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Michael Lohan Reaches Out To Lindsay On Maury – Classy!

Michael Lohan Reaches Out To Lindsay On Maury – Classy!

michael l hand was on mari nai awsome
woman is claiming that he is the father and they did a paternity test now i’m
just kidding you at the fire of lives easier that lately actually went on the show to talk
about lindsey and i assure you said it sorted out isn’t a dark we have our a clip of him
on life but he was basically confronting lindsay lohan and very very
publicly about her prescription drug problem but one man knows all too well about
prescription effective they have is michael him whose uh… daughter lindsay who we all read about has now become a
pic of these prescription drugs public
affairs of the michael i just saw one of these magazines recently in your
daughters did a lot of signal to him next wednesday wilco you have any cost there’s nothing left i was out knowledge fillet with their about three weeks ago when she got
robbed she called me up three thirty in the morning to daddy comes out here i
flew out when i’d just if you need to look at it had to go outside and crime
someone out there it’s just a hollow hollow cookbook i know you don’t see
each other like you said three weeks ago was the last time you saw but you look at that camera and tell
your daughter which you should hear from afar lindsey eleven with all my heart and i don’t get the death of me i’m not going to bury it you’ve been a very mean before this is
over i’m i’m gonna do anything ek and everything i have to to save your life whether mom likes it the public likes it
or anyone i’m going to take what was steps they can to help me because i want
you to have you like that i’m not going to see you destroy
yourself and more people grow preview when you’re not in the right state of
mind my daughter and and i can’t do this i
can’t do it anymore same hungry clown he’s a terrible terrible father he will not burger she will burn him i would be modified if my father went on
the morning show to talk about any type of addiction that
i might possibly have and then talk about how people abruptly as im high on
drugs or my guy i would be sold so angry at my
father well look first of all uh… talking about any
part of your personal life on the mortal which shows a terrible idea uh…
excitable talking about how you’re addicted to things so publicly eats right prescription drugs my ass ok that is that go too uh… excuse with someone’s hike usually
out coke but you could be one of many drugs but
it’s prescription drugs possesses a cats ok rush was on that ed brent former had
prescription drug problems or legal rights not like you know crack or
cocaine or mathur anything like that so she’s alyssa third of all irene that
groping comment was so gratuitous beautiful really what i did not like
whose gropman or why did you stop but the time exactly i mean what that powell and so and if your department get back
with your daughter my guess is that this is not a
successful strategy that this is not a bizarre strategy
that’s not going to work but that was as fake as glenn beck crying on television all this i think shape doubly condescending ok catholic
without a doubt that they have is that it was just messing around now that i
have a little bit and he’s the insists all still but a m
he’s not helping her in any way shape or form in fact is probably adding to the
problem and she’s just gonna isolating herself
and her family even market keeps making things public yet is a cheese ball he’s a douche you know it’s it’s over amoeba we have ruled opec ilike the supreme court vaidya
uh… i was just that’s funny because i just think that before
we get started on the third hour you know we should rule not just on
cases like judge judy et cetera but we should rule on obviously what we do here
on celebrity yeah none publications like this is a public issue was outing
michaela and now we find him on all counts but in a little bit outside still

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