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Moraine Valley Foundation Pays Tribute to Brian Andersen

Moraine Valley Foundation Pays Tribute to Brian Andersen

[music playing] Brian was a friend. Brian had a great sense of humor. Brian was loyal. Brian had a great sense of history. And Brian was a motivator. [music playing] If you knew Brian, Brian was passionate
about life. He skied and he just didn’t ski, he was
a rescuer on a ski lift. He flew his own plane and he flew all over the country,
all over the world in his own plane. And when Brian gets passionate about
something, it’s a hundred percent. He never does anything fifty percent. And
when he and I and Fred Gaskin talked about creating a foundation and what
we were going to do about it, he was on board right from the beginning.
We wanted to be the cultural center of our community and Brian joined us
wholeheartedly in that effort, and his passion was very much the Fine and
Performing Arts Center. Brian Andersen genuinely cared about the college. In the
early days of the college, the budgets were extremely tight. Faculty members had
to sign out if they needed a pencil. So, we needed to think of alternative ways
of raising funds for the college, not only raising funds, but friend raising as
well. And Brian was a natural for that. He was willing to commit to us and to
help us raise those friends and raise those funds. I love Brian. He was… He was a great friend, and and we became Caryl, his wife, used to call us the
dynamic duo because we were with each other all the time.
Here’s a check that Brian carries with him wherever he goes. All that we wanted
to do was to tell people look at this great college over here. It’s a great
educational opportunity. There’s a great cultural opportunity because we got a
Fine and Performing Arts Center. Come and see it. And that’s, that’s the biggest thing that
we did, we introduced people to Moraine Valley college and they responded terrifically. We’ve never been disappointed coming to one of the performances here at Moraine
Valley college theater. Brian was a dear, dear, dear friend of the college. I sit
today in the Fine and Performing Arts Center that was such a passion of
Brian’s. Next year in 2019 we will celebrate our 25th anniversary.
Brian would be so proud. [music playing]

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