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Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Growing a Nonprofit

Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Growing a Nonprofit

Hello Funds2Orgs family my name is
Eric. And I’m Julia. And today we have some awesome and fantastic information
on how to grow your small fundraiser or nonprofit into something awesome and
huge. And amazing. And amazing. We can’t do this game again. Watch the other video
it’s good. All right so we have five, as he said
awesome, amazing, fantastic, extraordinary, cool tips. Well I said awesome and then you said amazing. Anyways, we have five tips for you guys
to help you grow your small nonprofit. So right off the bat tip number. Wait
number one comes first? Tip A. I mean we could start with number two.
Tip A. Whatever. Okay so tip 1 /A, when you first launch
your nonprofit or even if you’re a few years into your nonprofit and it’s still
small a great way to grow is to model your nonprofit after similar nonprofits.
So, you can do this by simply googling nonprofits and seeing which ones are
similar to yours, checking out their website, checking out their SEO and their
content on social media and then model that with your nonprofit. And, then
another great way is to go on Instagram and search for hashtags that are related
to your nonprofit, or what you’re raising money for, or your cause and go about it
the same way. See what they’re posting and model it after. Yep It’s easy. You
want to get successful follow somebody who’s successful. You just use the
internet. It’s true. It’s pretty easy. Google is awesome. Second tip is make sure you inspire
people to help you out and give them a reason to donate to your nonprofit. A
really good and easy way to do this is to keep whatever your message is short,
simple, sweet and to the point. Tell them what you’re doing, tell them how are you doing
it, use pictures use, videos and also use information on how their donation will
help you. So, if you’re doing a fundraiser for shoes with Funds2Orgs make sure you
tell them where the shoes are going, how is it going to help the
micro-entrepreneurs that the shoes are going to, how is it going to help your
fundraiser raise funds and what are you using the funds for. Make sure you use
pictures like I said especially as you’re doing it to take pictures of the
people that are donating, take pictures of your journey across your fundraiser,
and make the internet your friend. Post things on Facebook, post things on
Instagram, use all of the avenues you have to inspire and connect with your
donators. And a great way to connect use emotion, remember one of the number
one things to utilize in advertising or marketing is emotion so make sure that
you evoke the emotion from your donors because that’ll make them want to donate
and support your nonprofit. Tears for fears.
All right so tip number 3/C. Wait is it four? It’s three. Three. And it’s a C. Anyways, tip number three is to use a video. So we
are big fans of video as you guys know because you’re watching this video and
if you’re watching this video that probably also means that you guys are
big fans of video. True. So just like us you guys can utilize YouTube and make
videos about what your nonprofit is, how you help people in your community and
how your donors can support your cause. You can post videos on YouTube and then. Facebook live, IGTV, Twitter. You can do what we do and every video that goes on
YouTube also goes on our Facebook page and then like he said, you can use
Facebook live, you can use IGTV, which were also big fans of, you can use
Instagram stories. Really any video platform that you want to use that you
think will connect with your audience use it. Use your cell phone to your
advantage everybody’s got one use it. See. Including me. Tip
number four find out what kind of fundraiser you want to do and then go
after it. So, there’s basically two different kinds
of fundraisers there’s fundraiser A is where you give away or do a service like
a car wash or something for every donation that comes in. That’s really hard
for a lot of fundraisers especially smaller ones to do because it’s hard to
get the resources like you don’t have a hundred kids like a school to go and
wash cars. You also don’t have a million coasters sitting in a Tupperware thing
where you record every day. Where’s our coasters? In one of those boxes over there. You don’t have those
kind of resources to give out something for every donation that comes in. If you
do awesome go for it do that. But a lot of small profits don’t. They don’t, they’re
not able to do that. So, if you’re only able to give away thanks that’s awesome
too and it’s easy to do too with pictures. For every donation you get you
can always take pictures, or give thanks, tag somebody on Facebook, on Instagram, on
Twitter and say thank you for your donation. You can make it more of an
emotional thank you something that connects with them on an emotional basis.
For example, if somebody gives a donation on the internet
you can immediately say on Twitter or at the end of the day you can even tag
everybody that gave away that day or gave donations to your fundraiser and
say thank you to them. In doing this you create an emotional connection with them
and they’re more than likely to tag their friends and family to get more
donations for you. Yeah just because someone gives a donation to you doesn’t mean
that you need to repay them with a physical item. Yeah remember thank you is
huge just saying the words thank you to somebody imagine how many times you’ve
opened the doors for somebody at Walmart, Target, at the grocery store and they don’t
say anything. You always remember that it drives you crazy. Talk about pet peeves. But when somebody says
thank you it almost changes your entire day, so make sure you say thank you and
acknowledge when people donate to your fundraiser. So our last tip to help you
grow your nonprofit number 5. Tip number E. We forgot to say the letter for number
four. But anyways. I’m doing lowercase. Tip number five/E. So take
advantage of community events. So how does this work? Simple, you become an
exhibitor at the event so you go and you table and the great thing about these is
that the community or whoever is putting on the event has already done the work
of getting the people to go to the event. So, simply you just go and you set up and
you table to all these people and. There’s art, there’s already people
there basically.There’s already people there. You just got to say here take this. And you’re
likely to get donations and you’re likely to get reoccurring donors. Yeah
and also you’re gonna reach out to the entire community, like right now in
Orlando there’s food wine festivals, there’s jazz festivals going on, there’s
music festivals especially this time of year there’s a lot of stuff going on
because of all the holidays. Take advantage of your community already
having an event and get your word out there. So hopefully these five tips
helped you out. These are big tips for small nonprofits.
Hopefully these helped you out a lot. If you like them make sure you give us a
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subscriptions. All of them. Until next time I’m Eric. And I’m Julia. we’ll talk to you soon. Bye

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