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Managing Grants With Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®

Do you wish grant management wasn’t such a headache? If you’re like many non-profits, you’re managing your grants in
multiple spreadsheets, leading to time-consuming processes and costly errors, and making it nearly impossible to meet the intensive
reporting requirements of your funders. Purpose built for efficient grant management, Blackbaud Financial
Edge NXT automates key parts of your reporting process, so you can take on more grants with less administrative effort. Unlike most commercial systems, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
treats grants as unique objects with detailed records, giving you the flexibility you need to accurately track and report
on grant activity, without complicating your account structure. Easily manage grant security controls, budgets, reimbursements, and
spending all in one place so you don’t have to rely on burdensome, error-prone spreadsheets. With unparalleled capabilities to help you effectively
manage your grants, you can demonstrate accountability to funders and
increase grant renewels that further your mission.

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