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Michael Cohen Subpoenaed In Trump Charity Criminal Probe

Michael Cohen Subpoenaed In Trump Charity Criminal Probe

Pretty much immediately following Michael
Cohen’s plea deal or his basic implication that Donald Trump committed two felony campaign
finance violations on Tuesday, Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, started making the rounds in
the media, and one of the things he said is that Cohen has information that might be of
interest to the New York investigators looking into the Trump Foundation charity scandal. And sure enough, not long after that claim
was made by Cohen’s attorney, Michael Cohen was served a subpoena by investigators and
prosecutors in the state of New York, so that he can hand over any information he may have
about the illegal activities that took place with the Trump Foundation charity. Now, in case you’re not familiar with that
story, about two months ago, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a civil action
and tried to shut down this foundation because it was essentially a criminal enterprise and
a personal piggy bank for members of the Trump family. Now, the people sitting on the board of this
foundation are Donald Trump, President of the United States, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump
Jr., and Eric Trump. That’s it. That’s what the management of this foundation
consists of. The entire Trump family, or at least the most
crooked ones. And they were using this fund, that was supposed
to be for charity, they used it to help sway the 2016 election by giving money, large sums
of money, to veterans’ groups right before Donald Trump would go and speak to this veterans
group. He used it to pay off a couple legal issues
that he was having. They used it for other personal things like
that. All of which are expressly forbidden and a
violation of New York state charity laws. And that little sentence I just said is the
most important thing you’re going to hear today. Violation of New York state laws. And now, after Underwood, New York AG, issued
the civil penalties, she encouraged the other groups to criminally investigate it, which
they are now doing, that has been confirmed. And now they want Michael Cohen to come in
and spill the beans on what happened. And this is why that sentence I told you was
the most important thing you’ll hear today. If it turns out that any of the members of
that board, Don, Don Jr., Eric, or Ivanka, committed a crime, they can’t be pardoned. The president is not allowed to pardon someone
for committing a state crime. You can only be pardoned for committing federal
crimes. So if Michael Cohen is able to go in there
and provide evidence that any one of those four people on that board from the Trump family
committed a state crime, they are screwed. There is nothing that the president can do
to get these people out of jail, prevent them from being prosecuted, or anything else. That would be the end of the story. And I know Donald Trump has said that he could
pardon himself, which may or may not be true. It seems very unlikely. But he sure as hell couldn’t pardon himself
if he’s convicted for a state crime, and that’s why this particular investigation right here,
the one taking place in New York right now, is the most important one going on. Yes, it is more important than the Mueller
investigation. Anything he finds most likely is going to
be a federal offense. Trump could pardon his family, he could pardon
anyone else he wanted to. Yes, that would cause an uprising, it may
even lead to his impeachment if he did it, but none of that could happen if they are
convicted in state court in New York. So even though this investigation’s been flying
under the radar, most of us hadn’t known for quite a while if it had or had not actually
even gone to a criminal investigation beyond the civil that Underwood did, but now we know
for sure and now we know that they want to know what … Everything, basically, that
Michael Cohen has to share. And given the fact that he worked so closely
with the Trump family and knows essentially everything about them, especially their finances,
I’m willing to bet that Cohen knows a hell of a lot about what the Trump Foundation did,
and whether or not it was illegal.

  • Lock him up! Lock her up Lock up the Trump children and father since this is a STATE Crime they ALL go to JAIL!!.

  • It’s most interesting to see Orange loyalists slowly wising-up to the fact his Orangeness only has loyalty to himself, and once they’re no longer of use they can expect to become the latest target of his Twitter micturations. The smarter ones are beginning to distance themselves from Agent Orange while they have a chance, and apparently following the subpoena Cohen’s reaction was to directly contact the tax department with a view to having a little chat. Cohen may not be on the level but he’s no fool either, and given the depth of his knowledge of T’s affairs I should imagine it will be a particularly interesting little chat indeed.

  • And ya don't be cheating the government by claiming charity class under IRS laws… If Trump is even found guilty in association with these state charges, he can be impeached and removed as president under: such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, unbecoming conduct, and refusal to obey a lawful order.

  • Trump's "charity-foundation" is not very charitable. "How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business"
    Somewhere along the way, God, or someone, has declared that all money everywhere rightfully belongs to the Trumps.

  • Before this is over, there will be hundreds who will rue the day they ever met Donald J. Trump. He has ruined so many lives and careers. And, it isn't over yet.

  • Ivanka behind bars would be the icing on the cake. Won’t happen, but boy would that alternate reality be the greatest to see happen.


  • Charity probe, Russia gate , obstruction, conflict of interest, hush money. Trump just seems like a quality guy. I can only aspire!

  • Michael Cohen Subpoenaed In Trump Charity Criminal Probe—–Michael Cohen has now been subpoenaed by investigators and prosecutors in New York for information related to the Trump family’s illegal use of their Trump Foundation charity. They’ve already been hit with civil penalties, but the New York Attorney General has referred the case for criminal investigation, and now Michael Cohen is a part of it. This is a major new development that threatens the entire Trump family, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

  • When he's finnally removed from office or impeached, we better be ready to repel his cultists, since they will most likely go gangs of New York on whatever and whoever they find

  • if you ask me cohen should look for a new lawyer since they just screwed him over by implicating him in involvement in the charity scandal

  • The Trumps got the money tax free, used it to pay their bills, and the donors got a tax deduction. If you can't see the crime in that then you need glasses.

  • Trumpers tell me that THEY WILL TOLERATE THIS CORRUPTION – JUST FOR THE SHIT WALL….am I missing something?

  • This is the one we have all got to watch, the last best scandle, that will all bring them down. Want to go bowling? Anyone! One pin after another, watch them fall!

  • I like this. This pardon power needs a rethink. I haven't forgotten his foundation donated $20 or more thousand dollars to a politician's campaign when she was making the decision to add Florida to the Trump University lawsuit, and she let it drop.

  • The conservative meme,"You just hate him because he won.". For the conservatives idiots out there. No he's a corrupt crook. Unlike Hillary.

  • Trudmp, a big cockroach with a swastika on his back and and the racist Democrats and Republicans alike in this country love him to death.
    Doubt he or any of his scumbag family will spend a day in jail, good people of this country should wake up and smell the feces.

  • do you guys know what is going on in America ?? who would exept their president to commit crimes then parden himself ??? its crezy

  • Given how long an impeachment may take even after he is convicted of state crimes do you think we will see Dump "ruling" from prison?

  • I'm not American or a lawyer so I don't know if it's true but on another video it said Trump can't pardon himself because in law nobody can be their own Judge.

  • Is anyone looking into pence to make sure he will go down with the orange embarrassment as well? I really don't see how he'd be an improvement, more of a quicker slide into hell.

  • okay…he gets impeached…follow the line of succession, pence would just pardon him…if not pence whoever is speaker of the house…if Orin hatch steps down and i believe he is, then the next pro-temp of the senate takes leadership…how many different ways can you slice this shit sandwhich?

  • "If it turns out that any of the members of that board, Don, Don Jr., Eric, or Ivanka, committed a crime, they can't be pardoned. The president is not allowed to pardon someone for committing a state crime. You can only be pardoned for committing federal crimes." ~ yep. and i think that's exactly what is going to happen.

  • When someone knows all your dirt, you generally don't treat them like shit. But who am I to question Trump's strategy? He makes the best deals. The dealiest deals. Bigly.

  • If someone just woke form a coma and heard you say 'Donald Trump President of the United States' they'd think they were dead.

  • Once the truth will be revealed (and it will be, eventually), you'll be surprised of what you find. Trump is not even a pawn, he is just a piece on a checkerboard.

    Ask yourself, who are the ones are playing the game?

  • I'm watching Fox News, and they are are saying all the horrible things Trump has done in the past and continues to do presently is fine because the economy is doing well. So, basically, if you have a job, corruption, lies and abuse is acceptable?

  • Can’t you hear the emperor twittering out a plea,loyalty,loyalty,my kingdom for someone who is loyal to me!The bus stops here!

  • TheTrump Family Finally getting Whaaattts coming their way for being so very corrupt yes karma Win's again ! Blue Wave in November Baby Yahoo.

  • Cohen knows everything he was Donald Trump fixer and when you're Donald Trump's fixer and you've been working for him for over 10 years you know everything you are also in the middle of everything and you do what your boss tells you to do because you work for him as a fixer stop being naive you Trump supporters look at the truth stop turning your back at the truth.

  • New York state prisons are not like the cushy federal prisons, the trump children will be violated on the first day.

  • The trumps are so fucking useless as humans. Meaning if you take all the family wealth and property away that would be a bigger punishment then prison 👍

  • I see he is regretting being president. He can no longer hide his crimes. His wet dream of the presidency isn't what he thought it was at 5 years old. Go down and stay down.

  • I just hope Trump supporters, bless their hearts, begin to realize that the US can't keep on blindly trusting most of these government and corporate oligarchs. They don't give a DAMN about you. Democrats or Republicans. Let me repeat that: they don't give a good GODDAMN about you or me… other than for our vote and/or our money. No matter what lip service they give, they've made that abundantly clear through their actions that they have nothing but disdain for common folks. That means you, me, our families, and just about everyone we know. They've been selling the same tired, raggedy story of "change" for generation after generation… blame everyone else and never themselves. Get to know your true enemy.

    It's time to hold them responsible for their bullshit.

    It's time for you to open your eyes and take that deadly seriously.

  • Trump mafia organization. Does that make anyone feel sick that our country HAS A LEADER WHO IS A CROOK AND HAS HURT MANY PEOPLE.

  • Imagine… the whole trump spawn in chains. It won't happen, not in a kleptocracy like the US, but it's a nice thought.

  • trump has a micro penis size, that's why they paid off women. in safe is Trump's pictures of his penis , it's 2 inches erect and discoloration is black.

  • B-b-b-but…Obama! And Hillary! Current administration with the super majority and several appointed judges including one SCOTUS appointee is powerless to take legal action against the horrific crimes of Obama and Hillary. Here's some whataboutism for you. What about Trump and his administration protecting the American people from the horrible criminals Obama and Hillary instead of tweeting at the news all day long? I guess Trump and the Republican controlled House and Senate are powerless. Trump is weak if he can't get Obama for the egregious crimes he's alleging Obama committed.

  • Let’s all pray that they find out what this family of criminals was doing to become richer and richer. To become rich is not a crime if you work honestly, but these rats were allegedly stealing from our veterans, shame on you! 💩

  • Think of the prosecutors who will make their careers on prosecuting the Trump Crime Family
    And remember it was Al Capone who was eventually brought down for tax evasion
    I say whatever gets the job done.

  • Didn't Giuliani say if anyone came after Ivanka he'd get on his white horse and ride to save her? I think while Rudy's getting the horse harnessed, Ivanka and Jared might pick up the kids, grab any money lying around and leave for an extended vacation in Russia. If Russia will have them.

  • 😂😂😂 this is funny how the trump family is going down they will be stripped of everything and be poorer then poor. This is fun just watching the whole thing take place

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