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Momentum: Record-Setting Fundraising at NC State

Momentum: Record-Setting Fundraising at NC State

KEJUAN: What if, what if, what if no longer exists.
And you have all made this campus into a place where students go to grow, rising to the occasion,
Hispanic, black, Caucasian. The world is not ready for an invasion. Changing the world
at breakneck speed. And in truth, they are all destined to succeed. What if does not
exist. Thanks to you for this. KATIE: I would just say, personally, to the people
who decide to donate to NC State students, you never know how much you’re truly helping. It’s not me who did all the work — it’s
NC State, it’s the resources we have, it’s the university from the chancellor down to
the students. JESS: It builds our confidence, builds our development,
and it makes us reach for the stars. JOSIAH: My scholarships have changed my life. I’ve
done things I never would have been able to do. It’s changed my perspective on my country
and the type of citizen I will be. WOODSON: This year, our endowment will surpass one
billion dollars. Our momentum will not be tempered. Together, we cannot be stopped. The only what if is this: What if we could
change this world for the better? With your help, we can. The state of North Carolina makes us good.
Your philanthropy makes us great. Join us.

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