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Michelle Leclair Shares Her Story Of Leaving Scientology | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Michelle Leclair Shares Her Story Of Leaving Scientology | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  • Poor Michelle. I'm so sad for her. She was SO mistreated by scientology, which, btw, IS NOT A CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not in Scientology, but we do have subconscious beliefs. So that’s legit. That’s where all of our programming growing up happens & those beliefs cause us to attract certain people & situations

  • There is Scientologist weaved all through government employees, Hollywood, etc…. It’s definitely more widespread than we all know.

  • While CoS is evil, there is SOMETHING to what they're initially offering or people wouldn't get involved. I think auditing is not completely bogus. There is a legitimate version of auditing called EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing). It's for PTSD.

  • interesting she went to her church five times in the first year wanting a divorce. I would have gone to a lawyer.

  • I quess these people who follow this cult will drink the cool aid when their leader tells them too. Sad sad sad

  • What could possibly be spiritual about scientology? Spirituality pertains to worshiping to God and out of matter, to learning and living a life clean, unselfish and less material. Scientology is about mind control/money, is that spiritual??? Spiritualizing yourself will help you, harmonize every aspect of your life, nothing to do with scientology, which is exactly the opposite. …and about homosexuality? It's about each one's consciousness, not about the "church."

  • All religions are a cult. Christianity makes you donate as well and then pll like Joel Osteen are millionaires off donations alone.. how anyone cant see thats a hypocritical cult is beyond me… Christianity consumes your entire life just like every cult. Catholicism is a cult, if there is an organization that controls your life to the point of not allowing birth control, divorce, love etc etc etc its a cult.. like i said, there isn't a religion that isnt a cult by definition.

  • People that engage in this dangerous cult are either born into it or extremely weak, mentally disturbed or challenged. It is NOT NORMAL TO GO INTO THIS IF YOU ARE SMART.

  • Megyn focused too much on the Ponzi scheme at the end and was practically accusing Michelle. Michelle LeClair is absolutely lovely and gorgeous.

  • Just because it is Megyn Kelly who does this interview it is thumbs down. I mean it is obvious she tries to press this woman in the dirt even more. When Michelle tries to defend herself in the end she is being put down. And she wants to make sure the money from the book sales is going to her clients. What a price Michelle has to pay for having been a part of this cult. BAD.

  • I think Scientology cheats and rips off it's followers and I think Michelle Leclair cheated and ripped off her clients. Scientology and Leclair were both a good match for each other.

  • Scientology should be outlawed. It is absolutely NOT a religion. It's an embarrassing American cult.


  • Homosexuality is a sin. It is an abomination and God will judge. However, Jesus says to hate the sin, not the sinner. Only God has the right to judge. He will judge us all and judge us with what measure of consequence that He has made available to us in the Bibe. He turned the city of Sodom and Gomorrah to ash and homosexuality was a big part of that but was not the only reason. He also says in the Bible that any who have not repented and turned completely from the sin of homosexuality will not be in heaven. I was living a homosexual life when I found Christ and I asked him in my own home, on my own if He would cleanse me of this sin and if He did I would devote my life to Him. Both of those things happened and I continue to grow in my walk every day.
    Scientology is a cult but Jesus is as real today as He was yesterday and the day He came to this earth to save me and anyone else ready to submit to the one true God and TURN from sin.
    There is no substitute for the Real King
    Jesus Christ, Son of God –
    Yeshua Hamaschiac

  • Scientology, the brainwashing organization machine that it is, needs to be s h u t d o w n. Those people D E N Y e v e r y t h i n g e v e r y t i m e. The expression
    "IF THE LIPS A R E M O V I N G" might apply here.

  • It's very possible that she actually was participating in a Ponzi scheme and of course the church was entirely ignorant of this until she stopped making donations.

  • If you play the voices of scientogist backwards, you will hear Satan's voice!🤣🤣
    She gave 5 million dollars to this cult! They brainwash folks out of this kind of money when most religions are grateful for a 10% tithe. SHAMEFUL😫

  • I wonder if this is why Megan got fired from NBC. A lot of movie stars are into this so called religion.

  • Scientology and most Western "religions" are all hierarchical Ponzi schemes. They all promote authoritarian "truth" and condemn critical thinking. I was fortunate enough to have been brought up in a state where science was a strong part of the curriculum starting in early elementary school. I was given a copy of Dianetics when I was thirteen, read part of it and immediately recognized that it was all bullsh!t and that L "Con" Hubbard was a con artist.

  • This poor woman. Boy she got wrapped up in a whole messy situation but I’m glad some of the dust is settling for her. I just want her to be free and happy with her life.

  • I’ve watched several stories of former Scientologists and in every case the “church” of Scientology responded the same way. They claim that every former Scientologist is lying and that they are just horrible people.
    I think that Scientology is a factory that collects money. If the followers were so special to their beliefs and the key to the “church’s” purpose, why would they be required to to pay thousands of dollars to learn about what their purpose is and to gain their position in the “church”? I know that other religions collect money to help support the church but I have never heard of a church of God requiring their members to buy materials so that they can gain knowledge about their beliefs. Unless of course their was a money and power hungry person running it.

  • So she gave Scientology $5 million over her time with them, she leaves and then they instigate investigation sounds very mafia to me. Oh and it’s a Ponzi scheme now that she isn’t donating. Fiction is the church of Scientology.

  • You people living in dark ages doesn't matter how educated you think you are like Tom Cruise but you are very stupid if you think after you die is going to be a Spaceship waiting for you like Scientologest think and why wait ? So your cure from all this nonsence and stupid ignorance is a book called ( The Bible , the Qur'an and Science is a life changing , mind blowing read it and you will see the truth !

  • Anyone involved with Scientology like any other religion care less about others, this religion is very honest forward with their intentions since first day,if you dont walk away first day is because you think you better than others and these ppl tempted to be part is because of it, most of them celebrities. They careless for anyone else but their own reflection on the mirror, then after leave Scientology they still crave attention and $$$$$$$

  • Are you tired spending money on scientology?
    Working 15 hours a day for free?
    Than try new gel SUPER SONIC
    To get it 30 % off call now

  • The talk about Scientology is one subject. But noone in here are discussing the fact that this woman might be a criminal herself. Yes, she blames others around her. Same as the "church" does all the time.
    Same as all criminals do.
    But the main point is she has settled and we dont know her involvement in criminal activities. I am not saying she is guilty, I dont know that. But neither does anybody about her innocence.

  • Does anyone else notice the similarities in the written responses of the DA's office and Scientology…?

  • I feel once you start charging people for services & selling them goods you are no longer a religion. You are a business & they are making millions of dollars while not paying any taxes. Ron Hubbard even said himself that if you want to be rich make up a religion. People dedicate 20 years of their lives to them but the minute they decide to leave Scientology’s main goal is to destroy you.

  • So by calling a cult, cult. you can not hide the fact that you left your four children and your husband and destroyed the family for a woman who was apparently the kindest you have ever met, if you would have taken your attention away from the materialistic world which was feeding your worldly greed, you would have noticed that the world is full of kind people, but that does not mean people going around breaking families for the sake of kindness alone. what's that got to do with the church of stupid ideology?
    Stop blaming everyone else for the bad choices you made or still making in life…

  • Cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult

  • I’m still amazed and appalled that human beings can give hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to false prophets that basically teach them how to use their own minds to fix their own conditions things human beings can do on their own call

  • She got her money and huge support from others because she is a pretty women. She did not go to jail because she is a thin pretty women. Otherwise she could not manage a simple house. The problem with this libral society’s is that women gets everything free and easy. And men get rubbished.

  • very brave of Michelle to stand up to such horrific bullies, to speak up for herself and for all who's voice have been silenced, for sharing her most personal story. Thank you for shedding light into what is obviously to me a Ponzi scheme cult! Gov should investigate and hold those responsible, accountable.

  • Only you can make you happy you gave them $5 billion what a loony tune well least you got smart and left that stupid organization or cult!!!

  • LeClair made the "mistake" of entering into Scientology while knowing that she was homosexual. The Scientologists don't have a positive attitude regarding homosexuality and so she was bound to run into problems!

  • Celebrities and high Profile Public were used to promote Scientology for sure. But regular public "little people" were not expected to do this. And Scientology only functioned as "church" on paper. Hubbard wanted a vehicle that would steer him clear of the IRS.

  • Keep away from the cult Satanology. Save your souls and your money. JesusChrist is the only way, the truth and the life…

  • You know I’m no huge fan of Megan Kelly but I do miss this show of hers. She always seemed to be on top of the newest headline and had those issues and topics as soon as they were breaking.

  • The church of Scientology is a total joke. A cult for the rich. So I guess your God is a slimey alien who knows all and has given us all this knowledge. Ha ha what a bunch of losers I have more respect for junkies at least they're real.

  • Not much diffrent to other churches, my grandmother went to church a lifetime, the same one.. when she was to old and weak to go.. the church didnt even noticed they lost a sheep, let stand go and get it…☹️

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