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Moments After Democrats Impeach Trump – Republicans Release New Fundraising Record

Moments After Democrats Impeach Trump – Republicans Release New Fundraising Record

Not what Democrats were expecting – not
at all! This entire impeachment sham was just a ruse
to stop Trump from winning re-election. It’s very unlikely the Senate will vote
to remove him from office. Pelosi was hoping all the bad press would hurt Trump’s campaign,
giving the left’s candidate a leg up. If that were the case, then Americans would
have already abandoned Trump, right? All the negative articles, all the accusations,
and rumors. It would have damaged Trump’s base, making re-election all but impossible. That doesn’t seem to be what’s really
going on here. In fact, as Democrats pushed impeachment, the GOP announced a big record. From Fox News: The Republican National Committee has announced
record fundraising numbers amid the impeachment drive against President Trump, hauling in
a whopping $20.6 million in November, according to Federal Election Commission data obtained
by Fox News. The RNC told Fox News that this is the best
November on record in party history. Wow. Just as Democrats in the House sealed
their fate with impeachment, the GOP announced a record-breaking month. The Republicans brought in over $20 million
in November. The biggest haul they ever had in that month. This was happening at the same time Democrats
were accusing Trump of crimes. At the same time, the fake news declared Trump deserved
to be impeached. As Democrats voted for a totally partisan
impeachment, Americans were opening their wallets. All to ensure Trump gets re-elected. You’d think all the negative press and attacks
by the left would have driven Trump supporters away. Just the opposite. Trump supporters are coming out in full force
for Donald Trump. In fact, some polls indicate that this impeachment is turning swing voters
into full MAGA people. Pelosi doesn’t know what kind of landmine
she stepped on. She pushed an impeachment Americans view as unjust, unfair, and illegal. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is raking
in the dough. I’d like to see Pelosi weasel out of this

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