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Online Express – Donation Form Under Five

Hi, this is Denise from Blackbaud. In this video, we’ll introduce you to Donation Forms in Online Express as we create a simple, general donation form in under five minutes. Online Express allows you to quickly and easily create a donation form that you can embed directly onto your organization’s website. Donors won’t have to leave your site to contribute, and your form will be mobile friendly and integrated with Raiser’s Edge. To get started, navigate to the Donations dashboard in Online Express and select Create a form. The Donation Form Set Up window appears and is divided into six tabs. Each tab also has its own video tutorial if you need more information about the features and options in each area. First, on the Get Started tab, we’ll provide a name for our form—this name is for your internal use only. Next, you’ll specify which funds donations made through this form will be directed to by selecting Add fund. You’ll then search for the appropriate fund in Raiser’s Edge. To keep your form simple, select one fund here. Under Select payment methods to include, we recommend only selecting Credit Card if you’re just getting started. Direct Debit and Bill me later payment methods will require you to do additional processing or follow up after you receive the donation to receive the funds. On the Extras tab, you can Set up suggested gift amounts that donors will see when they access your form. We’ve included amounts by default, but you can edit, remove, or add additional suggested gift amounts as needed. If you’d like to re-arrange the amounts, simply drag and drop. In the pre-selected amount column, choose which amount should be selected by default when donors access your form. You can also allow donors to enter their own amount if needed. You’ll also notice several other optional extras that you can add to your forms such as comments, adding a progress bar for a fundraising goal, additional fields, and allowing additional gift types. Keep in mind, if you select the option to allow recurring gifts or pledge gifts, you’ll be required to do additional processing with the EFT Module in Raiser’s Edge to receive the funds. In addition, if you select to include a tribute gift option, you’ll need the Honor/Memorial Tracking module. If you need an additional field added to your form that you don’t see here, you can also use Gift Attributes. Gift Attributes are configured in Raiser’s Edge and can be added to a form to collect additional information from your donors. Remember, shorter donation forms receive more gifts than longer forms, so we recommend only asking for information you absolutely need from your donors. On the Extras Tab, be sure to mark Create a mobile version of your form to provide a good experience for donors accessing your form on a mobile device. Next, the Look & Feel tab allows you to specify the order in which sections of your form appear. You can also select how your suggested giving amounts display. Use the Fine Tuning tab to tweak styles like fonts, colors, and borders on your form. You can also select headings to edit them to make your form more donor friendly. Keep in mind that your form will also inherit custom stylesheets from your overall website— so to get started, you may want to embed your form on your website first and then come back to this tab for any additional fine tuning. The Thank You tab controls everything that happens after a donation is received. You can set up notifications to alert staff members when new donations come in, allow donors to invite friends to donate through Givalanche, and you can edit the Thank you email and confirmation screen that a donor sees after they complete their transaction. After you’re finished, the That’s It tab provides you with the JavaScript used to embed the form on a webpage. You’ll likely provide this code to your organization’s website manager, but we’ve also linked some resources here to help you embed the code on common website platforms. Be sure to copy the JavaScript completely and do not edit any of the JavaScript to maintain the link between your form and Raiser’s Edge. That’s all for this video. For more information about creating a donation form, check out our other how-to resources and videos.

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