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Overview of Email Performance Statistics in Blackbaud Online Express

Overview of Email Performance Statistics in Blackbaud Online Express

Hi, this is Britt at Blackbaud. In this video, we’ll take a look at the Email performance
statistics in Online Express. As you send emails to your constituents, you
can quickly review the performance of an
individual message without having to run any reports. The top row lists email activity percentages
including the Open Rate, Click Rate, Transaction Rate and the average dollar amount
raised as a result of the email. Hover over each indicator to see how the
numbers are calculated. The bottom row lists email activity in total
amounts including the number of recipients,
email opens, clicks, transactions, and the total dollar amount raised. You can click each indicator to view the email
addresses associated with them. Use the search fields above to locate a
particular contact. To the right of the statistics, you can also see
the date the email was sent, the email list used, and the number of emails that resulted in
bounces and opt-outs. Click the numbers to see which email
addresses are associated with them. The Link URL section lists all the links within
the email. Quickly view the number of clicks and
transactions resulting from each one in these
columns. Click one of the indicators to see the recipients
that performed each action. That’s all for this video. Thanks for watching!

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