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NY AG: President Trump Charity Showed A ‘Shocking Pattern Of Illegality’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

NY AG: President Trump Charity Showed A ‘Shocking Pattern Of Illegality’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  • Wow…he used the funds to pay for his son's Boy Scout $7.00 fees ! How CHEAP can you go !
    Should check if he used his Inuagual Fund…($40 + millions unaccounted for) to pay for hte $25 million Trump University Fine ! WTF ! DISGUSTING ! Lock him Up !

  • $7! from fRump Foundation to Boy Scouts. LOL! I bet fRump had a gut-ache thinking about that "donation". fRump is a Criminally_Insane_Moronic_Traitor.

  • I like the idea of the Trumps establishing a "library" in the future. It wouldn't take much; just a king-sized bed, a wide-screen tv tuned permanently to Fox, and a subscription to the National Enquirer.

  • did anyone else notice the absence of tweets from trump regarding the foundation fraud? this dude tweets about EVERYTHING why not this? did he tweet and I just missed the deflection? inquiring minds want to know lol

  • Well I guess trump can just create a church and start all over again. They are tax exempt, open to charities and donations, buy investments property, and no one sees where that $$ goes.

  • Trump is the charity this is crime shame.Trump is a disgraceful human being,he only cares about him and his thieving family.

  • Remember, a lot of people didn't like Bernie Madoff being a cheat, but him scamming charities is what got him the real hatred. And that's awesome, Trump isn't going to be allowed to have another charity in New York? Where are they going to build his empty library? I already assumed we'd just dump Trump into the Hudson…

  • Who wants to bet that when someone gets a hold of his taxes the "charitable donations" that Trump claimed and deducted came directly from his own foundation?

  • I am standing firm, balls-deep, behind Donald. If the deep state were to tear us apart, a little piece of me would remain with our POTUS. MAGA!!

  • We can't trust "he who shall not be named" with a charity but we trust him with nukes? What will history write of us? It's only Wednesday….?

  • Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the Trump family. I see now why Trump doesn’t want the world to see his taxes. We no longer need to prove that Trump is a sleaze bag … question is “what is America going to do next?”

  • So if this is SUCH A SHOCKING A PATTERN OF ILLEGALITY why is he not brought up on charges of fraud, etc? I am sick to death of this family getting away with every criminal activity they have done over the decades. He was guilty of fraud at the very least on the Trump University and again, no charges. Yep different laws for the rich.

  • The President of the United States won't be allowed to run a charity

  • Shane Goldmacher is a funny chap. The idea of Trump wanting to 'set up a Presidential library' is the most ironic thing I've heard in months. What Trump would like, no doubt, is a statue of himself the size of Godzilla put in the centre of New York.

  • I really love to see how #Karma is working to make sure that #SOB paid for his wrong doing. ? Everything he has witch to others is coming back to hunt him and his fabulous kids. ?

  • Ah foreshadowing the clinton foundation investigation….. see what you did there msnbc, truly shocking how you're little more that a propaganda machine.

  • Another day, another outrageous revelation about Donald J. Trump, and yet another reason to label him as truly vile and then some. Somehow it still hasn't gotten old whatsoever.

  • Criminal Family.Trump is accused of committing impeachable crimes before and after taking office, an office he attained only through the help of a Russian misinformation campaign that was fully coordinated with Trump's network of criminal associates. I heard this: no transition team,conspiracy, obstruction of justice, emoluments, violation of campaign finance laws, money laundering, perjury, racketeering, corrupt foreign practices act violations, bank fraud, tax evasion and filing false tax returns? Trump seems to think if he breaks the law in full view of the public that somehow that does not count as a crime. For the President to behave so foolishly shows he has no knowledge or respect for the Constitution, and that he thinks he is the Dictator in this country. He must be removed from office. These criminals must be charged with their crimes, tried, and put in prison for the safety of the American public.

  • If almost all of the money in the foundation was from outside sources (not the Trump family) and Trump and his family spent the money on personal business items, isn't that stealing, embezzlement? Why is no one arrested for that crime?

  • What a sad and pathetic story of Donald Trump's charitable foundation in NY. I appreciate NY A.G's decision to close down the foundation, which used for Trump's personal fame and the money used for his political expenses. His portrait worth of $10000. I believe almost all his foundations are like that.
    Wonderful White House personnels supporting him
    for all these kind of fake institutions. Leader of the free world is such a ridiculous person! Shame on the Republicans!

  • OK, that's the decision made for me. I'm going to the US to commit some crimes because it seems I won't be punished if I promise not to do it again.

  • I am rich, I do not behave this way, financially or any other way. Trump is not a very nice person. Anyone who voted for him or enables him is even worse than he is. Think about that the next time you see your face in a mirror.

  • Trump will blame it all on accounting errors by Allen Weisselberg. He won’t take any accountability. He IS a crook.

  • He just said one of the connects to upper west side & real estate and .orgs and etc etc etc etc there's too many to peel apart it's way to obvious only in certain states and most definitely in every country there's a market or something that has printable currency !

  • It's a little bit funny to watch these ex-GOPers try to defend how moral they are. Pleeeze. You've given America decades of this self-serving kind of leadership. Now it's become a tsunami on our society. Explore fairness in your business endeavors instead of exploitation.

  • None of the Trumps should be involved in charities. Greed runs threw their veins. Trump gives the private school that his son goes to 50,000 of other people’s money meant for the unfortunate! Trumps not needy just greedy!

  • The Trumps should not be allowed to do anything without oversight, but knowing how greasy they are I am confused as to why he would want to be president; surely someone must have warned him that ALL his skeletons would be exposed.

  • Does anybody honestly believe if they put a Trump presidential library in New York City, the place wouldn't get bombed or otherwise vandalized on a regular basis? And what would they have at said library? Copies of Trump's books? Print-outs of his tweets? Trump Steaks for sale?

  • “If he wants to set up a presidential library…” That’s the funniest thing I heard all year. What’s next, the Stevie Wonder Driving School?

  • Its a bit funny really. It was only a short time ago that the Republicans used to call themselves patriots and called Democrats unlawful/unconstitutional flag burners. It would seem that the Democrats are the true patriots now upholding law and order and the Republicans are the party of criminal unconstitutionalists (if that is even a word).

  • We all make mistakes with our choices sometimes. But at this point, Trump's remaining supporters are plain traitors just like he is.

  • How can a person not be trusted with a charity's public funds, but be trusted with the national budget, the nation's secrets, and so much more…?

    I bet Nixon is laughing and saying, " I did say, I am not a crook. Trump is a crook!"

    What a difference hindsight makes.
    2019, will be an interesting year. At the same time. There was a reason Trump was called THE DONALD.

  • Trump Held Fundraiser For Pam Bondi At His Palm Beach Mansion After She Passed On Lawsuit
    The Republican Party of Florida paid much less for the venue than Trump’s own campaign has paid.

    Bondi personally solicited Trump for a political donation. On Sept. 17, the real estate mogul’s charitable foundation wrote the $25,000 check to the Bondi-backing PAC named And Justice For All. (The check proved to be a violation of Internal Revenue Service rules for tax-exempt nonprofits. Trump recently paid a $2,500 penalty.)

    Florida isn’t the only state where campaign donations appeared to be linked to investigations of Trump that went nowhere. In 2013, the businessman gave $35,000 to then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who had dropped his probe into Trump University a few years earlier. (In an email to HuffPost, a spokesperson for Abbott, who is now Texas’ governor, noted that although the state did not bring a suit against Trump U, the company closed its Texas operations after an investigation by the deputy attorney general.)

    “All we had to do is stroke a check to the committee to re-elect [the state attorney general],” the individual said. “And the problems went away.”

  • There was a radio station in New York that would send Trump Cheques for pennies cause they wanted to show how low he would go to get money from people. Trump would still sign the back and cash them.

  • Everything Right Wingers ALLEGE About Obama and The Clintons are True TENFOLD About Donald Trump Or Should I Say Donald ORANGE JUMPSUIT.

  • Don’t worry maganites you can still buy those made in china hats and TeeTime trump t-shirts to help him pay for his legal fees now that he he doesn’t have his charity to take money from. Just buy a few more, he’s going to need a lot more lawyers.

  • Who's Shocked. NO ONE. Trump has been involved in a lifetime of criminal activity. Just very disappointing that investaged journalists only now doing their jobs.

  • The Trump Slush Fund. And this character has the nerve to throw around charges about the Clinton Foundation, which actually gives money to worthy causes.

  • Everything about Trump is just fine. He hides nothing. Here's some proof.

  • It stands to reason that if trump isn't fit to sit on a board due to cheating and thieving, then he certainly isn't fit to sit in the White House! Impeach this criminal now.

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