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Massive Charity Shop Haul – Ashley Road, Poole

Massive Charity Shop Haul – Ashley Road, Poole

Hi guys Today I’m going to be talking you through
a charity shop haul, of all the stuff that I got this weekend. If you’ve seen my first ever video then you’ll
know it was me taking you around my local charity shops, giving you some tips on what
to wear and
what So, first thing that I got is this sweater! It’s just black and white which normally I
don’t wear very much of but I thought seeing as it’s Autumn and Winter it might be quite
nice to do a bit more of the monochrome look. It’s quite fitted. It’s a size 14, but I always totally ignore
the sizes. I find it fits really well on me, and I would
normally only buy an 8 if I was buying something new. So I just buy all kinds of sizes, but it’s
not super baggy. It’s just comfy for winter. It was £3 in Scope, but Scope were doing
half price off all their clothes so it was only £1.50 which is a total no brainer! Next thing I got is this big POW sweater.
I think it’s really cool. It’s very upbeat and cheerful with a slightly Cara Delivigne
feel. All the catwalks have been doing big statement
prints with Barbie on Moschino and Moschino did the whole McDonalds thing as well so I
think it’s very cool to have a loud, big saying on it. This was exactly the same as the other one
– £1.50 reduced from £3. Sticking with the black theme, is this black
flapper dress. I wasn’t too sure about it. I thought it might
be a bit short or a bit flapper thing is a bit done. But when I put it on and did a twist
I was just like ‘I have to have this’. So it moves really really nicely when you’ve
got it on. If I didn’t already have a Halloween outfit planned I would 100% wear this and
go for some flapper zombie. I don’t know! But as it is I will show you my Halloween
costume closer to the time. But yeah, so this one was actually from TopShop
originally. It was £4.50 and I got it in Waggy Tails which is the first one on my other
video which I’ll link down below so you can watch it if you like. I give you a little
tour of the shop and a couple of other bits that I spotted in there that I thought were
really cool. This one I think will be super fun. I can’t
wait to go to a house party or a night out and have an excuse to wear it. So, the next thing that I got is this gold
and black sweater. It’s a little bit short, which I quite like.
And it’s got this band along the bottom that makes it slightly fitted. And it’s also like
a see through feel, so you can probably see there. You can see all the way through but
I think it’d be really cute over a black strappy top, maybe a bandeau for a night out. It’s
got a slightly 80s vibe with the zig zag. This would be really good on a night out – it’ll
scrunch up really small so I can wear it over my bandeau and shorts and then when it gets
too hot in the club it’ll probably squish into a handbag. So, I think it’s really cool. I love the chevron
print, which is also very on trend. This is from Boo Hoo and it’s size 12 (but we ignore
the sizes!) I got it in Marie Curie for £3. The last item of clothing that I got was just
this plain white long sleeved top. It’s originally from Gap so I knew it’d be
really good quality. And it was actually on my kind of ‘wish list’ of things that I planned
to buy. I needed just a new white tshirt. It was £1.99 in Barnados. In that outlet
store. I think that I’ll be wearing this a lot, especially
in the winter for layering and all that kind of thing. So, onto Accessories. I often try and buy pumps when I’m out because
I just wear through them really quickly – I think I might be a bit of a stomper when I
walk because I get through pumps really fast. And even if you get the really rubbish ones
from H&M they’re still like £7 and I don’t really want to be spending that much unless
I have to. So I try and get them in charity shops, and you often see brand new ones. So, these are from Primark originally. They
were £2.50 in Waggy Tails. They’re a suede-y fabric in a kind of dove grey. Then they’ve
got this beading on the toe. They’re just adorable! I wouldn’t normally buy suede ballet pumps
because I live in England and it rains all the time, so they’ll probably get ruined quite
quickly. But because they were only £2.50 and I LOVE suede (if I could wear it more
I totally would) so I bought them anyway. Another accessory that I got was this metallic
clutch bag. It was £1.25 in Prama Care, but they were doing half price of all of their
stuff as well. So that make it…. like 65p. Which is insane! I really love the big square clutch design.
I quite often kind of crumple it in my hand like this. There was a really cool paper bag
scrunched up that I think Celine did (the designer) last year – where they had it like
this but it was actually built that way. So I quite like to crumple it, and it looks a
bit like a bow (which is obviously good). You can actually fit LOADS in these for a
night out. I quite often take a change of shoes (for flats if I’m wearing heels), a
hairbrush, dry shampoo, phone, money, makeup, all that kind of stuff. So I really like these
big square clutches. So this is a very good purchase – 65p very
well spent. One of my favourite favourite things, which
I did actually feature in the original video is….. this. He is so cute! So this is just a super sparkly clutch bag.
Again, it’s only from Primark but it was only £2 in Scope. I am 100% going to use this on Christmas Day,
probably also New Year’s Day, probably also every day for my whole life because I’m super
in love with it. So, that’s it for my charity shop haul video.
I hope you guys liked it. If you did please give me a thumbs up and subscribe. I would
love any comments and feedback you can give, and any support is hugely appreciated while
I’m just starting out. Bye!

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