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  • Trump lies about his wealth, he lies about his intelligence, he lies about the size of his "special" plaything, he lies about his weight, he lies about his crowd sizes, he lies about his prowness, he lies about the border, blah, blah, blah… HE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING!…Not much of a stretch to figure out he lies about his charitable contributions! Trump's a pathetic oldman/baby and needs a permanent time out in Federal prison with BIG BUBBA grabbing HIM by the pussy!

  • Pumpkinhead does not know whether he is coming or going.. Is in a permanent state of mental confusion.. How useful for the so called president of the USA.. Disgusting, deplorable.. The funnyfarm is waiting.

  • No surprise Donny Douche bag gave you all a con job and I hope you all liked it. Next time my advice would be vet the guy. Donny Douche bags con job is over. Tramp and his offsprings are going down. The witch hunt just started. Thanks Muller ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

  • What can you say? Everywhere you look you see Trump's characteristic lying and fraud. It seems as if no fraud is too petty for him not to exploit, usually in such a way that he can make sweeping statements of his magnanimity or "bigness" as a person over some slight, offhand gesture that he can magnify to colossal proportions for the glory of Trump. You can picture him leaving a waitress a dollar tip for a cup of coffee at a diner, only to hear him proclaim that he just bailed out a major restaurant chain with a large cash infusion.


  • The only "charity" democrats know anything about is the "charity" that Putin donated $150 million to Clinton to sell him uranium.

  • Trump knows the CHAOS him and his Internet TROLLS are SPREADING is assisting * him in creating a CIVIL WAR against all morally decent Americans.* CIVIL WAR Trump's REVENGE for being exposed as a Racketeering Mobster Boss.

  • there is and never will be anything good to come out of anything tied to the tRump name. donnie is a lying con man has been and always will be and the sooner the base that supports him can be convinced the sooner the american people will get their pride and dignity back. donnie has divided our once great nation with his psychotic ways. time to vote him out in 2020 ?? with the lying cheating con man tRump and all his cronies

  • Trump is a scrooge, he is greedy only for himself.
    That greed is going to take him to the fiery furnace. Crook

  • Getting tax money back that he didn't give to charity and that non human narcistic mobster is the president of the u.s????????????

  • Once Trump is shaved off all the money he stole, he'll be homeless until Putin moneys him up again. Then more lawsuits will shave off the money again and putin will pay again — all the way until Trump is in jail (along with some of his family)!

  • Not sure why someone would even attempt to lie about such things. They are easily verifiable. Some phone calls and the jinx is up!
    I really don't get it…

  • After WW2 the Trump family lied about being German because they was afraid that it would be bad for business. By that you would think Trump would have lying prefect. Aw Naw! Not Trump like everything else he still screwed that up.

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