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NonProfit Fundraising Tips – Double Your Donations | Church Fundraising Ideas

NonProfit Fundraising Tips – Double Your Donations | Church Fundraising Ideas

Hello. This is Shar McBee and I’ve been teaching
people how to raise money for charity for over 20 years. You can connect with me on
my website Joy of In this 2 minute video, I’m going to tell
you a nonprofit fundraising secret that I used to help a church go from deep in debt
to solvent. The secret also increased the church membership by 500%. It took very little
time, but made a huge difference for that church. It will make a huge difference for
you, too. The church was in upstate New York. It was
deep in debt. They had an endowment, but the membership had dwindled to 25 members and
they were spending the principle on their endowment to stay afloat. They were bleeding
cash and needed to stop it fast. Here’s what we did: The Board members and
main volunteers decided to make their church the most welcoming church in the area. Every
Sunday they greeted people beautifully. In the past, one person stood at the door greeting
people. Now, each of them went out to meet people at their cars. They invited people
to sit with them. After church they introduced people to each other. Asked questions. Listened. We started this in March. By June the church
was solvent. They were no longer spending money from the endowment. It took only 3 months
and they were bringing in more than they spent. In September, the minister sent me an email:
“We want you to see what has happened. We are having a celebration and we want you to
come, but we only have 125 seats and we want to be sure to save a place for you.” In 6 months the church went from deep in debt
to solvent; from 25 people to 125. That’s a 500% increase. All because of a simple nonprofit
fundraising tip. It helped that church and it will help you, too. Be welcoming!

  • I received this note from a viewer: I always enjoy your suggestions but this one hit me right over the head. I am President of the board of a NFP and we have struggled for several years with fund-raising. We outsourced if for a few years and that was a disaster both to our credibility and it got really close to compromising our charitable registration. I have challenged our resource committee to look at ways that we can be the most welcoming charity to donors!

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