rosewood, vanilla, ylang ylang all combine to create Charity Pot’s signature scent. Charity Pot gets its soothing
properties from fresh aloe. First, we cut the outside spines
and then we peel the aloe. This is blended with some water and we are ready to add it to our mix. Once it’s cooled significantly,
we pour it into the molds. We let these chill over night
and then it’s time to flip. (light music) And that’s how we make
Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion. Next time you’re in the shop, try it on. Thank you for watching. Comment down below on what
products you’d like to see next.

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