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Men’s Baseball Shaves Their Heads for Charity

Men’s Baseball Shaves Their Heads for Charity

( funk music ) – It’s Kara Klontz here
at Shirley Povich field as the Georgetown Hoyas
take on Xavier in game two of the three game series
that marks opening weekend of Big East play. (crowd cheering) After the game today, our
Hoyas will be taking off their hats and shaving their
heads in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation,
a charity that is dedicated to childhood cancer research. (cheering) – How are you feelin’? – I can feel the breeze in my hair for the first time in four months. It’s pretty crazy. – Yeah, and how do you think today went? – I mean everything I’ve seen,
the guys really took to it. Special thank you for
Georgetown Program Board GUGs coming out. I mean, it was just a true
Georgetown community feel. And that’s what we were going for and I couldn’t ask for anything else. – I’m so glad. I completely agree. Now tell me, do we have a final number or are there any estimates? – So, last time I checked we were about forty six thousand dollars. I mean, when I started this
event, I thought, you know, fifteen, twenty thousand
would be a huge success, but here we are, four months later, forty six thousand dollars. It’s incredible. – It’s Kara Klontz. Thanks for watching and for more from Georgetown
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