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Network Marketing Mistakes for Red Aspen – Team Classy Sassy Cute

Network Marketing Mistakes for Red Aspen – Team Classy Sassy Cute

Hi ladies! I had a little bit of a
technical difficulty so I’m running a few minutes behind, but that’s oka.y If you
are watching the replay here let me know. I almost said “drop a one”. I so hate that.
You guys and you know that and I almost said it. Someday I’m gonna catch myself
and say it but just let me know that you’re here and you’re watching. Say
hello. Say hi, Here I am. Hi miss Brittany! When I said I wasn’t gonna go all
Britney on you guys I meant Brittney Spears not Brittnie. Cuz out Brittnie’s
awesome. So anyway, I’m gonna try really hard not to be shaky because
I’m in my car waiting for my kids to get out of piano practice so I’m holding my
phone. Hello, Hello Danielle! So I want to start this off you guys by saying one
thing: We’re gonna talk about some common mistakes that people have made that I
see people make, either company-specific or in network marketing as a whole and
I wanted to just say one thing: That every single one of us has made
some of these mistakes along the way. At least one if not more and I do want you
to remember that and that there may be somebody watching that has made one or
two or three or four or five of these mistakes so I am gonna ask that we keep
, I want the feedback, I want to hear what you guys have to say as always
please please please don’t hesitate to comment but I do want you to keep in
mind that, just keep it respectful, right? There might there might be someone
on here that has done one of these things and they might really really
bother you or whatever but like just you know pretend that it’s you and keep it
respectful is is all that I ask so um we are going to go through some of this and
the other thing is you guys if you are somebody that has done these things
again we’ve all done some of them right it’s not a big deal like this is not a
lets you know bash anybody this is like hey
these are really really common things that people do that inhibits no it’s not
calling anyone out Brittany it’s really really common things that people do that
inhibits their business and I just want to help you guys right and I have done
plenty of these myself so guilty all along the way right okay so the first
couple ones um I have three that I want to talk about that are very very company
specific okay and talking about the company and product names right my first
one is the company is red Aspen not red Aspen love so if you say I joined this
new company red Aspen love that would be incorrect that is simply the website to
read Aspen love calm the company is red aspect our eyeliner is ahsha’s ink
eyeliner it is not Asha that’s number two and honestly if you weren’t sure on
the pronunciation of something I would ask before you hop on a life um and we
have a very beautiful lash that is called Priya not Priya
so I have heard lots of people do all three of those so if you’re one of them
please don’t take it personally okay so let’s talk you guys and I really
sorry pump my hand I was dropping my phone um what I would really really love
some seriously Brittany I’m dying um I um
that’s when I guess yes it is Priya so um and honestly I may have pronounced it
wrong myself had I not like heard Jessie say it before we ever I ever saw it in
print so I want to talk about I think I think I have ten things here I’m gonna
call it what I call the top ten network marketing fails as a whole and we’ll
talk about how they relate to our business and this you know what you guys
I love that I’m seeing some of you guys put in the comments you know I did that
or I’m guilty of that I really like I think it’s awesome to be able to
you know you if you watch me at all are you following me in real life you know
that I’m all about laughing at myself and I also think for somebody else that
may have done one of these things is really good for them to hear like hey I
did that too right so um let’s go let’s just call ourselves out right if you
don’t want to that’s okay but I will um okay so one common thing that I see and
we see this a lot in like health and wellness companies you guys is people
over inflating their product right and I know that you all know what I’m talking
about right or you’re like okay she’s totally sucking in in that second
picture right I might have to plug my phone in here in
a minute um but um I’m going to say specifically to our company when I see
people posting that they have worn the lashes 20 25 35 times guys please don’t
do that that may be true for you but don’t put it out there in social media
if you want to tell you know your best friend one off you know listen I got a
lot more uses out of these you can but you are setting an unrealistic
expectation with the cut with your customers and they’re gonna end up being
disappointed and it’s gonna come back to bite you in the butt
um I’m also gonna say that wearing the same pair of lashes 25 times it’s
probably not the most sanitary thing in the world but I digress um and you like
I said you may very well have gotten that many wears out of that pair of
lashes um but the average person is not going to and that is why we have this
sheet out there that says you know how many wears yeah Cassandra you know what
I say depending on the lash right if they’re asking about something super
delicate like you know Nina you know were Andy or something like that I will
say you’re gonna get less wears out of this lash and you have to have the
confidence to say that you guys it is what it is right but by not wanting to
say that because we think that’s gonna deter them we’re not doing anybody any
favors you’re just setting yourself up for failure right
so if you what I would say and this came up a lot
when we were at like the vendor fairs because people bring it up all the time
so what I would say is that you know again depending on the lash if they’re
talking about Mena or something I would say less but if you’re talking a lot of
people at one time I would say it depends on the lash for most lashes the
company says you know about five to ten wears I sometimes tend to get more than
that out of them but that you know and you can with good care but that’s that’s
what the company says the average is so Laura that’s a really good point and
it’s actually what I was gonna touch on next was by by feeling if you feel like
you have to say that it can be worn 25 times you don’t feel the value in the
product yet and not something that you need to find you need to find value
within the product within yourself right so I think that’s really really really
important and when we have the value in it and we believe in what we’re selling
at the price that we’re selling it and all of that we don’t feel the need to
kind of over inflate it right so that’s that one number two this is gonna hit a
sore spot with some people and I’m very sorry but promoting multiple companies I
am NOT saying that it cannot be done what I will tell you is building a
network marketing business as a whole is hard enough um anybody if anybody told
you girls that this was gonna be a cakewalk and you didn’t have to work at
it and you just paid your hundred and ten dollars and you were gonna turn into
a millionaire they friggin lied to you so you should punch him in the face and
it’s a really good place but um they lied to you this just like anything that
that has the potential of being very big and bringing really good results right
it is hard work just like any job that pays off is hard work and building to
network marketing companies at the same time is I’m not gonna say it’s
impossible but it’s nearly impossible right you also lose
you know you lose credibility with your customers people don’t understand what
it is that you’re promoting and what you’re doing so you know unless you’re
making like a transition from one to the other or something like that I’m just
gonna tell you that most of the time it doesn’t work and go out and find me
somebody that’s incredibly successful in network marketing that really really
promotes multiple companies and is incredibly successful in you know one or
the other and I’ll eat my words but they’re just it just doesn’t happen
really so I know that’s a sore spot for some of you guys but the other thing is
there’s only so much of you to go around you only have so many hours in the day
there’s only so much of you to go around so if you are spreading yourself too
thin and you’re you’re you’re putting a little bit here and you’re putting a
little bit here you know you’re planting a seed over here and you’re planting a
seed over here and you’re planting a seed over here you can have a pretty
flower here and a pretty flower here and a pretty flower here or you can plant
all of those flowers in one place and have a beautiful garden that’s the best
analogy that I can give you so that’s number two number three kind of goes
hand-in-hand with that but company jumping company jumping right um when
you are one that is quick to jump from company to company you really really
really lose credibility with your market right they see it as and we’ve all heard
this before right um you lose credibility with your market they think
of it as just one more thing that you’re doing right and you’re not gonna be
doing it very long but you know pretty soon you’ll be on to the next thing you
know and it just doesn’t seem you lose the passion that you have behind it
right um the other thing is you guys you’re never really giving yourself a
chance you’re never given that feed a chance to
grow right like it’s we’re gonna go if we want to go back to the
garden analogy it’s literally like planting a garden and then the next week
moving to a new house you’re never giving that seed a chance to grow and I
will tell you guys you know once you get to a certain point you build your team
to a certain point and it starts to grow a lot faster and so you’re really doing
yourself a disservice you know by doing a little bit here and then I’ll be here
and it’s the same idea as multiple companies really so the other thing is
if you guys follow you know anything business-related they say that it takes
any new business whether it is you know network marketing direct sales whatever
you want to call it social selling or whether you go out and invest a hundred
thousand dollars of your own money into a brand new business it takes one a 99%
of the time it takes one to three years to truly grow any business um which
honestly just speaks volumes to the company that we’re with because that’s
not the case um but you know to prove yourself and establish yourself in any
business most businesses don’t even turn a profit for the first year so really
think about that you know in how you’re approaching this and I will say I have
told girls if you’re not willing to give this a year I wouldn’t even bother I
mean it sounds harsh but the truth of the matter is if you’re not willing to
give it a year it’s not that important to you I mean it’s like weight loss
right like you don’t see the results in a week it just doesn’t work that way and
if you are you know if you see your husband every day he may not notice so
much if you lose 20 pounds because he sees you every day but if you compare a
side-by-side picture of you from one year to the next it’s a huge difference
right because you’ve grown it over time so that’s number three number four is
not being coachable you guys I do see this a lot it is sometimes hard for some
of us to take constructive criticism or maybe we did it well with another
company a variety of different things right maybe it’s something that happened
in your life and you just don’t constructive criticism well but I will
tell you that nobody has all the answers you know me included I have coaching
calls you have to be able to work on yourself and admit that you don’t have
all the answers right um you everyone needs growth nobody gets
any farther than where they are right now by staying the same so you a hundred
percent have to be coachable you have to be open to hearing different ideas and
maybe that’s coachable from your sponsor your upline maybe that’s coachable from
your peers right like you just have to be able to hear things and understand
that they’re being meant for the greater good right and you have to just look at
yourself and be able to laugh at yourself and say hey you know what I’m
not perfect and yeah listen I could take it sir I’ve taken constructive criticism
from many young oh I just bet on my phone um it is not uncommon for me to
get a message from somebody hold on I got my paper with this many people in
this group and say hey you know what you said this and I kind of bothered me or I
just there I’m afraid that maybe somebody took that the wrong way or you
do this differently and I’m totally open to feedback from all of you guys and I
appreciate it so because I want to grow and I want to get better and I totally
don’t have all the answers so that’s number four number five similar but not
the same you have to realize you can’t do it all on your own right you can’t be
a loner and you can’t sit out on an island by yourself this is whether we
want to admit it or not you guys the whole basis behind what we’re doing is
network marketing right and that doesn’t just apply to us and our customers that
applies to us as well there is strength in numbers that is one of the things
that I love most about this group and the fact that we are all here is that we
have an amazing group of leaders and an amazing group of women all of whom just
talking about you know constructive criticism all of whom’s
feedback and opinions are not only they’re not tolerated they’re
welcomed right and that is because 500 heads in this group or 400 for you how
many people are in this group are better than one there is strength in numbers we
are a team we do this together we build it together and that’s just how it works
and that’s why it works right so if you think that you’re gonna do this and
you’re gonna do this well by going out on an island and doing it all yourself
you’re crazy wrong and everything that every single one of us posts on social
media or anywhere else helps all of us that’s part of the you know awesomeness
of network marketing also right is the more that people hear the name of the
company maybe you have a friend that just didn’t want to try something
because it sounded brand-new and you were promoting like the fifth thing that
you have promoted this year right but now if she’s hearing it all over the
place it’s like oh maybe like that is legit right so strength in numbers you
can now be on an island all by yourself and and here’s another big piece to that
you guys we all have bad days right we’ll have bad days we’re all gonna have
bad months and as this progresses you might even have a bad year right there
are ups and downs and I’ve been in many many different types of sales not just
network marketing in my life there’s always highs and lows whether it’s
because it’s seasonal or you want something going on in your life or
whatever there’s going to be ups and there’s going to be down so when you
jump into this group and you say I had a bad day today
right or you see someone else’s inspiration it lifts you back up when we
all go when you go do a vendor event with someone else whether it’s a peer or
someone in your downline or your upline or whatever you feel good about this
again you know we are a girl gang and that’s part of what makes this so
awesome so if you think you’re gonna go out an island and do it by yourself
you’re missing a huge part of what this is all about and there’s nobody there to
lift you up on the bad days and eventually you will throw in the towel
and quit that’s just how it works so okay number six
not targeting the right people um I see this very commonly and I think what most
people think that I mean in is in customers right so you’re really you
know pushing for your aunt to buy lashes because you think that you won’t show
buy anything you know that you put out there and she’s not gonna buy lashes
because she doesn’t wear an ounce of makeup and I’m not saying we don’t have
girls that wear our lashes that don’t generally wear makeup because we do you
know or your sister-in-law is a total tomboy and couldn’t give two craps about
lashes brightly I realized that we want to make people feel beautiful that maybe
haven’t felt it before but there is also just a certain demographic of people
that are like not gonna wear our lashes right my grandma loves them but she’s
never gonna get on and get up and put them on in the morning not gonna cuz you
can’t see so um there’s another side to that though you guys and they see this
really commonly and I never really hear it talked about um from a recruiting
standpoint most people you guys recruit down you recruit people you go after
people and I’m not saying like you know to turn anybody away
but it’s there’s something in our DNA maybe a fear of rejection right that we
recruit people that are either like socially economically below us and this
this sounds so bad I don’t mean it to sound catty in any capacity but it’s a
true thing that happens right we’re afraid to go after people that are from
us higher social status or we recruit people that have not done well with
other companies and say hey you could do well here right instead of recruiting
people that are doing very well with other companies and giving them
every reason that they should come to red Aspen right or instead of we recruit
people that don’t have any money and say hey you could come here and make a bunch
of money instead of hi ladies um my kids are getting in the
car instead of recruiting people that already have money right and then they
have friends that have money so people buy everybody sees you Audrey sit down
and buckle so that’s um that’s a really common mistake you guys like it if
you’re go after people that are gonna be really successful on your team and I
don’t mean that to turn anybody away right or to not offer the opportunity to
someone that needs it rather than once it but when you’re only recruiting that
way you’re not giving yourself the chance to be really successful yeah
exactly Cheryl and you know most of the time somebody listen those people are
being successful somewhere somebody’s gonna approach them so you might as well
make it you don’t that is number six number seven you guys stopping and
starting so stopping your business and starting it again right and and I I had
it written down to say treating it like a hobby and not a job while I realized
that this is a side gig for some people and that is perfectly okay if you want
this to be your side gig that is perfectly okay um and I think you know a
really good example is you know um if you play sports right if you’re a bowler
right maybe you don’t want to be an Olympic bowler right but you Bowl on the
weekends okay you go your weekend bowler you want to be a pretty good bowler so
you go bowling every weekend right that’s okay the weekends and I’m not
saying only works your business on the weekends but if you go bowling every
weekend you’re gonna continue to become a better bowler right if you go bowling
once every couple of months you’re not gonna be a very good bowler and you’re
definitely not gonna be as good as the guy that goes bowling every weekend
right so um I would treat it as a job doesn’t have to be your full-time job
power to you if it is but even if it’s a part-time job treat it as a job and that
means show up when you say you’re gonna show up so make a commitment to yourself
or to your your you know accountability partner you know whatever you want to
come up with right and commit to whatever it is that you’re willing to do
the other piece that I will say is you cannot expect full-time job results if
you’re only willing to give it part-time job effort right the two we’re going to
go hand-in-hand does not mean that you can’t build the team it does not mean
that you can’t eventually get here I just want you to be really honest with
yourself about what it is that you’re willing to do and the effort that you’re
willing to put in versus what you expect to get out of it that’s gonna keep you
from getting frustrated and that’s a conversation that you should have with
your upline about where and you can expect to be in a month six months or a
year based on the amount of effort that you’re willing to put into it so there’s
that okay trying to move on fairly quickly for you guys today
um number eight is reinventing the wheel you guys you do not have to reinvent the
wheel okay we have group pop-ups that work we have personal pop-ups that
work right we have social media images that we put out there for you guys so
many people make it so much harder than it needs to be because they want to
recreate the wheel right they want it to be like my idea is what got me got us
over the top right and be honest like that’s ego and you’re letting it get in
the way of your success right you don’t even realize it but it is I’m sorry my
hands getting shaky um don’t wait don’t let that get in the way
of your success you don’t have to recreate the wheel now granted we live
in a world of technology and social media and there are new things out there
to us but you guys and I’m not saying you can’t do any of that at the end of
the day you need to get people sales and recruiting is what builds this
business right selling to people and building your team is what builds this
business those should be your biggest focuses and we work for a company you
guys where we don’t have to recreate the wheel it’s like out there right our
group pop-ups they work right talk to somebody that is doing well on the team
in the company whatever and ask them what they’re doing they’re not trying to
recreate the wheel I assure you and there is nothing wrong with following a
proven model right you just don’t don’t spend that we’ve talked about it a
million times most people spend 80% of their time doing things to deliver 20%
of their results and vice-versa right so flip that and make sure that you are
spending 80% of your time doing 80 percent of doing what brings you 80% of
your result and you’re going to succeed that’s just all there is to it okay
number 9 what was number 9 oh girl not following up y’all hear me say this all
the time one second baby y’all hear me say this all the time I had a
conversation with one of you the other day who I’m not going to call her out um
and I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing this who said you know this girl reached
out to me about she’s a dance mom or a dance teacher or something and she
reached out to me about you know oh you should set something up for all of us
dance moms in town and I messaged her back and she didn’t respond to me and
you know now I just you know I don’t want to bother her I’m a girl she
reached out to you like we get busy I am notorious for forgetting to respond to a
message or something cuz I got you know 500 you and three of my kids and a
husband and you know life is crazy right and so do not be afraid to follow up
with people you guys there is there a line between being like crazy annoying
somebody tells you no cool move on rate it’s not personal just kill RIT and go
on about your business you don’t have to be annoying right then there is a line
and if you don’t know what that line is then we can talk about that one off but
I feel like most of us have enough if you feel like you are socially awkward
and you don’t know what that line is that’s okay we can talk about it right
but I feel like most of us realistically know what that is um if I’m wrong let me
know but do not be afraid to follow up do not have the mentality of if they
wanted it they would have reached out to me that’s not true
that is a hundred percent not true I buy stuff from people all the time that
follow up with me and I say oh my god I’m so glad you called I totally meant
to do that and then I just got busy and it slipped my mind or I’ve thought about
it five times and I just keep forgetting cuz I’m so crazy you know every time I
go to do it my phone rings or whatever so do not be afraid to follow up with
people if you fall if you do not follow up with people you are taking things
that you have spent precious time your time is precious you guys and you are
taking your time that you have spent doing things and you are letting it go
it’s like taking all the time to fill up a balloon and just let you know letting
it go let it fly away right take back what’s yours you put the time into
cultivating that do not let it get away okay
number 10 I we will dive into this one more but the one of the biggest things
that I see in this industry is social media related and is not using
attraction marketing on your social media and that means I don’t know
Brittney I just pulled these things out of my butt and I I’m not sure if some of
us just don’t understand what that means right
if you go again we will touch on this more but I want to give you guys the
basics of what I’m talking about okay a couple things and I mean this
a couple ways number one if you go to your Facebook page and it looks like an
ad flyers links to your website right nobody nobody wants to talk to a
billboard right like it’s not personal it’s not relatable it’s like literally
like shoving a newspaper in somebody’s face right nobody wants to see that not
in person and not on social media right um if you here’s another thing if I go
to your Facebook page and I can’t really tell that you love lashes you got a
problem um that means you are either not doing it at all or you are only
promoting yourself in a separate group and let’s talk about that you guys I
know some of you love your groups and that’s okay
if that works for you if it’s not working for you I would really take a
gander at it right um if you here’s what I’m gonna say if you want this to be a
side business for you okay you want to make a little extra
cash you want to get to a certain point cool go go and you don’t want it on your
personal page for whatever reason you don’t want your boss to know or whatever
right you don’t with the people you work with know you’re doing this for other
reasons great keep your group go do that if you
want to really get ahead and go and really truly make it in this business
with not just this company but in this business and in this industry it’s a
part of you and it’s a part of who you are and if you’re not willing to put
that out there you need to ask yourself why why are you so afraid to put it out
there I love this company I will shout it from the rooftops
I love these lashes I will shout it from the rooftops um you need to ask yourself
why you are so afraid just one more second baby I’m on number ten okay you
need the piano teacher probably thinks I’m crazy because we’re sitting in her
drive um you need to ask yourself why you’re
so afraid to put it out there personally right if it’s because you’re afraid to
appear spammy to people who use that word so much spammy then you’re not
doing it the right way okay and that is something that we can talk through a
hundred percent right that is something you can talk through with your upline a
hundred percent um but you guys again a go find and I think maybe Laura or
somebody just said this but you go find I don’t care what company it is you go
find anybody that is really truly successful you know even six-figure
seven figure earners and network marketing and you go follow them they
are not promoting this in separate groups they’re just not here’s the deal
on top of the fact that you do it that way and the only people that are ever
gonna see that are the people in your group hello
you’re only reaching the people you’ve already reached hello you’re not gonna
grow your network that way right um the other thing is when that when you do
that you know Facebook is making changes all the time you guys and we don’t know
what changes are gonna come down the pipeline right like we can assume we’ve
all heard a lot of different things you know that they’re gonna block external
links and things like that we don’t know for sure until it actually happens right Facebook may change what they do with
groups right Facebook making Facebook may go away altogether at some point
right so what you need to be doing is creating your brand and building
relationships with people pretend that if Facebook fell off the face of the
earth tomorrow these people would want to go seek you out because you
personally brought them something right so um I will do that Laura so um that is
like just the tip of the iceberg with that you guys there is so much like I
said I think it is time for us to get back into a whole social media
training series that we’ve kind of we’ve kind of stopped this started a couple
times just because people get busy but it’s definitely a huge focus and I know
that some of you guys don’t really know where to start with that I would say
start by following the people that do it and you know don’t copy them per se but
use them as inspiration your Facebook page your profile right whatever Pro
Facebook Instagram whatever should leave people wanting to see more of you okay
it should intrigue their interest about lashes right you don’t have to I don’t
believe in being the person that like hides the company that you’re with I
don’t like that and I think it seems very cliche and slimy I think it feels
slimy when people won’t say what’s the name of the company is or what they’re
doing right but you also don’t have to plaster it everywhere you’re building
your brand and that’s incredibly important it is okay to build you it is
sketchy Laura it is I hate that more than anything I feel like I’m doing this
thing right and they won’t say what it is I hate it it doesn’t mean that you
can’t sometimes do posts to pique interest right but there’s no reason to
hide who you’re with but there’s also no reason to make everything look like a
billboard so you have to find that happy medium in the in between the two along
with that you guys um we all go through stuff in life right good the bad and the
ugly right and part of being real on Facebook and associating with people is
putting the real you out there and not you know I think gone are the days of
network marketers making it look like everything’s peachy all the time right
especially our market you guys our market is moms and you know wives and
like life isn’t freaking perfect all the time right and that’s okay but there
there’s a way to take a negative and turn it into a positive and it doesn’t
mean if you are going live or posting and it’s oh my god
everything so awful and your like my life sucks and I just you know
as you know you know why my life sucks so bad nobody wants to see that and
nobody wants to follow you if all you do is talk about how bad your life sucks
right but if you get on there and you say you know I’ve had some real trials
that I’ve gone through and I know we all have but here’s five things that I did
today to make myself feel better and I want to inspire somebody else to you
know look at the bright side of things here’s something really crappy that
happened and here’s the bright side of it and you know this is what I’m doing
to pick myself up and you know I hope that that other women can do the same or
you know something like that it’s hard to give a specific example but um focus
on the bright side of it you know and I don’t just mean like my life sucks but
at least my lashes are great lately you can throw that little plug in there but
until you get to a point where you can one second baby no not right now until
you get to a point where you can really do that genuinely from a place in your
heart you can’t reiterate it to other people right so um I would HIGHLY work
on you know self growth and positivity and and that sort of thing and also
energy is a big one because some of some people come across like oh my god
everything so awful and they don’t even mean it that way right so that kind of
goes in hand in the end with all the social media stuff have some energy you
guys I say it all the time feel like you have 200% energy like you’re being
over-the-top cheesy and a hundred percent of it will come across like
whatever it is cut it in half so if you feel like you’re going on with a hundred
percent you know energy like only fifty percent of it comes across I swear
that’s how it works so that’s my mathematical equation anyway so those
are the biggest things that I have right now you guys I hope that you got
something out of this Audrey really wants to get in on this training so I
hope that you got something on this this is clearly not like you know a cover at
all type thing but I hope that we got something out of it I hope everybody
knows how to say and that our company name is red Aspen
and that it’s ashes and guyliner also so do me a favor and if you can drop me a
comment or two or three with your biggest takeaways from this because I
would really really like to know so I love you girls so very much more to come
as always and peace out Audrey say bye Hey

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