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Yeah, just going into work now. It’s
fancy dress Friday, no one ever really makes an effort so… No, I’ve got my
boppers on, that’ll be enough. Erm…Hold on a sec. We’ve seen a great line so far at fancy
dress fashion week at Hogson and Smith Chartered Accountants. – Yas, what we’re looking for is originality and comedy value we’re all about the LOLs here. Tim from IT – who are you wearing and
what was the inspiration behind this? I am wearing a poo emoji and the inspiration Was… poo emojis!
– That’s hilarious. Oh, this was a great one! Paul from facilities has dressed as Jon Snow. Oh my god yes! But plot twist not the Game of
Thrones character but the legendary Channel Four news reporter!
-Risky, daring, hilarious it’s everything Paul is known for around the office. this season. Looks
like winter ISN’T coming! can you impress our key judge? Oh yes Anna from HR is howling at that! Lauren, I’m going to need those reports on my desk by 12:00, okay? What are you doing, you look ridiculous. Oh my god. Oh god, avo on toast, I love it – so millennial!
Debbie and Sandra from reception have hashtag smashed it! Next is our new employee, Lauren. *gasps!* Well, it’s a great statement piece… if that statement is ‘I didn’t make any
effort at all!’ – Honey, I have one word… basic! Okay guys, look I’m really sorry, I
completely forgot to dress up But look- I’ve came as me. Lauren from accounts. I mean – isn’t that just fancy enough? No. *booing!* *cheering!* Whoopieee!!

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