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Obama Was Too Busy Fundraising To Help In Wisconsin Recall Election

Obama Was Too Busy Fundraising To Help In Wisconsin Recall Election

president obama is not getting any use
uh… to in six different uh… battlegrounds as well well while presidents that he’s doing a
television interviews overall local t_v_ interviews with six of my premier force in these uh… swing states uh… and he read into somebody of
course from wisconsin disasters freeze state uh… it was in green bay and it was the
station w_b_n_i_ y makes sense pain and they asked me interesting question
about how why he didn’t show up here in wisconsin fight and there are a lot of democrats grand exit you know the truth the matter is that as
president i’ve stated earlier lol responsibilities support tom didn’t support of time uh… obviously you know why wouldn’t want to see the
difference halt morally fight very hard in wisconsin
dislike that we have a test to make sure that uh… uh… that’s the kind of government that
uh… there are people here our love that in union get it it’s uh… we cleared up i’ve got
a lot of response and that i was busy man but you know calculation up unless
there’s no wait a minute you do any of you about what’s happening
right now why do you use to that right before the
election is the right after the like pc i don’t think that you know nine nice
anyway the president is really because that’s true uh… but he was busy enough to cancel
his uh… fundraiser the night before the election on monday night it’d giant fundraiser were incredibly
rich people in new york that he actually drag bill clinton brooklyn was in wisconsin who left to
join the fundraiser in new york so apparently wasn’t busy those schmooze
with rich people to get their money but while we needed his help in wisconsin
for an election dot adx kala responsibilities all the time
off i’d just that read at a time by the way he say he was too busy in the middle of
eight interviews of course about is reelection in fact he says all you know we’re gonna fight really
hard in wisconsin i’ve labeled when it comes as follow election when it comes to somebody else’s life if
they are blather that all look at the time well now sorry about that uh… but of course in his own election
he’ll spend a ton of time in wisconsin a_b_c_ needs to and by the way i love the way he said well i was very supportive timer dance
troupe by the day before the election he said
the twenty two very supportive but on the other hand the president is
sold so busy now he didn’t want to show up he did
that for political reasons anne was a political miscalculation and of course they lost because they
expected to lose by the president didn’t write very hard at seventeen percent of the people who
said their plan of over brocco obama voted for scott walker he could have a huge difference he chose not to this is all i got one of
the media is as a bunch up but we lose that it was my fault felt like i believe
me greatly relieved he at that there’s so much about me who who was on again that was fast and
what do you guys also desert gobel for me though

  • Hm, i thought that a democracy was all about voting representatives in to governance through majority of voices, not through a majority of money.

  • Some people want to hang on to the delusion, that Obama might be a man of the people. It's sad to watch!

  • Niño Brown Obama is too busy doing flybys and pimping out his whore daughters to his banker shills masters.

  • Romney is going to get elected anyway…

    2 to 1 money margin man, and it's not millions, its billions!

    Historicaly speaking, big numbers talk.

    And with both parties ignoring the real issues, it's going to be a blame game.

    And blaming is all about getting your message out the most. And that means who ever has the most money for negative add campaigns is going to win.

    We all know democrats SUCK at negative adds.

    And republicans are KING.

    So now you know who is going to win.

  • According to CBS's Mark Knoller, last year (2011) Obama flew in Air Force One 172 times, almost every other day (fundraising). White House officials told reporters in recent days that the Democrat wouldn't be hanging around the White House quite so much in the remainder of 2012. Obama has spent over $100 million taxpayer dollars flying around in Air Force One, & probably another $100 million on his entourage. Obama is just another tin-pot dictator living lavishly at the expense of his subjects.

  • I hope obama wins, I truely do, hes the lesser evil of the two.

    But things just arnt on his side.

    I still hope he wins tho, or a better democrat to come forth but that is unlikely.

  • I kinda hope Romney gets elected just because he will fuck all people over, then perhaps we might see a big reaction from the people. Enough is enough and all that.

  • And I thought Obama was a Dem-yet he apparently doesn't care about how his party fares in other elections, only about his own.

  • Libertarian Party…..or we'll continue to get this fucking clown show. We might still with a libertarian….but at least that will create a stronger 3rd party that the corrupt will have to bribe.

  • I like this guy, he'll go after Democrats and Republicans equally and I don't have to become dependent on a far left or far right media source.

  • I suppose, I should always add the disclaimer, "and Romney/Bush/Palin/Hitler is no better". I can say, without any hyperbole, I would sooner be tortured and killed than vote for Romney or Obama. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and it is not clear, who would be the lesser any way. Obama indefinitely detains and murders U. S. citizens without trial, and Romney says, he will continue all these policies. I would sooner go to the grave than give my approval.

  • He has no time, he has to call for drone strikes on citizens and members of his kill list. It's a long list, takes a lot of time to find the names and scratch them off, oddly sometimes the names aren't even on the list and then they have to add them and it's this whole clusterf*ck. Of course he has no time, it takes a lot to murder someone.

  • Obama SHOULD HAVE stayed out of state politics. None of his fucking business. The people of Wisconsin have spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Voting IS giving up. If you are trying to lose weight and your too options are a big mac and a big whopper… then… you aren't going to lose weight. Better to do something else. If you want to make a real difference… invest in decentralized energy and food production (solar cells and aeroponics). Get off the grid, automate and give your surplus to the neighbors. Help them do what you have done. Rinse repeat. That is how you effect politics. Imagine a nation all doing what you have done.

  • True, but I am not the kind of person that pretends that freedom doesn't exist even in a locked down police state. For instance… it is illegal in my country to own and smoke weed. Yet tons of people still do it. So… does it really make a difference what these pricks do… they are going to restrict your rights no matter who you vote for… why not undermine the very people and system that requires them to do so. Or you can vote and be complicit in the loss of your own rights. It's up to you.

  • Not if you vote for Gary Johnson. He is going to be one of three candidates who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

  • You missed the point of that analogy but let's continue with your line of reasoning… how is a bot head not 'down trodden' by the current laws… or better yet how is someone that is dealing with an ailment that is best remedied with Marijuana not 'down trodden.' The point is… you can pass all the laws you want that doesn't mean you have to follow them. Your war analogy… why not… Germany surrendered… The US gave up in Vietnam… if a thing aint working, do something different.

  • He's got his own plane (Air Force One) yet he chose to go to New York instead of Wisconsin. Hell, he could have gone to Wisconsin, then to New York. He's the goddamn president!

  • You remember the American Revolution… the king passed a bunch of shitty laws… the average man refused… and there was a war. I never thought of a pot head as an above average epic hero? No my friend, average people have, can, and will continue to make all the difference in the world. Martin Luther didn't go up against the Catholic church on his own… he did what he did only when he was certain that he had a community to back him.

  • Something new could be good.
    So the non-evil are the Green Party and the Libertarian Party
    The debate should include Obomeny, Gov. Johnson and the Green Party nominee.
    "Obomeny" meaning I see no difference between the two.

  • RIGHT.

    Wake up Cenk, Obama is a bankster PUPPET, he will NEVER DO ANYTHING you think he should WAKE UP.

    "Money/market" is ROOT of problems.

    Automation+ cheap labor= NO JOBS= No consumers= capitalism is over

    NOW we can:
    1. FREELY Share ALL resources & knowledge worldwide, money/property OBSOLETE

    2. Use LATEST technology to create an ABUNDANCE of all our needs, waste/theft OBSOLETE

    3. Automate/localize ALL production and distribution, NO more central control/wage slavery


  • The only problem with that awesome plan of yours is that most people cannot raise livestock and grow food in their apartment living-rooms. Not to mention how expensive it would be to even try and begin de-brainwashing and convincing an entire world of muppets to "revolt" in this modern age of fancy graphics and 24/7 concentrated propaganda. I'm inclined to agree with you just as much as I'm inclined to side with TheSonofapickle. You're both right to a certain degree.

  • Like it or not the democrat in Wisconsin was not charismatic person.Barret was a milk toast old white candidate.Democrats are there to get fired up about there candidates we just want them to look more like us and not them.And by them I mean old soft white men.

  • Well that should be the last straw for the Obama Zombies.

    If they can't see through his narcissism by now they never will..!

  • Obama lost WI. He could spend all his time in WI from now until the election, but he sent a clear message to the voters there.

  • I'd vote third-party, spoil my ballot-paper or not go at all. Far more important than that, though, is to wake people up. Telling people about the President's 'kill list' of U. S. citizens should in itself be enough to make people aware, but we're living in strange times: many people seem to be in a daze! Other than that, prepare for survival. I'm no survivalist, but I'm seriously considering learning some survival techniques.

  • Yes. Criticizing Obama is racist. I forgot. How silly of me. I'm sure, the Arabs and Afghans really enjoy being bombed by a black President of the United States. It must be such an improvement on being bombed by a white guy.

  • Really? Obama may have a more convincing smile, but I'm sure, Romney can work on his! Seriously, though, they both support indefinite detention and assassination without trial: that's enough for them both to be consigned to the dust-heap of assorted evil 'statesmen'.

  • I'm all for the collective bargaining rights, but the collective bargaining OBLIGATION that Wisconsin had, i do not like.

  • I was growing more than I needed in 650sqft. I'm in 1000sqft now. You gotta do a little more research to be a good nay sayer. As for live stock… I've gon vegan… however, if you have to eat meat and you aren't a hunter… the solution is just around the corner. We can machine manufacture meat already (no animals) give it a few years and these will be easily affordable. As for the expense… $2000 to start and getting cheaper by the month. 😉

  • If you can move out of the country…..NZ & aussie are still sane and has hardly any americans in. Been so happy since the move…..I do recommend it.

  • I support his comment and agree….I am african american and an engineer… I am black and educated and I won't for anybody in this election unless it is a sane 3rd party.

  • Damn. Then it's possible that Obama will only get, what, (?), 94 or 95 % of the Black, (err…."African-American"), vote".? Things are really looking up, no?

  • I live in NZ now but you are right. For me, has Obama been anything but historical figure for Black History Month? Has he done anything for the black community, at all? I can't think of one…..but most AA will vote for him because he's black. My contention is, has he done more for your community than Bush, or will he do more than Mitt. Well, if he's done nothing than Mitt can't do much worse, we are already getting imprisoned at an historic rate so….. stupid is as stupid does

  • insulting a black person makes you racist? why? are black people god? how come insulting white/asian/arab/etc etc doesn't make you racist? are black people more important than them?

  • Cenk bitches about everything. Like the old saying goes, " if you don't like the way someone is doing it, do it yourself". Obviously being leader of the free world is no easy task, so if people want to make it seem so easy, run for office and put all of these complaints and shit talking into action.

  • I don't think what I am doing takes guts, or grit, or motivation. Way less so than becoming an activist or a protestor. The end result is, no more power bill and no more grocery bill. Assuming my neighbors aren't doers as well, not to worry one day soon they won't have power and groceries to worry about. And if one or two other people in my building see the value in it… then no one on our building will have power and grocery bills. The technology is getting cheaper and more powerful.

  • Lol I'm sure my entrepreneurship teacher was at that obama event. Saw a pic of him and the Damn president on facebook yesterday

  • Oh we'll probably all work… we'll just not require money as the reward for our labour. We'll also all work in fields that we want to and constantly be furthering our educations. Lastly, we'll most undoubtedly be merging with our technology. At the end of the day the output of society will be about benefiting the planet rather than benefiting a tiny fraction of the human population. Stop voting and start building. If we survive, it is inevitable that we get there. No corp/gov't can stop it.

  • I do not blame President Obama for concentrating on raising money for his campaign. There was no way Scott Walker was going to lose this recall election. The president has more important things to do than campaign for a loser. It is all strategic. You never campaign for a person that has no chance to win.

  • You are exactly right. The only people who are against ZM RBE are the rich who are raping everyone, and the idiots who have been brainwashed into thinking they might someday be one of the rich.

    It is really pathetic though because the rich elites will NEVER let any of these 'capitalism defenders' 'american dream believers' become rich. It is almost funny if it wasn't so sad. The good news is that money property system is failing and we have a chance to have a better world.

  • Scott Walker would have gotten more than 70%, a complete Reagan-style landslide in 1980 Presidential election, if President Obama was more passionate and involve in this union-generated recall election. Remember, Scott Brown taking so-called "Kennedy seat" in Mass.? There are way way more people passionately hating Obama right now!

  • My take on US politics right now. In November you have a choice b/w a Fake democrat(Obama) or a Fake Republican (Romney). Vote for the Mormon. Sure he is a slaezeball but as a governor of Massachusetts he had many progressive policies vs Obama who was all Hope and Change in 08 but presidency is like Bush 2nd term. At least with Romney the Republican will stay in line and not create ruckus.

  • The elite's 'power' is based on the fake money/market system and their ability to make you believe they own you. And requires a lot of deception.

    Internet and communication which is making it impossible for the elites to deceive everyone any more.

    We have food, energy, medical and many other techs right around the corner, too.

    We can use the scientific method to optimize and automate the production and distribution of all necessities of life for all people.

    WATCH Z3

  • You know if you keep talking down Obama, you will help Romney and go from a moderate Democrat to pure plutocrat. We'll all end up far far far far far worse off. So, kiss my shiney metal ass.

  • So should he lie and say Obama is great to get Obama elected?

    Getting Obama elected isnt Cenk's job, its Obama's job.

    Cenk's job is to tell the truth.

  • Ah, I see now. The problem I have is that both parties have the same agenda. The corporate agenda. The rest: Gay Rights, Women's Rights, Religion etc… is a side show. It is the banter they put out there to trick the public into thinking there is an actual difference. Obama pretends he'll do liberal stuff while continuing Bush policy, and the Bush admin advanced stuff being put forward by the Clinton admin and on and on. There isn't any real choice. Don't vote, build the change yourself.

  • There are a lot of truths out there. If he wants, he could spend the next 5 months telling the truth about Obama's drug use in his youth, or his compromising too much, or his gaffs, or all the people he has met that aren't perfect. In the end, you will get the truth of no Medicare, no unions, no Social Security, a decimated economy, and more wars. Romney has surrounded himself with warmongers. You want war with Iran and no jobs? Have at it, Hoss.

  • Cenk you know what happens when your candidate outraises you,
    even with 6 fundraisers in a day for Obama, and a record amount of fundraisers for May
    he was outraised by Mitt Romney,
    for example Obama raised with 6 fundraisers in a day around 3-6 million.

    meanwhile rich billionaire Sherold Adelson wrote a 10 million check to Mitt Romney.

    Obama was beaten in May by Mitt Romney who outraised him 60 Million Obama and 77 Million Mitt Romney.

  • Wisconsin gets what they deserve. They voted for shit and know it time to eat the shit, how does it taste. Fuck Wisconsin They are going to get what they deserve. Wisconsin idiots just die already.

  • The right is going to criticize him anyway, the right made a commercial saying how he's a failure at being a leader because he didn't go to Wisconsin. Whatever he does they're going to criticize; he should stop worrying about what they think and actually try achieve results.

  • Mr. Obama, perhaps Progressives & Liberals will be "busy" during the 2012 General Election and not vote for your Right-wing leaning Centrist arse!?!

  • Come on Cenk, give the guy a break. Between playing 99 holes of golf since he became "President", and going to all of his fundraisers from coast to coast, he is, after all, a very busy man.

  • now in fairness, niether Obama or Romney was willing to risk whatever political pull they have managed to scrape together, to get into the middle of all this.

  • Asking to choose between Romney or Obama is akin to asking people to choose between having Cancer or AIDS. Neither choice is good or acceptable.

    You're logically fallacious question presents the limits of your intelligence. I'd stop now if I were you.

  • More logical fallacy? Keep making yourself sound less intelligent or look stupid.

    Since no one can vote for me, no one can "choose for me". If I choose to vote for Rocky Anderson or a write-in candidate or not for douche-bag Obama or dirt-bag Romney, that's my decision and a "choice". I choose not to vote for a corrupt bitch (like Obama is) or Romney.

    You Obama-apologists (Neo-Liberals/ anti-Progressives) have become as vacuous & intelligent as T-baggers are, you only appear to sound smarter.

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