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Non-Profit Fundraising Stories | Outrageous Fortune: Episode #2 INAPPROPRIATE!?

Non-Profit Fundraising Stories | Outrageous Fortune: Episode #2 INAPPROPRIATE!?

Outrageous Fortune Episode #2 – Inappropriate!? [intro music]>>PETER: I’m nervous already. [laughter]>>DAVID: [laughter] I’m at the event and
I’m reading through the messages- this is on a big event screen — I read that and I
panicked!>>PETER: Welcome to another edition of Outrageous
Fortune, where we ask nonprofit professionals to tell us their most outrageous fundraising
story. Today I’m here with David Mack. David, why don’t you tell us a little bit about
yourself?>>DAVID: Sure. Thank you. My name is David
Mack; I work for Text to Pledge, it’s a mobile fundraising outfit. I handle sales
and business development as well as on-site production.>>PETER: I understand you have an outrageous
story for us.>>DAVID: Yes, I do, I do. As I said before,
[I was] working with Text to Pledge, we are working at an event, and naturally anyone
in attendance is allowed to text in a pledge to the organization. So what happens is that
I’m at the event, that I’m reading through the messages–I’m on site working the event,
and I’m able to see all the messages that come in from the audience…>>PETER: And most of the time these are people
saying, ‘I’m going to pledge $250…”>>DAVID: Exactly. A traditional message is
“My name is John Doe, I appreciate this organization, I pledge $2,500 dollars”,
or whatever. Pretty standard message, right? So, I’m at the event and I’m reading the
message line and I read one message–I’ll leave the person’s name out but they said,
“my name is so-and-so, I pledge $5,000 for this nonprofit. Oh, and by the way, can I
ask out the hot woman who is presenting?” Of course, I read that and I panic! Because
it’s a pretty large donation and I don’t want $5,000 dollars to go to waste, but I
can’t put that on the screen for everyone to see.>>PETER: This is on a big screen?>>DAVID: Yes, this is on a big event screen.
Imagine a fundraising gala with anywhere between 1,000 and 1,200 people.>>PETER: Wow, that’s a big gala.>>DAVID: Yeah, exactly. It was at one of the
larger venues downtown. So imagine a sit-down dinner gala, with anywhere between 1,000 and
1,200 people, and we’re posting messages of everyone texting in; And someone writes,
“Oh I pledge $5000. By the way can I ask out the hot presenter?” I might be paraphrasing,
I’m leaving some things out, because I don’t want to be too inappropriate, but it was crazy!
I asked our development director at the time if I could put it on the screen–here’s
a guy who’s asking out the presenter. She was a young, attractive woman who was presenting
the fundraising piece on stage, and was essentially running the show at that time. The development
director said sure that’s fine, we posted the message up and the whole crowd laughed,
the presenter blushed and turned several shades of red, and she texted him back. So I don’t
know what happened, but if they happen to see this…>>PETER: That’s the big question!>>DAVID: I don’t know what happened! I’m
obviously leaving the names out, but you never know!>>PETER: They could be married!>>DAVID: [laughter] That could be another
business model for us.>>PETER: [laughter] It’s like the Bachelor!>>DAVID: Exactly! So that was outrageous – but
it worked!>>PETER: Thank you for sharing that story.>>DAVID: Thank you for having me.>>PETER: I promised that I would do one little
thing before we finish. This is my “Bad Asking” envelope. You get to pick a question
out of here and whatever question it is I want you to ask it to me in all seriousness,
with your most earnest, request-asking voice.>>DAVID: [laughter] Okay, alright! (Picks
question out of [envelope]) So, the question is, –kay, I have to make sure that I don’t
laugh. I have to do this deadpan. “Can I move in?” [laughter] That’s the question?
[laughter]>>PETER: [laughter] Actually David, you know,
my wife and I have an extra room and I don’t know what your living situation is, but come
on down and check it out. [laughter]>>DAVID: [laughter] This is embarrassing!>>PETER: But that was a good one!>>DAVID: [laughter] That was a really good
one!>>PETER: [laughter] So, thanks again, it was
great to have you here.>>DAVID: Thank you! It was a pleasure and
I had a lot of fun.>>PETER: Again, this is another addition of Outrageous
Fortune. We will see you next time.>>For more information please visit:

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