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Make Australia Day Classy-er

Make Australia Day Classy-er

Australia Day celebrations have gotten
out of hand over the years and don’t get me wrong I’m as much of a fan of a Bundy
rum or a good burnout as the next man however this year let’s keep things a
little bit classy. Take a captain cook at this! Now us Aussies, we love our black
champagne. Only problem is the bottle’s just not very big that’s not a bottle! that’s a bottle! I know it’s pink… but it’s bloody big! We all love a good barbie and we love throwing prawns on them but lobster’s the classiest thing on a seafood menu It’s tasty whether you serve it hot
or cold a little bit like pizza or revenge Interesting fact
lobsters can live up to 50 years old in the wild, unless of course… you barbecue them… We all know the lamington it’s an Aussie classic, but let’s face it
sugar and carbs are a little on the nose these days and frankly they don’t have
enough meat in them. So we’ve put a modern twist on that old classic… Introducing our… Lamb-ington delicious lamb sprinkled with coconut, meat for dessert now that’s Australian! We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on how to make your Australia day
that little bit more. classy-er

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