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News Now Stream 4/10/2019 (FNN)

News Now Stream 4/10/2019 (FNN)

nowe got two more hours of nonstop news coverage from around the country. And right now looks like the president is going to greet some of those a supportershat ited a aot a lon timehis morning as they normally do when ey wt f the predentnd their he’sn Antonio for just a little bit. That is going to travelled to under Houston for a nother fund raiser that will be happening. Later this evening and their egos going in to the everyone here news wn of cose we hav. One ound no as ll. sa youelfll rht know youou Mostoves that the trel and outigure out his travlans — Yot to be doinin witn mindhat accs haseen reliabead mine is shiftg just ltle bitore be. But yh ov theextwenty ur hours he’s got the potential to create more headlines but if you can create any bigger hdlines thathe already did this rning. What was that about seven this morning out right before you? Down — You’ll be hard pressed to do that because these are all read the pretty big. Yeah so there goes the motorcade it’ll be. Going there in you know what’s amazing about. Any time that the president is on the move somewhere. Just the advance team that has the calm like a couple of days before and then transport all of these vehicles yeah yeah yeah the twenty of all mean this motorcade I gotta say my one of the most. Fascinating books I’ve read in years is by a now retired sret service ants theame othe book i five Do forreside.vice detail. Yeah. JFK herct beydFKn fact– he was in Dallas. The motorcade day the JFK was shot and then continued to serve . m telling you might be amount of litally. tail sect svice ants have g to gn everyday basis — Just to make sure that. Everytng runs asmooty as it alwa. l realizbehind the scenehe amou oft tor theost part. Th run a pretty much ke what. He i a seamless theret ses ke an e o t predentwe’ll trump’sof movements today in By everyone might bsure lon sideroun noo andhile Ron you gotome. Interestg tocs here –ith. What thi is a new poll? What Democrats? Yeah I have to worry about rig okay so this is a battle ground pole and it’s very interesting – Because this is a pole that looks at all the various mocrats that are. That are runng for president and at the same time it takes a look at Donald trump’s approval ratings disapproval ratings. And it’s really interesting Mike because his overall unfavorable rating. Has not budged Mike since he came down the escalator at trump tower really in that first. News confence city lled and surprised everybody by saying he was going to run. That is a 55%vera unfavorabl not h can a president thifty almost 60% unfavorable possibly thinke can s ry Booker a Elizabeth Wren. Batta s . Economy okay so this poll shows l all monks all boaters has pop to almost 60% when it comes to the econy. And yes trere all kinds of issu that people are going to be both non come twenty twenty to the the electio or But if you gotf you can get the economy hming along right ere you wanto you know close to electio. ou and almost0% 58% of allalf Demoats in th Basicall showsou he’s got a al a real fighters chance to n the eleion F one pollster is saying. Thatf the Democrats don’t Right now. To the economy Improvt th’ve got a betterlan for They wl find themlves in seris jeopardy. that ta lo ofemocts Ilectn inpendce. loof als ke is wiable for them But hont the drum aut wre gna s is tes. somethgn then tha mor repoer let- ncy losi said — Vy ely dippointment on a lot of peop’s . Pivot to th ecomy some ople are doinit b oths are no. Yeah so we willee theres it ts closer and a l of ople te with eir cketoks yes. That’ll. Th allhape up. Heyow I knoyou’re going right to the president a minute here he got the live pictures of what you guys have got to hear some of the stuff he said on the south. Yes but before before we take you to that I just have to give a shout out there’s a bra new list of the top cities in eric for dog lers. And with there valley that actually made the top five list Mike to ve aas still ju.nna go with ott Still just because they have prably have more hiringre ty groors. Right yes yeah — Who knows maybe they gotoupla limo rvic forour [indibl Scotdale. mesarizo. ckshe t five cities. Yoknownd they’ll be a lot more to learn about thasurvey in the in the coming days but yeah Iean I suppose you get a pple wiery is t a t of it ds have to do with the number parks in the city — Just an overall kd of terinary care. r thgs of at nature so Way to gos thgreatest the sun.of Sunday evening for the dogs they love it yeah okay thedon’t we doe whelses onhe lt — By the y numbA ng Beach oka. btheay they also looked at thingsike teririans as was menoninhim powe – Keels andll of th type ing so LonBeacnumber. e al on e toive lant Sacramento and Seattle but wait ago makes. Minutes ago. well n let go t Iant t trpemarks before he wasow everye were sayinearlr ts moing around S Sanders alertir Sanders y reay dot ha to rk t muc. What a great job now these to be the president? Let mejust give you one of the very quickeadle keep in mind that the president is saying this on the south lawn of the White House everything you’re about to hear. At almost the exact same time that the Attorney General the United States says quote I do On therumpampan in. Twen six yeae ys with the ‘re nna t a th who bactory put togher ofho wg of that iestition. Ho muchf iwas based on the no disedited so cald ste And who w really pushing ttsier? investigation there’s going to be aot me tcome onhat Attorn General say and it verywe well could have happened we could have. Ourop somef our top. Intellence beaten former FBI Acally sury alwing a esidtialampaign. Forty amaze us all right so here we go president trump’s remarks right outside of the White House. The economy is doing very very well [inaudible] We have. Numbers coming from companies that are beyond expectation. The tax cuts are working very very well. So — We’re very proud of the economy — Job numbers are as good as we’ve ever had and more people working right now that ever worked in our country before we’re doing really well. I’d likeo congratulate. Maybe that. Looks like that righy him and maybe a little early but I’m hearing these. What it and wanted a good fashion so — It’s been a great ally. That is a friend of like to congratulate them hours a well thought out right so I could tell y. What it looks like a B. B. as one that rate [inaudible] There. So t fact. ree three one I think we’ll seeome etty gooacti the terms base [inaudible] Everyone said. But I’ve never made a promise. What everybody said you can’t have peace in the Middle East with? I ink we have a chance and I think we have our better chance. With maybe everyone yeah. Right. All the major. I know tre is no law. As you know I got elected last time with the same issue. d while I’m under auto. I wot do iif I not on the ad I would do it Iad n problem withhat t while I’m unr orders would not give my taxw whatever tu I ll say ts — I uld love to give them. Well I wonder what it’s very simple remember I got elected st time the same exact issue. With the same intensity which wasn’t very much because frankly the people don’t care what I have done. Is approximately one huned fourage Summary a really a great detail. nobody wants to gover that. what Because it’s so good I built a great company. One of the best companies I have some ofhe great. I did a good job and now frankly I don’t care about them I only care about the United Stes. An nlawy wou tell yo t leasyour taxetur why ur Rdrunr I ink th [audibl All asylum. La andegulions Peop tt areery bapeopb. mancase. Tee to e peop runng t l e en forears. economy now so rong at morpeopleomep have ne a great job athe It’sery iortant thathe Decrats inongres y Z. ftball. just goi to fightg.don’arry tme Nothe herhing woulduild lot of wl a loof all. I don’t. Wellhe mother portin dress. Afr thirtfive milli We’r trteeincrea eigeen gry Demrats. ople thatrulhateDona Trum tly ae. Fr. Theyoundo cousion. What so ever with Russia but I ct most pple? Add some sortf evyboda f . Softerastingll othis Atll of is time. th pple at were ters oplehatorked the Hilly Clton fo. oplehe we ablute Hey ere’a drop [indibl No clusion. What has been [audie] Time. l th illeg acts of getng thisholi k . A w lo at let ateter’s Are is w a aed tpted Who sited? ke dn of a predent. I we beat them. With theo the lotty. When they talk abo [inaudible] Russian. What we ghtack if u kn why fig c caus Inew h illegal thi all ere a n n e torn Geral. Geingtarted j. Ditherigi oexacy where this a staed becau thi was at a legal which John. everybody knew it andhey kn wt to do and ey g caug. Athat they d was to eeze for me there’s never been anything like it in the history of our countr? Well I like Kerman K. Hermill mat It’seen suppter of mi a We aually ran a ver good a long. Th’s udormt Ieard t news yeah ‘se As he says somebod I like a lot. As do I always tell you the ices that I don’t know you go through abroad. But Herman is a grtuy and I Pleasedo welinaudible] Even as the nextuy dot kn of a wonderful baby with. that imayng at y known. repo I have no rea no seen e bla All e rerts [l ] I wa. prlemsverody knows Ine of the Withhe lally srted a thinw. I ve n rea. I han’t en the as f as m concnede ball report. I’ve been totally exonerated after the cancer cells. I did non is — Well I I think that’s a terrle thing. I think thas a rrible thing thatt be very I kw our thi he’s a fing won. d I ink thathis ateful at ty could said. sobodyhat le Heiible] instigion.i theres anlot regar. If you say it I don knobut I don’t ink there is that about. Bye bye this is the first place . n ‘s t man hs doina grea b [indible] be as hs it was Monday and’s noo Tuesday boy yesterday. Ninety five degrees the once again I really one might be sure welcome back to news that we can. Always bring you tese top stories in at lunch from across the country thankouo mu for joining us really go out to DC and I want to show you this this is deign to w on the Sete side. Forttorney General general William Br talking a little bit about — The DOJ budget and then a lot to do about this smaller report update he says by the end of next week we could see a full Mu- Redactions for national secity as well but the bighing that came out today was that the Attorney Geral and did the say that he thing said there was spying on therump campaign back in. Twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen that was the big headline the came out of it les wch that ght nohere new now. beg wh t concnshat I t e yeerdas youtestony d I sti do ve questns on e spialouns’s rept as elie thi rortas riousationa surity imicatns. kno tt Rsia inrfered in o eleion l r o s cludg six fmer tru offials and ta . I conrned by centedia reporthat tse worng on thspecl cosel’ tea Believe yousue e magi actnsf tsenhe Whitouse ilude esiden. alwed to see th rort its So ty can mak the o dgmes abt itcontt. I am als tubledy the partme’secen decion t invadate t afforble Cayppor a Dt I ve questns forou as y thisecisn was de is rect actn byhe Amican inclungne hunedtnt wl puf andighteee e tofford orimpl not hav careoverag. cuent hlth Thloss oprottion f pre exisngonditis and soari portraits t ousand. An thi incdes vulrable Amicans le a youoyamed Hampire.rthfie New He les wh h of th Willi it a dease tharequir ndredsfhousanf dolrs of medationt sts ery nth Se’s fatrould he tohefforblearet chan jobs. Beuse Sh’s mical costs we conantl runng u insunce me covagelfgains theamil living witpre istihildr likeethe condions stene st of the affdable re Act Th can b diednsuran covera becaur medil contion. And sres wou bebla uposts andut offovere afte medicn d k geth Replicans and Democrs tinclt ] Nounraveng. An hope that we ll bable too thatn the ming. I do knoedge as I id that yowere he tod in your le asttorne Genero expln e dertme’siscal yr twentyudgereqt eomplndften dficult wo of e dertme i vt rangin fm nay grano statand calsning a titi. tnd fcalear tnty twentyhe dartmth g r its ssionshan e lel paed lt moh. omnuse eurea o prisons i a lge partf tho t llio bow whae jt ented iiscal yr. Ninetee it’sisct e o o s asoto ren amentatn whic is t danrous pctice usi admintrate staff teachs andounsels as coection offics Includgxpanng toinaudib] prrammin f inmates o incling aFC I Myland in my ho sta of NeHampshe It’s als trot partme sms thave footte aboeeting t enys ptf the rectlye The’s oy frteen llionssedirst s. A an tuse thatoney o as seventy ve e thored f thieffort drasc redtion ando iminions prosed for juice deptmen gra progms incdingp I ameeplyoncern thathis buet ruest csearly one That weust pvidedorg. justic gra pp h ioid csis. trtment a forenchgent progra am inteste to ar yr reons whyour twent budg. Draticly reduchis elinat keerogrs le psntelntiero and tk forc whi wpry d o tollpioi havhad o tir Weee thi very dramacally iies a. New Hk weiscuss previouy we have e thir highest overde deh raten . I dersnd that ere’ more dendn thes progrs tn ev whave wh don’t undstand ihyepproiatedo we’re lking them closi Ianto echohe appriationhad cirman Manor the one hured elve ceer eloyees They wked vy hd to keep Anspeclly ding tm ime. governnt stdowne withou anyuaraee thathey uld pai so. I lkorward to your ttimonyk for A fore turni tturnnal. recoizehe ve chaman onera for hd e fullommiee satoreahy bo.r srend I aee whake.or anyomg und senor sen in the hundreand t. Caon worki durg the remeer ver well e day In. ded wh. Fr of us met in my offic. Thcaras willowy in ngre wounGrangeand ade apprriatio and and pr to the Rebs join with on anpassed The t predent vetd the[inaudle] one int sibillio.a agreent th wereaterame e pointhrebillion But tt theccepI worknoth l o pressgo suesatieustice. opids vlentrime ptecting voti rights. to b discued this mning t be ath. firstne eressy preciaon tRobe Morris team for tir sviceo our cotry Intermgle cou what hpene dungn urecedeed attk inctments.thiy sen miondu we somof tserus Ev ifhe presint’s involvent did t proval cme andhankfully erican peopl inhe represtatis ino her pecto se the scial unsel work m o teaer sll mmitte to thgreate ssibleegreeinaudie] A trsparen. Aa cabe sred wh Cgress in an is on constt bas. shingrand jurinfoatio as wl. Especily i -igh prole invec An ooing iestition anotr. Reon redactertain informatn likef life entuay an one way or another t vast majory the I thk attpto heigsants Wi onl fuel suspions have be raiseby omiing Thjusticdepartnt. defee tapeor t intrity enough tknow tha you aee Your impnt ohe coursf justic ands ment. yound Ire gonerom blic seice. Thenly wa o imy vw is ansparen u do hehe dcretno Noing in theevel of theawoll reo stands. you’llork in od fai A caers. You’ welme Mrice airm-irma Atrney Geral Bar rea f your restr e . . a raing memr-achine a prest t presint’s fcal ar twenttwentyudget for the parte m joinere tod by t partme’shiefinanci ficer assisnt Aorney Genera for L to dcussin how are requeed apopriions wilhelp ptect e safe and t rightof your cstitu. Raerhan – Read atateme toouete just say that I’m re to lk abo the departme’swenty ne poi o biionollar F twey budg reque I belie the bget rues- Suorts our poritie ‘re seeki a hundr and twentyighte violtrime pventioworkour ‘re skingwo huned niny And thiy one llioor orts. miionr nationalecb ime efrts. An I’meeking an aitiol commity that would –ut atifd be sk ielligee sourcnd method. The ts inrmatio that wldmpair — Exting psecuto psecutis innvestitions that areoing rwar. the ilityf theepartmt — To psue tm — As effecvely ase’dt invidual who a actuay- haled in t deparentnnueartie toe doe ha tmake se tha thin in the rept iinge onhose I goingases privy aeputatnal ierests of periw Nowhe ppleho areakin thes redtions and and implenting these fou tegori a t departmt rking wit thepecialounsel offi Lawyers a tse a the pple rectio. ming — e s I mtion yesrday — Welan to idy spificalhich ractis – Rela to icy expla- Why that redtion wasade? I so sai yesrdayhat whe itomes tCongre oncI get thonehe pubc eveone ha the rort commtees — Theegulatn requir th. Don’t quire t it- B it judiciar commiees e d Intend ttake u wh how the hse e juciary comttee — T chairnd rano t her areas –ou knohey feelheyavee d th ats haeen rrecyommode inrmatn is assiedoes notecesryoesn meanhat ngrean’t see iso I’m wiingo worknn some of thk i t mos alexibl I undehe law rt l retions a cometed I iend refer to rehe reptnd seif there are wre aects thnhe rortnd I’m impact o wiing twork wh – T diciar comttee to se if ere i a aorkarod tt could. Address at the heener under t assumponhaw gog toontie wh -ues I’m time- Iant to lk abo- qstio bony ant fding that’ bee surrndin — nctuy cies – So. Inhe past t departmt has spial coitio Foronus poin on ripl grt fundg. ese cdition restric gnt fundg tof certified they’re in compliance with federal law. sanctuyities otates. at’s n sething tt I questionhat m conceed out ihe money thaaseen he up as a sult o tt ligation – Becauf pendg jag ant fus – We’ve hadlitigaonu succs in thaccurri but fortunatelhatas n been e casenheY eighteecops- Hiringra. Thes solitations werolled apican are stinable to apy. r cops hirin grant — Goi ck to eigeen ards — Have y riet partme’s polics is the a ano figu outw that we la eorceme to tain acal high- Lawnft ofcers. s Ihinkhis a the oble is ally funion of th pnomen o natnwide injuncons it t dgesnd ts isctuay a ol ushe o –racting lawe s tt ia Distri Crt judg cld redrefo- The grievaes of thpar e s resul of aistrt Cou inorth Caroa t y ha been involvedere – one theeasons we re abl to getin corrt me if’m wro about Dirictourt in Chigo ttn had enjnee u th requihe court told t duce i — Injctio jt — its jurisdiction and andhen ge out the bn jag ants — What hs gantays that it’inoine iustrever Dtric Cour jges wergu’ t today seveh a ninth ccuito tryays ithe to he tc those tho gras o trankly think — We nee beuse I tnk theay tonsssue syst shouldoe ise suld. Percolate uhrouario to tupreourt in the idea that ite Kill pgramsationwe is riousroblem thaouor your awer ifl in finng path — To to see thathe csrant are available pleas be epar a depament of pstineuickly wh that and wn tt occurs. And Iow subm arantpplicaonoteven It is siifica e gran applitions I d’t know submithe gnt applicaon. ev ifou c’t waro grt unti theecel authorit to do so I look loo int. ank u Mier chaman a let jus eohr grts partilarl in ates keew Hpshihere we ha thesrulis — wanto go by ba to yo commentsbout the r reons tt you iend t reda poronl thatould undynfringnti the pernal d o riphal trd pares. We ds tha mea that uill dactnfortiono prect e repution ierests o No I’m tking aut peopl in prive lif okay thas no publffich. Than you Newsust bro today that u wh theBI oned aningnto investationto Rn inrfercen the twenty xteen ectis. I nder i you c sha with thisommit Whyou ft theeedo fo th kind a tea a what? You intd f . coirmaonearing- I a the genes and t condu o telligcectivits dirted — sieen d aot haslreasand dThe gap been iente as a been iestigad and ibeing thinspecr gener at th o partme – O of ings wanto dos ploa e infoationrom t varus incling the hl.avonen Anin the deptment. d see ihere aemaini quesons to be aressed. An can y sha wit ushy you fe the. l worrd abo forei.’re fluee ections wwant t lecte I I thinkpyin omake sehata litica camign is a b dea big dl — Genation I gw Yo knopeople were lWar. coernedboutpyingn ant war pele a. . An theealur res p i Potica – Survelances gceo makeus rus wer vlate but I tnk an’m n jus I’mot tkingt outhe Fnnecsarily but telligcegencie mor oadly soou’r not youe n ggestingow tha. Spng ourred I dot a ll I guesyou I Wellete yeah mshin iat ethert was pdicad adeqtely predited but nee Coress i usualeryn. concerd abo ielligee agencind lae lane and I wanto ma surr at hapns w hava lo of rusbout tt. And Iant toayhat th- gog hav’t set u teamm yet buI doave I ha in ndavingome lleaes hp me pl thi formionogethernd andet me kw whher tre’some eas tthoulbe lkedt and alsanto me n Of t FBIn. a oble that’ndem to eit as FB – Ihinkhere w probly failuremp of leade — Is ere – Athe upr eclon a so don I.’s aoutsndin. t. B.e ganizaon and I tnk we hav Chs for is a grt ptner citi the is theirecr afor ‘am Id if i beces necesryo it o toook or- For se heavy on Cistian andorkoffials e clelyithim-nd looki thatnformaon but tt’s at I doi Ieel hav an ligatio make se that prinpal rolesf the torneynntowed Geral. certaiy aee Ihink w all ve an ligati tensu be udrnmen power ioto heuestio I he is at happs whethe ecutive Playg thatolend thas whe -t doesn sm tme overght.en adeate Thk you Mier cirma. tourney nera sessis.elce Misr A. Announce tht exisngondionsrovisis.e Beuse ty we insarable omhe A. .’s indivual mandat. Twor r ciding thait wou not defendny prA t sposedaidisk oer To ptectio for peoeithon. pr estincondions sh a covegeor you alts.epding Upo age twey six d Now thendividl mante is f pren. ghly regssive penal and ve lonepos dead. And Congss repl. Bu I disree strony wit the depamo dend the rt of thA.. A.. In a letr tt wte tyour on Ail first Iadehe point th thendividua mandaan truck dow. theemaind ofhe liv.l Ca sta i place andhis isn jazz mn thehief Justi Robts said the pre eerpris findase. Badndef serabili that general a We tryo limi theo . An proematicortion well of legal couel und pside Geor Heu That t predent cld enfor the raie afr an uncstitutnal yo to take diffent aroac.r ank y senat-hen when coirmaon- I pmisedou th Iould persolly te a lo at th issue and Iid- proved mview — Robusy thin theelived of oces th wasoingn wiin t executive ancd l pvidi legal aice ink t firstbligatn is. To prode u r casef you re a jge. Whh is what the w the aice stakolders – Inhexecuve — anchnd the peoe invoed — The th- d upn a ffert plac. Asitigor ford atest’s t Aorney Genal – Shou bee – posions en if the are n positis . the Aorne Gener would. If the Attory Genal as a jue decing thease – I decion w tsupporhe positi o t sti xas – Andhe dision of th strictourt jge [iudible eatioleor thais tha. It ia densid asonle legositio giv at tha washe decion o e Distct Crt. Anhe posion o four juicesn th ogina a at fig be cas whoho fel Theest of ttatute gs ther which is.tial pnt The fa thatongrese t t penal fro. thefore – Shodhatct t valiting t were the res of th statu and thosessues were bate b at e end of th y I ft thahe posion w defenble positn andt was the dev . In smaer bar vwers rig. w -Andox tenhoen to u twe d appciat I know for a des explosion unfortunately one person has died in several more injured including a firefighter after a gas explosion and partial bldincollseou’r A live loo rig now t blaaking. occurred abo ten twenty ven cal time wn a ctractor — in gasine ttsccorng — Tourham polehere fteen opleere tnspoed tarea hospals anr a news cferee to begin in ju a littl bit once we get some more details of cose w will. Righere o ns n but unfortate iidn deadly gas expsion oncehis course will bring it to your right here. Hi news now everybody but we want to get to the some other a news of the d some other top stories thank you so much for joining us reoday – Ts i a b ticn DC with a a portionill of that happening. to y with this Moonal iues the untry reality of twey nineen in hi openi remar senator ndseyraham made t case twenty weeks protectnborn babies. n thfifth month of the birthing pr. In rognize sounds can strch can . thei aid ranking memr Diann instei pusd bk auing e bilisnconstutiona. collgues rain dermine t rn bac the clock. d drag ourountry back to pr ro. Wad days. That is jt not goin quoting the Americanollegef obsts n cable of eeriencg pai until ateast twey four weeks it is not forheovernment. ■To&-s personal private inrenchi cisis thawomen ke eve sing day. Th fact tt unborn childre o a twey week or oer ca liv oside tomb underles the fs ti hum beings are separat individuals. And we as aationave both the right and a duty to protecur st vulnebleembers from being ht or kied. bill known asike of la has been s ars it’s passe the house three mh If passe viotions could b in jail in Washingtn David spot fox news tnk you so much for jog us here tayn ts houre will soonae t ofurham North Colina thats whee talkg Abt this s exploon tha ppened earli ts morng it wa deadl gas elosion unrtunaty one person h diifteeneople wer sent to the spital as so awe get that ua. e right here onews n evebody t let’so bkuto th Whit Hse Io wtw s Pridenrumpspeakin t theedia durgw e evythi ofrom dir FBI ps thas wte caldhem rlie tayt to the mall report let’s listen. To that. Is doing very very well [inaudible] We have. Numbers coming from companies that are beyond expectations. The tax cuts are working very very well. So we’re very proud of the economy. Numbers are as good as we’ve& ever had and more people wking right now that ever worked in our country before we’re doing really well. I’d like to congralate. Maybe that. Looks likehat right. One by him and maybe a little early but I’m hearing these. What it and wanted a good fashion so — It’s been a great ally. That is a friend of like to congratulate them that was a well thought out right so I could tell you. What it looks like a baby has won that race [inaudible] There. So the fact. Three three one I think we’ll see some pretty good action the germs of base [audible] Everyo said. But I’ve never made a omise. at everybody said you can’t have peace in the Middle East? Israel and the Palestinians. I think we have a chance and I think we have our better chance. With maybe everyone yeah. All e mar. I know there is no law. As you know I got ectedast timeith the same issue. While I’m on the road. I won’t do it if I’m not on the o prlem th that while I on your that I woulnot give my taxes — There’s no w whateverow Iill y this — I would love tgive them I’not nna do it. We I wder what it’s ve simple remember I got elected last time the same exact iue. th theame intenty which sn’t very much because frankly the people don’t care what I have done. Is approximately one hundred four page. Summary really a great detail. Of assets and values of what nobody wants to go over that. Because it’s so good I built a great company. What are the bes cpany guys some of the greatest assets i the world? I did good jobnd nrank I don’t care about them Inly car. But I have no obligation to do that while I’m on the road And no release yr tax retus. AlsylumrI thk th. Lawsnd regations. I t a beer j by Peop that eery be mancase. Thr to th The ginghe sysm th havp runng t. beenor yr. econy is noso strg. Thatoreeopl comep. have don a great jt the border wh b ls JaZ. ftbal ngre.’serymportahat e thedon’ car thee’re st going tbe figing. Nothe oer thi I wou buil a l of l don’know wt you ow wn we ref. newallnd tt’shat weea done Bu the power of the economy.t ou Like a magnet. Bringing me pele t which Afr trty ve mlionn dollars. any Democts.reaightn Trp [indibl had Dold From. Theyoundo cousi. Wh soverith Russia but can tell t st peopl? which a lotf pele fore aftasti allf the Wi peoe th werhateindgs. Ablute H the’s arop. Ti has bn [inaudible] All t illeg as of geing is wle pho iestition started I dot bievehat ere Itast a legal invtigati makeour l instigation It w staed iegal ever. Evyinglthinabout . Thereere dty . ese re beople you’ll givee. Calle. new look at asts Peter dr theseere bapeop. Are is w a whoisit t takeown of t . With them so the lottery. [inaudible]about Russn. at we fig bac iyou know why we fight back? Because knew how illega. Geingtartedopefly thetedn? Attoey Gen. Yes. Doing a gat j. Geing staed on ing back. To t oge is a staedecause this waat a lal whi Joh. At everybodyy kn what do antheyot At what ey didas tfree ithat ey l athey d wasgainst our std for so hopefully.constuti ae That will happenheres a se befe iwas a of eer llions of people tt voted for me. What they did was disgraceful there’s never been anything like in the storof o coury? Well Iike rmanay. Anerma wilmakehat termation. for longime.ortef mine We auall ran veryood d thnewseah ‘slrea. [iudible]f theed brd he ys sebodI li aot. As do alwa tel you the pres that I don’t know you go through abroad. But Herman is a great guy and I hope he does wellinauble] Plea Ev. a wderful pson peopl dot kn is wondful bn Ishe a blliant m.g. Edradley — There’s only one person is running atou kno at it y. I ve not sn theall a rert I he not ad [inaible F hi [] One want. erybodnowshatne of e proble Withhd naudle] legal. I ve not read I haven’t se the am e boers. I’ beetotay exerat. Theali with rth rea I offhe deana s world. I’m not worried about something that never ever. They didn’t like. I dinot sewhat happens. did not see what haens ain I did notee wt haened thingI Ihinkhat’a terrlein. thate wod dohat Iind irrible thg to ba very know our Ihink he’s fine pern a fi young woman. And I think that this gratul at they could said. I don’t areainauble] ller I reecthe b like Heid You know have a lot ofegar For hk the isn instigion. youay don’tnow but I don’t think there is an investigation by far this is the first place. We have others but right now he’s the man he’s doing a great jobinauble] Sen le is at we’re gonna go out to Durham North Carolina where unfortunatel elier this morning there was a gas exosio. On that because the building to partially a collapseilled o person send fifte people to theospital n we have a live update frooffials out there on the ground. ne nowhe rig heron You guys ready [inauble] Somedy’y naudib] We’rgoing givepdat aut theffais this mniw exosion I wt to reirate is is ongoinvestigati so we gi me inrmation that weave athis ti. We’llave fo speed . e stalwt dorm m or eve sold. That is see I’m sorry S. C. H. E. W. E. L. Foow modern fi chief Robert so ds. So don’t Z. O. L. D. D. O. Folled by their own public school superintendent paschal more being gonna. vings ga you B. N. G. A.. And lastly dorm pole chfs Whenheays though weave a quick que in as well [inaudle] Thank u. Thk you ll I Steve shu mayor ofhe citofurham and I wanto sahow If Im that m join y s aroverereo my rht –ot Our are of andthers — And Incis Thishe kinof day tt you ner. Prare f as aayort’s no methinthat u necearil tnk teaer ever gng tol jus. Tellou thewo etionshat I ve experienc in th I fl right w What happed tay we ve to acowlee wve h a terble tredy toy? We’v h theossf o life ine don’now ere cod beore. factrom chfs allhose in a nute a the fts thawe know. hav peoe in thin the lossnd grief.rea sen of It a vy dficu day in thatay. Bu I feesomething else a well. An that is tremeousense gratitu our wtur came day whe Iraq- To s morngitheputity mager th Fgusoachiev all tho soons we uerstoowhat wagoing gotut of e car anwe telyou wh I saw. I sawirefis th the houses as far as am r you. pontiagas plosio.wa ather thperiter.effic setting And her police officsg into theuildin tmake re tt peop were t aw our E folks. Ou merged she managemen NEMS foll alady ppared. To dohe emgencyork tt we need. Assaul th. medics. o were hping pple On t groun. Withith gls cut saw th helpi them saw th. Manang the wound I sawhem ttin onecessy onto retche. whe theyeeded be.ting them to fiftie bthday day it’s an ony I ow. t wh I wl sa abo that is that. at we hope ll b a ver ppyay it’s t a hpy d? so pro oow ourocaln Im vernnt functned. I am so pudf the scial our fefights. And thr coure Then. Andome of you waf you wod haveeen it tere. An I knosome oyou obab Wh youawur firighter wiredhey weren one gup would go iand thother uld me out Then the would. exhaued a they ll b coornation betenur poled ief beten are far tree chief emeS our iour city manag Tom Fergon ste so ab inthis shs. In ourriends fm the cnty gornment wre he as wl. rm public schoolsou’re gon hearrn nutesinauble] Gollhe ks diissedarly. Ona Boh. And tan tohere ty can me eirhereolks. that alsoeel a l ofs day atitud in a lot ofride And w well ty doheir j. So thinkd o chie td us en we ju say in tir ownace a new chief ah beewith uvery lon. But he sppe t him th morning. He got out of e s onof theew daye were i was gog ty a And welreadyad fefightsh. is a sd m Alady he in arving An’m jt so proud of s leershipnd I wt to inoduce him tyou now fohim. I shld sayne oth thing f– I introducghere a lote don’t kw ye. An forhingthat we not not gng to t out re reay sehere’sing rurs that flying is kindf situion ae’re not goi to confir t wee gonna t to all of u. inoduce chief sold aside to just chf. you what we do know so far Jerey my na is Bo de’s in e fi chiefhe citdorm fi deparent – To at the Justhy- Oneifty he as asy be we knows right w 938- thisorning five ars fo spatchor a g lkn the onhundreblockf Duketreet. Door fivfarmers to comg number od gnifict gas leak request addional rources iluding minion energy coopation rm pole department. At tenOeven wle in e middle the l s ere’s plosio that that builngs onhis blk.eive Inudingatastrhic dage. To onelsoo in the orations ding th evuation was traport fro e sce is beg tread d is isurger tsime snjuriere serus butot life teate. n toe in t buildgs are Accoted forut there a ill sigficantreas wwe need srch. e othewas significt fir. result at is timehe firesas srtd have been ntaine. In o under ctrol but the aner is r fromver. It ijust a sta arch orationearch a scue orationhroughorth Caroli tah incles srm Hillire Th will ta someime to go Thisould te someime aparth to go a twties opetion some of e our opetions into y — Ay ss oto our police chief right now wre gna talabout Goodfterno everyes. naudible] the are who caree f days like ty nevecome -Today wan to fit oall Cmandhe fst respders w were heret the beginnn d unde theeadersp of chse allhose who is ounew fire c a t zorea that’een woright w-y theerm pice partmee als he additial command t e setp thrghout t event the pport tha theneed iso tt ths der to tigatehe sittion. So a t Durhapoli depament icollat ou city pubc affai wl be indidualsho liv i tst area or ha s ar let tm kwhen they can return l also pla tutiliz our media tlets to he usith somef thesennoa e r cizens know whe they can enter ik u very muc and Il turn it ba over to cnge alough. Such atou w puic wor dorm city county emergency management. Door county sheriff’s office door county a mass. Of t city rally hazmat steam- Noe eight which I mentioned bore Noh Colina state yrf investigatio the a TF. NortCarona mcy management dorm public schools. Of public server gas North Carolina Duke energy in Chapel Hill fire departments. Finally because IT solutions the oth side t doofivee D. if e StatFarm The rm pole departmt ATF. OSHA ar My namis docr Prestt mongn the per aended off the are blic sools te take this portunit a thank. All o emergcy [audible] All allofirst resnders — ss rate aar Duam Andbout ware rely gratel that swc y y far dableisco these coerns. cred to oustaff. Forvehome. if boding alane to e moti make rehat alltudent therwas supped to ere morrow isalseody’s concernse’re – a morrowe we wt to makeure th we’re gng to spect a ildingo make sure at everhing ise scho for their own schl of tharts We areaking ailable our stf devepment center morrow forll parts andll We uerstan tt it’ss se of us ude- Pantsoday b I nee som nd of unseli somkind o otionasuppor ts t So w are he to me surthat we kee to rear t everstudents. Inurham pubc schos that th are se incidentsike want to ma sure at we ve a plan iplace sthat alway studts w. k th donnd a day and’m gon and our sympaies on belf of a st. l h afctedy thisragedy. This I wl ter a [inaible] Ye [inauble] ort por- To can go -o the dconiak to you about — Injuries trames. chief fm duri couy E so gardin thenjurs- Fir likeo thante . l fotoda -lso weould lik coty MSN quily wakountyon for ovidl paradic units iur cnty while ee been td uere on this lgo e operionsncene Forhatece — trsporteso far immeatelypon t firstall We transrtedll of ou — tien to thDuke- Health stemniveityospital — W anspord sev patntshere – Six ofhomere ctica An oneas sceeen transfred tthe Jn Welsoransrted five paentso deease o spit-dditnall som tients -howeup bprive to totalf sevente patnts seen a m disaster plansere aboo acce all t- hado se to th Likeo thk tm for r g with tt –othuzzles are faas iestors lally we’ gogf cose ctinu t the scue a recovyere pporti opatio daer s. Simore cticaln on into ing.shen ansferd Anne know the name of that wds e Onlyh. chan to theot thitime wt workg on one yeah — Botkind o e Fergusoneputyity manage- We’retie deils o theork at was work inhe areoringor fiber — Itr neorkroundhe cit — We excted tthat’s rated b unl we can cfirmhat s was on scen e namef of w was twork ise the e area. Wheur sta is still coirming thawhether n — There is an active permit inhe an confmed – Yeah — Barll at Ihink iwas ju comin we wds -We are doi is ant clos jut [inaible] Ye Likenyonelse.of anyone. Th’s corre –ypically in fi rcue seices- Ano we’ve archeda u t store. ere theourt didn’tven kn want to is iss takabout Iet down to e grular for ofverythg to me suree can cfirm . Everreport of pele insid they’vaf fothosof an port iide. It’s justo buness tmake se I Witon In t morni sure. Ninthirty yo may he notid f to gi u the rticuls but by e time.ero s rningine thty eig AM – sing incom is diatch for or of s in t area -The they we te l reurce rources –s wells a g come e poce deptment Iedialy upon arris d tileven I sorrySeven thk you-bvioly i you think abo the nbers tre I’m I ace t y h . t s onhe lin to dot. And’m sure ose e yt’s beuse ofhe serce servictarte shoer than I ha ret’s anntire sucture — Th’s dow — Whave all sts of whit ther ikeep canlever – To coapses tre is ncakesre collses-e m – elev on aery ve vy smal got e sa sort damage it’ale mps t a coapse i theiddle ‘s gotome cailever – brisn the othe de- And I say at n island forponsor to e Penton — r tohat iit mea to it mes we have do ler. We hav tutilizvery vce aceo to lk inse a much as wcannd thewere tstart usinheav equment tremo pieces ot How rge — If I ess anI dot real know- It’middle th citblocight behind us — oft leasfifty fo deepr stors and probly has gso — Butd ctor aic spas well when it llapse all tha i ill tret’s jt in a muc harderor umaneuvk it [iudible Online absolely tre’s anyot spotsor ahg – cause e op oA void ace tget oupeoplen the sech we’ gna b inoducinoxygeno thatill be aitiona firest ligh off But aa e the t ladr trks we have here the amount of ter we have t. y anore. A marityidden fires tha we me throhout sucture. I knothey g to usas it s srted don’tnow the tenical mea at e orga ing — Tical will u cahonohere y — Will u -y fort — Bause there’seen a fi involve thoug waterater and fo th nots – N as eful. Soes. Buthat wcan’shar again wasn the ddle o acuati of peoehen wh ehe whawhatev explode d- His family is is ther real see ne yet uil tha So.. I th that don’t ve fro I s a ci alln peop wide – Immeatelynd I hrdheutsidreport . moveowar therea no itpato off o is it’efinitelthere’ gnifict dame –nd y’ll Poli windo brokesock – r that all w he to n ongog inveigatio i our la. eting witthe da — Will get information outs we c thoug on as possib Germ Cumming nerous tesaeady ld. rn the witness. Chrman comingaidhat heng s. wod be t first. Toeferim partme of stice he li. Thers n Amica. Cohe lied thaday. Micel He didt liencet I respect hibased on workingith th throuhe years Io y o days ler. y he dn’t kp hisord? I do not une ked. Afr this aaken pce wou u refeat’s nothat wesk them to h . e inhe roo but tall of Amica. It ces tthe tegrity is hou. This inot a paisan iue. word. abt willou keeyour Wel Michl Con woulnot. wod behe fir to refehe That why we gave tm the ability to whathey sd th wouldo. To do at was But wanto thanthe rankin mber J Jorda. Fohelpin adhis. F beingatient f ying twork wh the airman But day weave filed this we will give the eire bod an oprtunitTo do at they said ty wo. It not abouthisne situatn iabouty of ts hou re imptantly wt’s th integry of tir majity. But nowould lik to yid to ouwith Sve Scali. Thk you vin. Here wwere a. majoty aounced that the Woul be seone who aeady pled guie was almoslaughae t iwas clear they nted t eate aedia ccus. And th got tir mediaircus. t i t rush tget thr But thealso creat a sittion. Whe theve theelves heard the inteityf the very institionh arge o eaker Peli oug to be ouaged. erman comgs oug to be ouaged thathe verfirst beforeongres.ght. Toestify No onlas somody wh ready ed guiy.o lyinto Congre. Bu theinhat verearing Why it cirmanumming?lied tCong. Thmostutrage as heromise In Coh lied or anover.. theusti deparent cirman mmings oht to leading t arge to rerhis. Toustice r prosution. Weltimatel nd upho the rule olaw. you’veot a Ashisntireommitt. Led b Jim Jdann oide time that we stand up for theog’ inc this mmitte. Even if theeadersne Decrat side n’t They oht to outrad. Th their staritnesshis is the pers they vited. guil to ing to ngress and face.t in ont ofheir Dimini in tir ownntegri lio Congssgain they out to the mt outged we outrad becse it haened a of e Ameran opleho wated were outged re thegot a dia cius t th alsoot to tness sobodyolding up the right grea instituti.o this That deserves the integrity in For e inteity of isanp institutnnd f . He mht not b wling to tag but are we’reonna teage tion. So wh that. Turned over to our conference air rry folks wre swihing gear he w got live ent r your president tmp in Create morobs ando do aTexas ri. doing ll.that ey’vbeen Beuse the ea idoing ry well And we It’sp in scere. Weave ma peopldying. Comingcross. Beuseome acrosthe boer so vt vas. And en we opped f. Antheyaw walki Fr. find ad Fromal Saldor from xico saidhat.issi nobodever Well they ow whabut th Manyany de peopl [inaudle] Many. Al ty comen a ra their hoes. That isery ngerou and ty to me ner tleave eir hoe at nht d at t day dinghe day ways cry a g and Ise it thiss a biranche.ffens Whever diffences ner g near. Thate unss youave tw ople especlly atight. And ma sure A weon a g Ishe in e fac so is doest co out. e whatt isut Ihoul you kw what. Weave e mia hee ha some vy goopeh dia acally explned nody’sver hed is I d’t thi theve eve ard th. Then mbe aoctuall is an m. Anthat will go throu but ese e inedib stoes I how d thiss and ts is bee ing onor manyears. Manyanyears be is beegoing a manpeop ardyin. let u know ectly wt you’ gun a she’srained iusing it. But ybe yoshould. Bu wwere tlinghe Itff inouthexas fm here eaier t- tohe bder. Weave mlionof sare les on bruscouny and tt the cotes ck tse peoe up athe ver. pres in Tex aut South Texas d we ve numous pple. Dyg allhese rches andnd people hav bn findg their Broo count jailround.. Th isne otheost oble area f theou opped himff a fament Hoton’s jusover t horiz d soot onl do have isis o theorder- secutyrisis.s ithe allhe peopl that e tryi these pn come re. Anhey have idea what theyave a llonf wateed ttle mon a maybe Ann the i when ‘s h ialk? ere i theand san count ey vyften –ie in the ngersnd a l of the pele here. You tha day vy oen f is not jt u wried aut our bods . prerty isorri abo t opleho we actuly tryg themlves f bei priden l also -Thether thing I theepartmt publicafetyllold trey en wrun in themn the ghway. A wa thi and we oft he — – Thugh ou fcesftereing ased b t bordeatro a th everybo in thtribehey’llun id ‘ll ba out in dingn th And we’reivingn sevel thsand aes andobodaround the nuee . And whethey c’t fin the ilgals oer aga the brush — Th they ave. Law eorceme leaome e o What going to haen I kno u’re gng to me uto the use not knong ithere the ddle o nineen wee had th hapn befe we’vee’ve gonothingo inhe morng pact o our c. In therivenacko San feelafe and I knowhat wee not ths atay — Andnds bng on f numr yrs a thempodpon ts ig number Iantot e th havgottori — But oseuysoou mht ld of th yr sry abo your We.r. Wee goa rancnorthf Laredond theri e coands tt arveryeavio trafcked Ande anherang ailiad people Exisand th said the gates.ros . An the sce of ughihe comi out treo op theguy uptatuss teo gae the wellr do atev is ing- Th kild an so the’s u know tha. Peop outg . ey’rallilleworks an ich that ea. And out — Aga as ey a wanthe wll e big odeople ll. And it deser a I as Mter Poll I sailet maskou a questi. Wh? Yoknow wn y d ts why arthey le why an’t peoe aroundo e it’s vast. a vttate Ifou lookt it meanhe states emendo don seehat. yo Fif Aveend secdd by goi froek Park AnueTwo . f Anf it’sustavor som inedib sto saysnyon wao gof y hadold me da agoT s peoe shpty Just. thty in e afteoonronorchil A sry thoht nnowing wha or wt theye goin to Andike lr e do. Th don’tant ansr for re so it’just. Always make re thn dnd I he ty dot try t donything you A realcary for y a there ry eensi fens ey don wan to thrgh e press of ing tohe fenco. op t gate iopen tir wens to t games. Anthey kl pele. lot timeshey dotven a stilthe trkhe use th was So y aayso to t gat n ubles thibeen goi on fo manyears. h . Ma of tse pple at are.nt But me we dyg durg th lk my myearsnd tha washat sprised me. folk and wha we ha sev in the st. irlyhort bd of te seven Sen th’s o pern Thpart of Tes swe’re taing aut that ans a rollov othes Cafornia. Mexo Plea lisnouthst to nora Tex wer huned tnty les. om t neast bder bad guome roug.tryheembe ty done w thplac and’ve en Run dia. froday ey’re d thothe tng i the degraphics change st n And thi s Th the cenal Arica Thothe are cing frohould 3% 3% . CentraAmera l f d c . ? Theyon’t mn to t thecas. be the thaday.w ke yesgo f maclan. was Lived aver Tes tu e but y’re sing tt th peop fro. Yosaideforeoluma a so fm hi–ne a I hav more danrous peoe ofheirring. Through os a re ithe ugs no ffert ban s at’s gotll t moneyway I Counies arsendin e tougones. They’rsendin theang s sa tse arehe peoe that seing to e Unit State. d thDemoats don’tant to do anythg abtt I’m doi dot wanto dothe mocrat just id itinaudie] And Mr Pollno ‘ve taed abo it peopl helpith thfarmino go urom Micohy probl. Buthey we sayi thathe e peop cominfrom. Much fther awag . Kiersnclung nbers irteenecausehey dot wan m in Hduras and ESalvad an goingo theyon’t wt the So they’ sendi them our cotry. Antheyrobay a t one that we not o rig. Let meell yo thound bods ovethe la ve to x to sen yea Youo to ooks cntyill dos the o . Go dow the Brook couyhey ve thehotogrhs of ildr en t? nowhelieve about the mide oft and is not just herand th rder. But tse are stori that ve ver hed before and’ve been dog thistuff. Ve intselyFor o an a half years e s rely iorta tt this group d I tnk evebodyere uld ll youhe se thg. l of usave liv a lonime inexas we e veryroud theulticuural. you wery rati w hee if tremenus frids – Mexin – Origi in threlp we a lovach oer ande get alg gre. n . r . Weeeen won in a by and got along fine paren granarents moved.o Sout xaslonghe border and talkg abo tayhings have ange. Tell opoli is anged. Wee not lkingbout- S is is from xico who ce he tdoo do agrultura rk I remberaving a brhure – Camp. Thbracer proam backn the fties — Down ithe vley d ofhe boa worrs ce across in but rkers. And thweeken so Ientack. Evyoneot ang ande had a wead areat ratiohip ings he chand thiis. Thcentra Amecans and the rtels e cardetails e smgling o peopl the moment o pple. We hav rightere n toni whin t last yea w had a true . i e ed andhis isappeni l theime ey’re mong people. Fifte . e ta on rth Signhose tcks but yor e ] From. Let’ s ten yrs youet.o saying the ls n it ud to b Theyere sanghat y have anyby want to tveryboook ould bld aee to and d this thoug you have some that wou say I wt to t involved t the ories are increble out thlevel ofoughne th there czy.rrazine d they ming ithose With itsew psidentut.ntrs. unfortunely therug busins is goin ere Al rig -So we were losg in tha sho righere Tesou can wat more on our yotubehannel fox tenhoenix. Don’want to heart becaus toAnd ‘ wanto get tes safy thety are algoim someay. wa to ma theountryook bad t leme telyou. We have problem and y peopl anyby I’vheard I Ian’t lieve h many d y fd We seveniedn the ranch whatre you tking aut.o Sevethey srtalki. And is the expenve sometng nobo kws the eansi of wh he kns wha wre talng about ca. thborderhe borr is br ok aut twohousanmile. Thes peopld w y . An ty takehe las auntf money ey . And ey givus a wer derstahich andhey shl walk i

  • When Politicians speak like this"there's this boy in some town who needs 50,000 a day for his meds and will die if you pass this bill's dirty and anytime a Politician jump on somebody else train that's suffering a child even is evil and lacks any character in that person its so low.. U.S. Senator Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire) that kind of evil pulling at peoples heartstrings by using a child to make a point should be just never gives good optics.

  • I remember Leahy coming by my office in Middlebury and that boy was as drunk as you will ever see an Irishman… I realize now nothing's changed. Don't they piss-test these clowns? Especially the Africans, for God's sake…

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