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Nonprofit video production studio: Awesome charity films for churches, ministries, and charities

These are the 3 things that Knok Studio provides. First it’s imperative to know that film, conventionally,
is incredibly expensive. In LA, $500,000 for a short film documentary
is actually considered dirt cheap. An editor’s hourly rate is $200-300
per hour on average. And that’s not even counting
the cost of the video gear. So in fairness, most charities can’t afford
these high quality video services, but they are the ones who most need their stories told and support raised. That’s why Knok Studio was born. Since 2011, our charity studio
has been hired by other nonprofits. So whether it’s for a short testimonial in
Seattle or a 2-3 week mission in Uganda, we partner with other ministries and produce film
for them at well below what it would normally cost. So that’s bucket #1: We provide video services
for other nonprofits, churches, and charities. Bucket #2 is the exact same video service
only it’s for Do-Gooders who we stumble upon out in the field. No one approaches us in this instance. No one “hires” us. But rather we approach them. Well how are these films funded? Our sponsors, our amazing fans, fund these
individual films, and we freely provide these films for those who otherwise couldn’t even
afford a microphone. The last bucket is not actually a “service”
but it’s a physical product: Bible Players. See while working extensively out in the field,
we at Knok Studio have uncovered a tremendous need for economical Bible Players. We are geeks at heart, so we have designed
and we are producing our very own Bible Players, and they cost about 1/2 compared to conventional
Bible Players. So those are our three buckets: 1. We provide video services for nonprofits,
churches, and charities. 2. We provide for the same video service but
those videos are sponsored by our donors. And lastly, 3. We provide Bible Players. That’s Knok Studio – Capture impact and most
of all… broadcast love.

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