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Obama 2012 Campaign: Q2 Fundraising Results

Obama 2012 Campaign: Q2 Fundraising Results

Hey everyone it’s Jim Messina. The campaigns first Federal Elections Commission report is due on Friday. But before we release it we wanted to give you the news first. This report is about how much we spent, how much we raised and who we raised it from. There is a lot of Washington chatter about this report mostly focused on how much we raise overall and we’ll get the that number, but this report is really more about what kind of organization we’re building, who is funding that organization and what we’re doing with all the money you’ve been giving. So let’s get into it. Organizers have been reaching out to supporters in all 50 states to reconnect and to get new supporters on board for 2012. More than 31,000 face to face meetings and more than 290,000 conversations so far. Small groups have been developing local organizing plans at grassroots planning sessions nearly 650 sessions so far and dozens more online. As for the rest of the summer our summer organizers program to train first time community organizers is going across the country in all 50 states. And this Saturday we’ll have a major day of action across the country to register voters to bring new people into the political process so please join us. Here’s how your contributions are helping us as we ramp up the campaign. The most concrete example are field offices. We have already 60 up around the country with many more on the way. Here’s what our budget’s going to look like in the next few months. Your early support means we can make more investments now, giving our organizers more time to build relationships on the ground, reach more people and recruit more volunteers. So how are we going to make all this happen? Our campaign is based on two organizations. The first is Obama for America. The same grassroots political organization founded by the President in early 2007 whose sole mission is to win the election in 2012 for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The Democratic National Committee is the national party. They obviously share our goals, but they also have a broad goal of electing Democrats up and down the ballot in partnership with all the state parties and holding the folks on the Republican side accountable. We work closely with the DNC to make sure that our goals are aligned. We’ve formed a joint fundraising committee with the DNC called the Obama Victory Fund. It’s mostly focused on big events. So if you go to one of these big events around the country the proceeds are split between he DNC and the campaign as are the expenses. Now let’s look at what we all did together in the first quarter. I want to get specific so lets talk about Obama for America. The most important thing isn’t the dollar total, but the number of people who pitched in to own a piece of this campaign. So let’s talk about that first. 552,462 people made a donation to this campaign in the first three months. More grassroots support at this point in the process than any campaign in political history. Those people made more than 680,000 donations demonstrating the strength of their commitment. Congratulations on this monumental achievement. We made history on the 2008 campaign with our historic number of small dollar, everyday people making donations of whatever they could afford. If you look at the comparable point four years ago, you’ll see that this movement is even stronger. And here’s the part that I’m personally very proud of. 98% of all donations that came in were $250 or less and our average donation is about $69, substantially lower than what our average donation in the 2008 campaign was. Now let’s step back and take a look at the larger budget picture. Globally we raised more than $85 million. More than $47 million for Obama for America and more than $38 million for the DNC. Again we did this from the bottom up. We didn’t accept one single dollar from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs. A commitment no other Presidential campaign has made and which the Republic National Committee refuses to make. We have reason to be proud of what we’ve built so far, but it’s going to get tougher from here. Our report this week will be more than 15,000 pages of information about who’s making donations and how we’re spending our money. GOP outside spending for 2012 could be as much at $500 million. But these groups don’t report anything. We’re not allowed to see any of those numbers. This is a whole new ballgame unlike anything we’ve never faced before. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. For your donations. For volunteering. For talking to your friends and family about the work that the President has done, but your job, my job, our job, our job is to bring more people into
is to bring more people into this campaign. More people working together to make the changes we know we need across this country. Thank you very, very much.

  • Barack Obama supports the attack on the elderly and poor:

  • @ easylistening.. baby grow up and live life alittle watch your language or I will report you. at 16 you have not even lived your life yet… That is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion. I was living life before you were even thought of.. Be nice… or I will have your account terminated.

  • @DerAdventurer so you think people who disagree with Obama's failed policies supports Bush?


  • He will be a one term President, If he folds to the Gangster of 6, and fucks the old and poor by cutting SS and Medicare, Obama Reaganomics Don't fucking work, never has never will, Stop giving in to the corporate whores, Grow some Balls, and stop giving in to the GOP

  • Obama is childish, stupid, ignorant, self-centered, unprofessional, unlearned, inexperienced, a loser, and a complete hypocrite, not to mention his willingness to completely change the constitution. We don't NEED to show our birth certificates! : P

  • PETITION TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: Please stop the US government’s brutal human rights abuses perpetrated on me. I am a Chinese immigrant, a victim of a Fascist racial persecution in that I was even criminalized jointly by the Canadian and US governments as a result of challenging a White professor's racist academic theory. Now I am suing the US government for threats of death and forced disappearance by a Chinese immigrant.

  • In 1991, as a MA student I challenged a U of Toronto professor David Waterhouse’s theory “beauty is a European concept” and Asians didn’t have it in history, he lost and retaliated against me with a series of fraud and violations of the university’s grading rules, and further racial prejudice that poor Chinese still wanted to “claim historical inventions”. I complained to the University but was retaliated with a wrongful dismissal from my cafeteria position, causing me the loss of life’s means.

  • Then the Ontario Human Rights Commission and UC Berkeley professor James Cahill set me up for criminal prosecution – I was compelled to testify “everything true” before the Commission and then was charged for my testimony, in violation of the Canadian Constitution’s “complete immunity” provision against self-incrimination. Moreover, I was convicted by a judge for threatening Waterhouse merely on basis of a “guessing” that although I didn’t speak of Waterhouse’s name, I “meant Waterhouse”.

  • Meantime, none of the felony crimes committed by American and Canadian White perpetrators and their accomplices has been prosecuted: death threats, threats of government forced disappearance against me made by an American government agent on Yahoo newsgroups; perjuries committed by the American professor James Cahill, and by OHRC officer Alan Strojin; forgery of court document and criminal fraud committed by US District Court judges Saundra Brown Armstrong and Phyllis Hamilton; etc.

  • My case proves that when the US government lectures China and other countries on human rights, it’s not for the sake of Chinese people but only for its hidden political agenda against these countries, for the US government will deprive the human rights of a Chinese most viciously when needed. Please search my site: wliao(.)150m(.)com, my pages on WordPress, and Chinese sites. This is a Fascist White terror that the US and Canadian governments imposed on me in the racial persecution.

  • @POPCANA First, the ignorant here is you, who's losing the point. I'm just saying I've read comments of people supporting past american policies(please do read few comments behind) and those who say George Bush was a better president are the ones who are completely LOST into their own knowledge.

    The man was a disgrace to America.

  • Holy Bible Proverbs 24:21 My son, fear the Lord and the king; Do not associate with those given to change;22 For their calamity will rise suddenly, and who knows the ruin those two can bring?

  • @monsterofdisorder What a well programmed citizen you are, yes you are. You are a good submissive doggy to the government, yes you are. Give government a paw, good good, you get a treat now. Now roll over and play dead, goooood…what a smart little doggy.

  • everyone who won't vote for obama is a stupid idiot ! obama is one of the best presidents the us ever had but because of this stupid tea party shit the people in the us believe in the republican way of thinking which is just shit ! be sure if you vote for the republicans in 2012 there will be war in iran for sure and then i wish you much fun with world war 3 !

  • ~ CHANGE you can believe in ~

    How do you say that in CHINESE?

    KEEP BAILING OUT companies that send jobsoverseas.

    GO to a mall and look at the tags of 10 RANDOM PRODUCTS.
    8 of the 10 will read MADE IN CHIINA, the other 2 will read MADE IN INDIA or MADE IN MEXICO.

    WHY won't you raise TARRIFFS ON IMPORTS.
    You would rather keep RAISING TAXES on your struggling citizens.


  • @StowAlex Because TARRIFFS ON IMPORTS will raise the price US consumers have to pay for all goods. Since 8 out of 10 goods are MADE IN CHINA, raising tarriffs on china-made goods will just make them pass along the cost of the tarriff to the US consumer. Think before you speak, instead of regurgitating what the mainstream media has fed you.

  • @1XMarksSpot
    ~ RASING TARRIFFS will certainly raise prices on IMPORTS.
    People will go back to buying what few AMERICAN MADE products are available ~

    Which will increase the DEMAND for USA products ~

    Which will increase the PRODUCTION of AMERCIAN MADE products ~

    Which will then create NEW JOBS for AMERICANS to make these products.

    The new San Fransico – Oakland Bay bridge was made in China.
    They couldn't contract it to an AMERICAN Company?

  • @1XMarksSpot
    ~ Are far as your comment on 'regurgitating' the mainstream media takes ~

    Read up on Cuyahoga County Ohio.

    They taxed all the business, jobs & tax payers out. Everyone is leaving. I LEFT.

    I'm now in Stow, in Summit County. A small community thriving, as we maintain a business friendly atmosphere.

    We entice NEW business to join the community ~ NOT TAX THEM OUT.

    Have you ever worked for a broke person? NO

    People with $ create jobs. Tax them & they lay people off.

  • @StowAlex That's true. But America hardly produces anything anymore. You want to raise tarriffs on imports now – at a time when millions are unemployed and barely making it? You want to raise tarriffs on imports now – when there aren't even any factories in the USA to produce the goods people want? That's a bit shortsighted. Thath as to happen gradually so unemployed Americans barely making it don't wind up paying alot more than they have to.

  • @DisciplineOfSteel i think he made the best he could from the economic shit that was left behind by bush and yes it's true that obama expanded the wars in the middle east but not by using more soldiers but drones ! and they are very effective too ! the best proof is the killing not just of osama bin laden but also with these drones he killed much more terrorists bush ever had !

  • You cannot blame everything on obama when congress is filled with people who has no team work skills at all( democrats and republicans)

  • The people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us.

  • @reym613 I didn't even know we had a misery index. Can I trade shares on that? I'd love to sell all my misery for cash. How much is sadness going for?

  • @reym613 Let me get this straight, I made a bad pun, you respond by threatening a terrorist attack? Have you ever heard of the NSA? The FBI? No offense but you are retarded. I mean do you know how much data Google collects on you?

  • Ron Paul 2012 We know the truth about the fed and 9/11 No more 1% the truth is here and so are the 99% of the people

  • what a dumbass, all i gotta say is lets see if its another racial war again, i bet his own people hate him 😛

  • @reym613 its hard to do anything when every time you try do accomplish anything republicans only try to stop him… if the republicans hadnt been such cry babies and actually worked with the democrats things could have ben looking much better right now. Also remember the houses has more power than obama.

  • Solution for the economy =

    1. Dismantle the Federal Reserve and print money backed by precious metals
    2. Legalize Marijuana for purposes of keeping people out of jail. Taxation is not that big of a problem.
    3. Stop spending so much damn money on prisons. Do you know how much resources it costs to keep "life sentances"? 600 Billion go to prisons EACH YEAR.
    4. Pull the troops out of the Middle East.
    5. Vote Ron Paul for 2012, research him and find out why he is the hope for America.

  • did anyone else see the perfectly placed Apple laptop in the lower left-hand corner? nice product placement 😛

  • @nanaforiod

    Where did he say it was a conspiracy? Just saying nice advertising plug! Bet Apple is a huge donor! Wonder what they are looking for in 2012! LOL!!

  • Hurry!!! Get more illegals into the country so we can register them to vote! Vote for this worthless president!

  • @eatmoresoap Obama's campaign fund is not payed for by you, dimwit… If by Obama you mean the Government, then sure.

  • I have had enough of Obama., I am starting a Vote for Anthony Wiener Campaign. There is evidence that he at least has a sex drive, and there-fore BALLS of which I am certain Obama has none.

  • @wineverytime1, Please give me a break, why don't you tell us where you get your info. The only thing Mr. Clinton did while in office was ride the wave of good works inacted by Mr. Reagan. Oh, I almost forgot. He also had Osama Bin Ladin captured after he tried to blow up the WTC the first time then let him go, we all know how that worked out!! As for raising taxes with no Republican support, Now that is something to brag about you IDIOT!!! Have a Nice Day.

  • ALL THIS REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT BULLSHIT!!! Its time america had a president from the independent party.


  • Are those numbers supposed to impress us? More than 31,000 face to face meetings, wow and this video will still get twice as many thumbs down as it will thumbs up, where are all those Obama supporters at now??
    You aren't getting re-elected Obama just stop wasting everyone's money on campaigning for a lost cause!

  • @Hinduspy

    Vote for Ron Paul. He is only running as a republican because of the two party system. Otherwise he'd be running as a libertarian.

  • Iraq, Afghanistan, Guatanamo Bay/ torture, the Patriot Act, Med. Marijuana Prosecutions, No jobs for lobbyists, Transparency (posting bills online for five days for the public), universal health-care that DIDN'T include fines and fees, Defense of labor rights,Secure Borders. "Bush" tax cuts, making "net spending cuts", banning earmarks, eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses, New American jobs tax credit, Hiatus on 401(k) penalties, $4,000 college credit. Promises anyone?

  • I think the whole world should be welcomed for voting for American presidents, after all, the globe and its global population are affected!

  • I strongly believe that there are many ways to help The President reelection. That is why I would like to highlight that there is a great chance to him to take control the European gas business which is the business of the 21 sanctuary.

    If The President is able to manage to unite Turkey and the Central European Hungary later this year than he could control the EU gas business and that will help the USA economy and political influence through out whole Europe and Eurasia.

  • @andrepreviato Go to the world voting exchange at the Mootsa Gootsa Society. Free enterprise will pick our next president.

  • @DrHogfan whos the only candidate that is talking about bringing our boys home? i fought in the middle east and i have more dead friends now than ever. fuck you for being as ignorant as the candidate you represent.

  • @ZeDtEk25 This is the only candidate thats pushing legalizing drugs ,prostitution and everything else that would lead to the doom of this country. If you really served in what…Iraq, Afghanistan…thank you. My uncle served in The Far East and he thinks Paul is a loon and Dems are fuckin this country up….I'll go with what he says.

  • @DrHogfan Your saying that shit completely out of context. You need to see that debate again. It might just make more sense if you do. Go head follow anyone elses descision and not your own. Again here we go with your gang mentality about who you should stand by. if you were to make a descision before the question is asked, wouldnt you be a fucking moron? peace, love, and prosperity makes more sense and thats what you should vote for. im sick and tired of hearing more bad news about my friends


  • Ron Paul??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA What a loser. He can't hold a candle to President Obama.

  • LOL my wife and I voted for obama. Sure tricked us in 2008. Wont work again in 2012. We will vote Ron Paul.

  • Only little kids believe that we have a checks and balance system.
    We are a nation ruled by multinational corporate interests born like The Brood (1979) from the sick machinations of a banking cartel that makes Hitler and Stalin look like stewie Griffin. The only terrorists the media didn't create are the financial terrorists at the fed.

  • I want to see the Obama video about how he sold out and has not prosecuted anyone at fault for the current recession. Oh yeah that's right. He receives millions in donations from the big banking firms. I believe the CEO of Goldman Sachs has already visited the white house about 10 times in the past 2.5 years.

  • guys, guys…ron paul is a great guy but his foreign policy is, well wait it out and see what happens….thats why my vote is MIKE PENCE 2012!

  • fuck barack obama, and the democrats and the rpublicans the only true real canidate is RON PAUL
    EVERYONE, i really jus realised whos the real one, and the media has put him down, I CNT EVEN EXPLAIN, forreal tho bottom of my 18 year old heart really look into RON PAUL… heres the link
    [RON PAUL 2012]

  • LOL
    Do some research on Ron Paul. He is only Republican because of the two party system. Otherwise he would run as Libertarian. He's really different from all the other republicans because he is a true constitutionalist (follower of the constitution), he believes in individual liberties and economic freedoms, less government and no wars. He's also really honest, has great ideas and isn't Afraid to tell the Truth. Look him up. Ron Paul 2012

  • @roger7c297 Ron Paul – a bright and interesting politician, why write about it on the channel of President Barack Obama?

  • @Vogel885 Ron Paul – a bright and interesting politician, why write about it on the channel of President Barack Obama?

  • @Serega2000L — Is that a rhetorical question? It's smart to write about your candidate on another candidate's "channel" or any place that allows for a comment. Are you saying via your question that you would never (Never!) put a glowing comment about Obama on another candidate's YouTube channel?

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