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One Drop Video Project Fundraising Campaign

One Drop Video Project Fundraising Campaign

Oh! Mexican is a ‘race.’ Mexican is ‘white.’ (laughter) I haven’t seen a lot of shows that deal with racism at this level of the personal experience of the
one drop rule. I think it was fascinating. It was funny. It was you know
heart-wrenching. Fanshen’s come up with a project
that has a framing around it that makes this discussion really interesting and easy to relate to. No. No, no. I’m not joining the Black Student Union because I’m actually… …well I’m Jamaican and I’m Cherokee and
Blackfeet and… You what? Sometimes you see it; you see it like with my kids there’s no racism at all. I love that, but I know and I fear what’s ahead for them. I turn back around and this white officer is inside the theater, rushing up to me. We are asking for your
financial support to help us videotape a full staging of our theater show. We will use this
recording to make one drop of love more accessible to those who are
unable to attend the live production. We’re calling in lots of favors from
friends and family, but we still need to raise money so we
can rent the theater space; we need
high-quality cameras, lighting and sound. I tell you what I wish that I could
bring every single one of you with me on the tour for One Drop to hear the
conversations that were having, to hear the ways that people literally change after the show. It’s kind of a struggle for me because I’m fairly intelligent, I swim… I speak very well, I carry myself well and my friends always make it a point both Black, White and…not and it’s just Black and White friends; it’s never friends of other descent, but they would tell me, “David, you’re not Black, you’re White.” So there’s not a lot of White people in this auditorium, and part of that, you know, we talked about the social construction of race and that’s because White people are taught to think that we don’t have race, in America at least. So that’s why I’m getting to this place where it’s so hard to ask you, but I’m gonna ask you to support the project because it’s
really important and its doing good work and I wouldn’t ask you
if it weren’t. Check out our wonderful perks you’ll get for donating like tickets and a
backstage tour to the Boston Ballet, One Drop t-shirts. If you’re in LA you
can be featured in our video! You can learn or improve
your writing skills with the screenwriter I’ve “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone” or you can learn about solo show
performance and producing from Lisa Marie Rollins and Elizabeth Liang. You can book that next addition if you get
coaching from the amazing Caryn West or from the Co-Artistic Director of the Boston
Court Theatre: Jessica Kubzansky. You can get a healthy week-long
membership to a Bootcamp, a gift certificate to a vintage clothing
and jewelry store, a poster of The Vampire Diaries signed
by the cast, and lots lots more and also stay
tuned because we’re gonna add some surprise perks along the way.
Thank you so much for your donation. We can’t wait to share this show with you
whether you see it live or you get to see this video that
you are helping us to make.

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