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Neytiri Avatar Body Paint and Makeup Cosplay Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

Neytiri Avatar Body Paint and Makeup Cosplay Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

Hey guys! Today I’m doing an Avatar inspired
Body paint. This was a rekested… requested video. That’s how we’re going to start off
the video; I can’t talk. So, if you guys like this video, don’t forget to give me a thumbs
up. So to start off, I didn’t have an inbetween blue that would work for this, so I mixed
a light blue with a darker blue and got this color. You’re going to want to put it everywhere
that skin is going to be exposed: so your face, your neck, your ears. Don’t forget your
ears! I almost forgot my ears, not going to lie. And if you need to you might have to
do two coats, but you just want to make sure this is opaque because this is supposed to
be your skin. You don’t want to have, like, patches of your actual skin peaking through
if you’re going to cosplay as that chick from Avatar. And then when you finish that, and
you let it dry a bit, you’re then going to start applying your stripes. For this you
can look at a picture of the actual character from Avatar or you can, kind of, wing it and
make it your own. I did a little of both, but it’s really up to you. For me, I see it
like this: it’s like Zebra stripes, they’re not going to be exactly the same for every
zebra. And that’s how I’m going to play this one. Just like when you were painting your
body, with the, the light blue, you want to make sure this is pretty opaque too. On one
picture, I saw that she actually had a necklace on, so I went ahead and did that. So you’re
going to start off with a big green circle, then draw smaller ones. The actual chain,
I made with black body paint, and then just outlined everything with black body paint.
And to make it more 3D-esque, I applied that white to give it some shine. Then to give
myself the illusion of a little more depth, I applied a darker blue eyesahdow. I also
did any shading or contouring that I needed to do with this: so around the necklace, the
hallows of my cheeks, etc. And then, probably the most fun I had with this tutorial was
actually doing the dots. This works as both a highlight and adding some Avatar-y awesomeness.
You basically want to take a really, really fine brush and just make little dots.I would
look at the picture to get a general idea of where to put them, but just like the stripes,
you can do whatever you want. And I almost forgot to actually draw on the nose thing,
I would probably draw it a little higher than I actually did, but I just used a liquid lipstick.
And that’s the tutorial. So if you guys liked it, don’t forget to give me a thumbs up, subscribe
to see what comes out of my channel next, and leave me a comment down below letting
me know which part of this movie, that was ripped off, was your favorite! Was it Pocahontas?
Was it Dancing with Wolves? Let me know. See you guys next time. Bye!

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