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New Kickstarter Fundraising Record – Veronica Mars Movie

New Kickstarter Fundraising Record – Veronica Mars Movie

harry america since crime to our youtube
channel but could do that but unlike below you michelle veronica mars i remember it i remember the show was on this u_p_ n c
w network from two thousand and four to two thousand and seven before it was
canceled horizon ashore owned by warner brothers
their creator of the show rob thomas wants to you know create a
movie based on the show he has the board of the actors he has support of the show star kristen
bell warner brothers said you know we don’t
think is not interest for this type of show we don’t think there’s a interest i know
you know veronica mars oso two thousand and seven two thousand and leaked and you know the studios is like i hope
things out not interested in if they didn’t give mister thomas our challenge they said mr
thomas didn’t go out there and find all the veronica mars supporters and you can
show there’s an audience for this have movie we support it and that’s exactly what mister thomas
did didn’t take him much he issued rang the alarm until all the rock on mar although
veronica mars fans all cross the world to support the making of a movie by
donating money in a record for hours and twenty four
minutes ferrari to mars fans from all across the
world donated raised which donated and raised one point to three million dollars to
support veronica mars movie a record-setting
fundraising hai the kickstart the riot mediate first it
shows one that these fans can kick so the
barometer of audio interest audience interest an investment tuition i was a a lot of times the big movie executives they have no
idea what they’re talking about they don’t know what a good movie is her bad
movie from firm and movie thing about all the actions of the creed in this
country there were forced to make us all this
money that nobody want to see horrible movies and you think about veronica mars
publishing will be to produce policy will be to make no audience interest clearly just not
true and warner brothers was warner wrong

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