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Malala Fund teams up with Give Lively to provide free nonprofit tech

Malala Fund teams up with Give Lively to provide free nonprofit tech

Give Lively’s unique business model Developing tech for impact, not profit Allows us collaborate with nonprofits on new technology on short notice. A perfect example of this is our work with the Malala Fund. An organization making waves around the world Fighting for every girl’s right to free, safe, quality education. I’m hannah Orenstein. I’m the Digital Manager I’ve worked for Malala Fund for over 3 years I love telling the stories of girls who know that education is the best opportunity for improving their lives, the lives of their families, the lives of their communities, and ultimately our world. We were redesigning our website and we were looking for a state of the art donation experience Previously users were taken to a separate page with a separate URL that didn’t match We heard about Give Lively from a number of people recommending it so, I guess word of mouth. and explored other options and Give Lively was above all the other options. When I first learned about Give Lively… and about the way the team works… I was looking for the catch because it was seemed too good to be true for us. Malala Fund’s Digital Team came to us with an idea that we knew would have a broader impact. The development process was extremely collaborative. We worked through product iterations and beta testing To come up with something that was perfect for Malala’s Fund site But also address a larger challenge that our nonprofits were facing. Working with Give Lively has felt like they’re part of our team. We were able to show them exactly what we wanted and they worked to make it happen. And that is not something you get with any other tech vendor out there. The donor experience on right now is… incredibly simple and easy. The widget allows people to donate quickly and easily. We love that they were nonprofit driven and not necessarily business driven. We know it’s critical for nonprofits to provide a seamless donation experience on their website That’s why we are thrilled this collaboration with Malala Fund allows us to provide that for our full nonprofit community. It’s clear that Give Lively wants us to succeed. It’s really great to have a partner like Give Lively. Girls Education is a really important issue for me. I think that every girl should have that opportunity. We invite you to visit to
check out the new technology in action.

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