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Peace upon you.. and prosperous to all that watching Nazrul Izam channel. i’m Naz. Today, i’ll review one e-juice from Malaysia. But before that. For those that under age, you still watch my video?? please don’t watch this video. This video not made for you. This video for smokers and vapors to stop smoking in consistent way. i’m positive this video not for you. Thank You so much. If, you want to see more review video from me, just hit the subscribe button. Don’t forget to hit bell button to.. get the new notification for my video. there’s no charges for hit the subscribe button. Today,what e-juice i want to review? E-juice from Lavina. Lavina have 3 series. The series are Fruity, Creamy series and Ice series. From those 3 series.. i’ll review creamy series for today. The Creamy series have.. Hazelnut Vanilla, Strawberry Crepe, Roasted Corn Cheese, Blueberry Classic Tart and Cheezy Keladi ( Yam ). Yeo X.. suggest to me to review.. Blueberry Classic Tart. And he also, ask me to used Pasito in this review. i’ll used Pasito today. Let’s me show you the box. This is the box. The color is dark blue. The box black in color. i’m not sure if you can see.. if you can see, it’s your lucky day. come with 10ml. and the price is RM 20.00. The PG VG is 50-50. Now, let’s have a look the bottle. This how the bottle look like. i choose to have 35mg. Now, i’ll drip in my occ. Today i’ll use.. 1.4ohm.. Ni 80 MTL. Tempting smell. Let’s drip now. Now load up time. Smell like Kuih. Smell like dough. Like usual. Need to wait 3-5 minutes. Once ready, i’ll.. vaporise and tell you how it taste. It’s ready now. i’ll start firing at.. 3 indicator same as.. 16 watt. Let’s Vaporise. Amusing. While i inhale.. i can taste.. The Blueberry taste.. at here.. after that, at my throat it’s like harshness. When i exhale, i can taste the creamy tart. Really like tart. Tasty. After taste i can taste the creamy. Creamy tart. It’s feel different. If you want to try.. Lavina.. Blueberry Classic Tart. Please do so.. or Hazelnut Vanilla, Strawberry Crepe, Roasted Corn Cheese, and Cheezy Keladi ( Yam ). This the end of my video. Thank You so much for watching. To my subscribers, don’t forget to share and like. For those that just watch, Just hit the subscribe button and its free. And share with your friends.. Last but not lease.. There’s a way to stop smoking by.. VAPORISE!!! PPEEAACCEE!!! Please Try.

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