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NJ Mall Shooting, Suspect Found Dead

NJ Mall Shooting, Suspect Found Dead

another day another shooting this one coming to us on just
about every media outlet late last night I was getting ready to go to bed and just happened to look at my twitter
stream and saw a whole bunch a post about this this is at a New Jersey mall and the suspect has already been found
dead will talk about some of the details remember of course just last friday in my last Friday I mean like four days
ago we had the story of the LAX shooting targeting 88 targeting TSA agents
generally in leading to the death of one TSA agent yesterday Monday that the next business
day since the since this last shooting so to speak gunmen enters
a new jersey mall last night opens fire later is found I shy having shot himself in the head
according to authorities now this is different in that there is
every indication that this individual did not really want to hurt other people
that he acted completely alone that he maybe police are saying he
wanted suicide by cop he wanted to go in there shooting but not really at people in order to get cops to kill
him and the reason specifically for the
shooting remains unclear the individual involved is
Richard shoup his body was found at 3:20 a.m. early this morning in an obscure part
I’ve Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall after he fired six bullets without
striking anyone now Lewis when we heard more details
about the specifics of the shooting witnesses said he was shooting like at
store fronts at walls it was pretty clear he wasn’t trying to
shoot people so this is yet another example actually
think Lewis it more interesting in terms love the gun debate that he wasn’t
trying to shoot anyone because what this shows that is that this is a situation
where very clearly individuals have decided that because if
their emotional state and because they are dissatisfied or
displeased with their lives in some way a gun can be used in ways it is not intended simply to get the
result they want and the reason why people do that is because if the availability of guns
shoup getting this particular firearm from his brother and it yet
another example of how guns are always in the mines above many people who live
in the United States as a tool to be used when you want to expressed their displeasure in this case
it’s not even about shooting people it’s about using the gun creating a
shooting creating terror maybe in order to get police to shoot
you yeah and I guess you know maybe we could
leave the whole candidate out at this story and I guess he what possibly could have
just taken a knife to the same place you know wat they did people and achieve
the same being I don’t think so Lewis I actually
think you’re wrong about that the way to real and it didn’t work right
police didn’t end up shooting him and it’s only speculation he wanted suicide
by cop but if you take a knife into a mall you
would actually be probably have to stab people in order to
get your self shot and killed by police you might be able to create a scene
where you hold the knife up you threaten someone you create a hostage situation police
show up maybe you get your self shot but its it’s not at all a guarantee it
wasn’t even a guarantee this way but I think you’re wrong was I think it’s very
different if you take a knife to a mall trying to
get your self shot to death then if you take a gun and actually
start firing bullets we’ve seen plenty of videos cops killing
people holding knives even some videos cops killing people
that weren’t holding anything sure I I i think it depends on the on the
police involved I guess the the underlying issue here separate
from the issue specifically have guns knives et cetera is that it’s no longer surprising to anyone I
talk to you or to me that their shootings just about every
single day it’s actually surprising how many Americans don’t think that guns are a problem
given that we have become completely desensitized the fact that their shootings almost
every day louis yeah I think a lot of people just say
well this the United States and that’s just how it
goes they accepted and they hope that they never caught in
a crossfire we we also have to just remember sometimes you have to take a
step back and really think about this for second say hold on it shouldn’t be normal that they’re
shooting you will hear from people similar things to what Lewis kind about
line which is we’ve got 330 million or however many people in this country we have a second amendment statistically
speaking there are going to be some shootings it shouldn’t be normal the idea of just
resigning ourselves to being completely desensitized to close
to Daily News shootings is a problem forget about
these post the testicle analyses that you’re
hearing this is a problem yep it’s a huge problem I you just have
to look at other countries where there is almost no gun violence and then why should we have
to worry about this whenever we leave the house

  • I thought some extravagant diamond heist was going down at the mall. Sadly another deranged individual with a gun. Luckily the individual only shot himself and not others.

  • How do you know he did it because of his religion? There is nothing which suggests that religion has any part in his action. So you are just creating your own idiotic speculation. How do you even know what his religion was? If he were brown, would you say "another Muslim shooter"? You probably would.

  • My only disagreement would be when you said he was using a gun in ways that weren't intended. Guns were meant to shoot and that's what he did.

  • You're starting to look like Castiel from the show Supernatural. Maybe you should shave your beard soon. Also, I agree with Louis.

  • Hold a package of skittles and Arizona iced tea..the catch is — this being the key to death by cop — to do it all while in black face and a hoody. Dead as a doorknob!

  • "Another day, another shooting." Oh boohoo. A few weeks ago, there was a head on collision between a truck and an SUV in my neighborhood. 7 dead and 3 hospitalized. It didn't make the news. Why? It's not sensational.

  • What about people's right freedom not to wear bullet proof jackets every time they leave their home?

    Summarized From Wiki.
    1987 to 1990, McDowall found guns were used in defence, only 2 times out of 1,000 criminal incidents (0.2%), including crimes with no guns.

    For violent crimes, guns were used as self defence only 8 times out of 1,000 incidents.
    ie guns are useless for self defence.. & are almost always to assault & murder.
    NRA should compensate every non gun owner millions of $.

  • Suicide by cop…would that be a loophole in Christian mythology if someone is trying to end their life but not go to hell? Just wondering.

  • A schizophrenic young man was shot and killed about 2 days ago here in Houston, Texas. The cop said the young man had a gun but his family disagrees.

  • No, it's a good question, and I want to know too.

    Let's say the copy shoots you in the stomach, and you have time to accept Jesus Christ as your savior – THEN would you go to heaven? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • does that mean you support universal background checks and closing the loopholes that enable people to circumvent any background checks?

    if yes, then i agree with you ^^

  • i'm not an expert on religion and god. But i do believe there is a god. and if you repent for your sins and not deny god. he will give you eternal life in his kingdom.

  • And yet no one makes a big deal that it is a caucasian man? If he were Muslim it would be the biggest part of the story, but with this case 'he didn't want to actually hurt anyone'? He brought a gun into a public place he was obviously going to fucking hurt someone!

  • Nice mis-direct. Mexico's gun restrictions have NOTHING to do with the gun violence there; it is drug wars, between the government & drug cartels, and turf battles among the drug cartels. Canada, England, Japan, and Australia all have strict gun regulations without any increase in gun violence.

  • Still on this? Japan has strict gun laws and gun crime (as well as murder rate) is very low there. Most developed nations have some type of gun restriction with America having the loosest. But it doesn't matter. There are countries in which gun ownership is high and there is low gun violent rate. There are also countries with strict gun lows and gun crime (as well as murder rate) is low as well. To believe that their is a consistent correlation is silly.

  • when you have nothing else to loose you loose it we have millions of lost souls in this country just getting by or not getting by as the 1% treats millions like human dubris

  • Dave, if you check you will see that the rate of Violent Crimes has gone down SUBSTANTIALLY.

    Further if you do a fair analysis, the Violent Crime rate in the UK is FOUR TIMES higher than in the USA.

    Maybe we should look at the reason why people have become so deperate and hopeless in the modern world? We should concentrate on the WHY rather than the WHAT.

    I see our country heading toward open warfare in the streets if we don't get the current Govt corruption under control.

  • I need totalitarian-liberalism because the only people that should be allowed to own guns is celebrity bodyguards and democrat politicians

  • For the record Mr. Packman. There has always been shootings everyday in the us. The only thing that is happening now is that these shooting are happening in place that are not known for shootings. So they get nation news coverage and not so much local coverage anymore.

  • In Chicago during the late 1800s around the time of the Columbus Exhibition (World Fair) Chicago had multiple murders sometimes approaching 100 in a single day by shooting, stabbing, you name it and this was the norm for that time (in Chicago) -if there were no guns itd be stabbing (see UK) or baseball bats or…

  • Ok let's go with that then. Did you know on the day of the Newtown shooting there was also a mass stabbing in China? You probably didn't know about that did you? Why? It's not a gun. Now if it had been a gun, it would make the news. You are completely missing the point.

  • Cute. You missed the point. Guns only make the news because they are sensational, not because they are a problem.

  • No it really doesn't. All people talk about is the death toll. They demonize guns as if they are the sole cause of death. It's all sensationalism by the media. They have an agenda you know.

  • Careful, Roger. All the Democrats are going to thumbs down you into oblivion and spam your inbox like they did to me when I said basically the same thing you did.

  • If gun laws won't prevent gun violence, do drug laws prevent drug usage and do anti-abortion laws prevent abortions?

  • You are being disingenuous here, Paper. Yes, there was a stabbing in China on the same day. No deaths vs. 26 deaths. Also, we are always going to cover American tragedies more than foreign ones that occur on the same day, regardless of the tragedy (with very few exceptions). Also, there is not an epidemic of mass stabbings. Name 3 other mass stabbings from this century. Yes, the MSM is sensationalist and lazy, but we have a HUGE gun violence problem, directly linked to access and mindset.

  • In Vegas we've had a number of situations where police have shot, and killed, people who did not have guns. Sorry, DP, you're giving them (law enforcement) too much credit on that issue.

  • Why dont you get actual statistics from the FBI website. Guns prevent more rapes per year then are used in murders, that is not my opinion that is fact. All these useless studies done by the left and right to further a certain agenda are just hurting the discussion.

  • Its up in north jersey just 20 miles from NYC, I think ive been to that mall before. All I remember was they had a really good arcade.

  • I'm in UK looking in m8, You're the one with an agenda,

    In Europe there is no controversy, even countries with guns increase controls to reduce nutter killings. (we have this thing called "public opinion" that politicians act on occasionally, or we boot them out).

    GOP votes from criminals & ranting bigot haters.. is too pathetic not to ridicule.

    NRA even banned gun research(Tiahrt Amendment)
    + Stats using false comparisons etc.
    That alone should inform you NRA are ranting GOP corp junk.

  • Basically the biggest thing standing in the way of any gun control in the USA is the sheer number of guns some statistics say there are more guns then people here but the FBI estimates 250-300 million. Where I am statistically (1/6) houses has a gun in it and this is in the least gun owning state in the country. I bet if you put in a weeks effort you could get a hold of a sawed off shotgun or glock pistol in the UK. its not a matter of availability its just that your citizens dont like guns.

  • I understand that's a problem in USA..over time guns could be reduced so only hunters & sports ppl able to satisfy sane criteria have them.
    In UK possession of guns carries draconian sentences, criminals reserve them for bank robberies etc.

    Criminals are the ones afraid of guns , they seriously don't want to be caught with them.

    I've been on holiday & played with guns, have never seen one in UK except police at airports.
    Fear of gun crime in UK is next to nil. it's a good feeling.

  • Honestly, its just a different culture here. Id rather take my chances of being shot to death then give up the 2nd amendment because this is the land of the free and the home of the brave baby!! No one walks around in fear in bullet proof body armor here like "oh god we are going to die from getting shot" because 10000 homicides a year per 315 million people in the grand scheme of things really isnt that much. You have a better chance getting killed in a car accident going to work then by a gun.

  • Crime is more directly related to levels of inequality, Countries with least crime are in N. Europe & Scandinavia., some of which do have guns.

    A way guns affect evri1 in USA is seriousness of crime & the style of policing, guns are why people get to stand facing walls, get frisked down, put hands on the vehicle, SWAT teams shoot dogs etc.
    Armed Police need a zone of control (~10 feet in case they get rushed & disarmed) thus they become more like a police force, and less like a police service.

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