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NPS Youth Programs

NPS Youth Programs

Sally: Today i’m pleased to announce an
ambitious initiative in interior that will undertake over the next four years to inspire
millions of young people to play, to learn, to serve, and to work in the outdoors. George: Hi, my name is George McDonald, I’m
the Program Manager for the National Park Service Youth Programs Division and we take
Secretary Sally Jewell’s play, learn, serve, work initiative very seriously. Here at the
National Park Service there are a number of ways in which young people who are both in
and out of school can gain work experience. One is through our Federal Pathways Program
which provides opportunities in federal jobs; the Youth Conservation Corps which provides
opportunities for 15 to 18 year olds to work during the summer in national parks; and also through our partnerships with youth-serving organizations. Paloma: One of the many internship programs
provided by the National Park Service is the Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program
which provides the opportunity for college and graduate students to work along side NPS
professionals in a variety of fields within the cultural resources field. Alex: The Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps
Program connects tribal youth to their heritage, career and developmental opportunities, and
strengthens the relationship between various tribal nations and the National Park Service. Jacob: Partnering with the Student Conservation
Association, the NPS Academy is an innovative learning program and internship, designed
to introduce under-represented communities to National Park Service opportunities. Rodrigo: Coming out of a partnership between
the Hispanic Access Foundation and Environment for the Americas, LHIP will raise awareness
of our national parks and historic sites, their accessibility and the need for the Latino
community’s involvement in their preservation. Ehren: HBCUI or the Historically Black Colleges
& Universities Initiative is a joint venture operated by the National Park Service and
the Greening Youth Foundation designed to introduce students from HBCUs across the country
to the vast array of careers and career fields within the National Park Service. Giessell: The Mosaics in Science Diversity
Internship Program is a diverse internship program with the National Park Service in
partnership with the Environment for the Americas and the Greening Youth Foundation.
It is a field-based summer internship program for youth 18 to 35 who are typically underrepresented
in the natural resource career fields. George: The National Park Service is a family
and we provide a supportive network for young people working in our national parks. In many
cases we provide competitive stipends, housing and transportation to and from the various
locations in which you will work. We look forward to you working with us this summer.

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