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Matching with Potential Employers, 7 Smart Strategies for 50+ Jobseekers | AARP Foundation

– [Narrator] Working with
organizations that match employers with employees is a great way
to maximize your job search, but it’s important to know where to look. That’s why AARP Foundation
created 7 Smart Strategies to help adults, aged 50 and
over, compete with confidence in today’s job market. – [Woman] I could use a little
help with my job search, but I don’t know where to
start finding organizations that can match me with employers. – Organizations that work with
us to screen job candidates help save my company time and money. They help us find candidates
that are a good match and have the skills we’re
looking for in a position. (upbeat music) – 20 years ago, staffing agencies
didn’t really even exist, but today many employers are using them to fill their talent needs. To find the staffing
agencies that help employers in your community, do a
simple, internet search. Put in the term staffing
agency and then the name of your city or town, and
you’ll get a whole list of staffing agencies that hire for all kinds of different positions. American Job Centers connect
employees with employers and they’re available in almost
every county in the country. They host hiring events. They pay for job training. And they host workshops on
resumes and cover letters. Your American Job Center
can be an important partner in your job search journey. Once you find your local
American Job Center, spend some time on their website. You’ll learn more about the
services they have to offer and what you need to do
to qualify to access them. So we’ve talked about American Job Centers and staffing agencies and
they’re available to all workers. Now, I’m gonna talk to
you about one program that is only available to
people who are 55 and older, who are unemployed, and
who have very low incomes. It’s called the Senior Community
Service Employment Program. This program offers people
who qualify the opportunity to build new skills, to
get new work experience, and to earn a stipend while
they’re looking for work. If you think you might
qualify and want to find out if there’s a program near you, you can call Back to Work 50 Plus or you can go to our website. – [Narrator] Let’s review. When considering outside
organizations that can help you, remember that staffing
agencies, American Job Centers, or the Senior Community
Service Employment Program offer unique and effective ways
to maximize your job search. To learn more, call AARP Foundation at 1-855-850-2525 to
receive your own free copy of our 7 Smart Strategies
for 50+ Jobseekers guide. (upbeat music)

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