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NonProfit Fundraising Tips – Double Your Donations

NonProfit Fundraising Tips – Double Your Donations

Hello. This is Shar McBee and I’ve been teaching
people how to raise money for charity for over 20 years. You can connect with me on
my website Joy of In this 2 minute video, I’m going to tell
you a fundraising secret that helped me raise ¼ of a million dollars, and only took 30
minutes of my time. It’s a nonprofit leadership tip that made a huge diff. for me. It’s something
that will help you with your fundraising, too. I was organizing a fundraising event in Hawaii. But I felt kinda like this. I had a “to do”
list as long as my arm so when I saw a big Hawaiian man walk in, I thought,
“Oh no. He’s going to want to talk. I don’t have time for this.” Sure enough, he sat down
and talked and talked about how much this organization meant to him, how much it had
done for his family, etc. He went on and on. When he finally wound down, after about 30
minutes, he asked, “What are you doing?” One of the things I had been trying to do
was get an article in the paper. But I wanted people to read the article before
the event. How many times have you read about an event that happened yesterday, and thought,
“That sounds interesting. I wish I had known in advance. I would have gone to it.” I hate
that. So I had pitched a reporter on the idea of
writing the article before the event. She told me she would talk to her editor about
it. But 3 weeks had gone by. She kept putting me off, and I was sure she was just going
to come to the event and write about it the next day. So when he asked me, “What are you doing?”
I didn’t want him to start talking again…so I said, “I’m trying to get an article in the
paper.” He said, “Oh. You want an article in the paper?”
He picked up the telephone and called the publisher of the newspaper. He and I went right down to the publisher’s
office. I told my story to the publisher. He said, “That sounds interesting. What do
you want?” I said, “I want an article to come out before
the event.” We got a full page article, written on the
front page of the LIFE section of the newspaper. I’ve thought about it a hundred times since.
3 weeks of my hounding the reporter and I got nothing. 30 minutes of listening to that
man talk, and I got not only an article, but a full page! Plus, he was thrilled to help. He gave us
a big donation, invited everyone he knew, and brought a dozen friends to the event,
including the Governor of the State. And it all came from just 30 minutes of listening.
So here’s the fundraising tip: To Lead is to Listen.

  • Fundraising tips are great. has tips and tools. It's all about helping people do great things. This is how I get my glory. Through the many great cause raises that are on our site. I feel we as an organization are a part of the endeavor.

    Love for all

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