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My Charity Story: using donations to bring ideas to life

My Charity Story: using donations to bring ideas to life

It was fantastic when we heard.
I was running around the department saying “Yes, we’ve got money for it!” Without that donation we would not have been able to even have got the project off the ground. Donations and fundraising make an enormous difference. They enable us to go above and beyond what we would otherwise be able to do and to provide world-class
care. There’s been a huge growing awareness of
the importance of genetic risk in cancer. As a result of that, there was a
huge increase in the number of referrals. The purpose behind the app was giving
people an easy, accessible, user-friendly tool that would allow clinicians to be
able to identify patients appropriately. We knew that Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity had already funded several
initiatives so we felt that we would approach them. The fact that it’s been
downloaded more than 2,000 times around the world shows there was a need for this app,
and we’ve delivered that. We’re an Early Prevention Exercise Intervention service.
We had the opportunity go to the Physiotherapy World Congress that
was held in Cape Town, South Africa. We were really proud of the things
that we’ve done and we wanted to share this with people. One of our managers
heard that we were looking for funding and said, “Have you tried the Charity?”
and so we thought we’d try it. It was just really nice to know that we could go to the
conference and not have a financial burden to return to. We decided that it was good to have artwork. We knew the Charity had a large
artwork collection and it was the most natural thing to approach them.
Both staff and patients have actually positively responded and mentioned that
it’s livelier, it’s softer and the environment is less clinical. The support from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity allowed us to open the Snow Leopard
Children’s LTV unit in 2016. I think it’s really important that there’s a clear understanding about people’s really hard efforts to fundraise and how carefully
that money is then considered in terms of its spending afterwards. We noticed that there was a rise in
complaints, so the managers decided to source a customer service course to
support the reception staff. It does make you feel good when you give
a good service. Our charity is here for all of us and I’d love to see more staff applying for support to bring their brilliant ideas to life. Without that support we probably wouldn’t have been able to open it this year, next year or maybe ever. It inspires you to do more things along that line.
It makes you think ‘What’s the next project?’ ‘What can we do now to improve things
for our patients?’

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