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National Volunteer Week: Meet Roger

National Volunteer Week: Meet Roger

My name is Roger Short I’m a longtime
volunteer with the Habitat. So I volunteered in the store fixing things,
taking them apart, scrapping, cleaning, whatever needs to be done with other
volunteers every day a different set of people coming in. I’ve also worked on the
builds, on the tools, I do presentations when asked to represent Habitat at
schools or service clubs and churches. In the ReStore itself I’ve done everything
from again, sweeping the floor to building shelves to serving customers to
going out on the truck to pick up stuff or deliver stuff. Pretty well the whole
range of what goes on in time again if you help on the build site one day, well
there’s a wall there that wasn’t there that morning or there’s a cupboard
installed or painted. You see that or you go to the key ceremony at the end of
the build and the sheer delight of seeing the kids walk into that house and
get their own bedroom for the first time in their lives. That’s worth a lot of
volunteer hours on my part.

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