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Parahitha @Blind School | VikramAditya | My Charity To The Blind School | A Journey Towards Humanity

Parahitha @Blind School | VikramAditya | My Charity To The Blind School | A Journey Towards Humanity

Anyone who indulges in helping others Will become a greatest person to Pancha Bhuthas Being helpful to others is the
ultimate righteouness. .There is no match for a
helpful person in this world. Today, let’s us discuss about a
different topic unlike my usual videos. I have promised you 4 months ago that, I would start charity work for the people
who are mentally and physically disabled. I have collected a huge
amount of money for that. Now, there are questions. 1.) Whom to help?
2.) How to help? I have sent 4 members from my team to
different organisations to find out whom to help. They have visited almost 30 organisations And finalised 5 organisations. They have recorded a video of the
people and their situation over there and brought the footage here. I will play a video which I have
chosen among those 4 footages. Watch it. What you saw in this video is
a residential blind school. After I saw this video, I had a feeling
in my heart that I have to help them. If I just handover the
money to the organisation I was uncertain whether the
amount would be properly utilised. Then, I had the 2nd question
in my mind. How to help them? I can’t just distribute some food packets
or books or pencils in a usual manner and have a complacent feeling
as if I had changed their lives. Instead of serving them
for a day or a half I wanted to make a contribution which
would be useful for their entire academic year. When our team visited
this school a few days back, They came to know about their
requirements and the problems faced by them. So, I visited them last Saturday. Now watch, what I did and how I brought a significant change to the lives
of 82 blind children through Vikramaditya channel. Firstly, I talked to them. Half of them can’t see anything, And the remaining half can just see
the people and things as shadows. On that day, I came to know many of their
special abilities which normal people wouldn’t have. I gave them motivation
and courage in my style. By watching their troubles and their state
of life which is like a daily battle, I realised that we have so much
to learn from these children. Later, I have explained them
about the gifts I brought and the reason behind choosing them. But initially, I have explained
why I took up this work. We are currently living in a society
where one donates a mere rupee, And expects the receiver to be blind or
crippled wearing torn clothes under the blazing sun. But this is not right. Everyone should live equally
especially with basic comforts. We have specially ordered a
non-vegetarian food and served them. It was the best lunch
that I ever had in my life. The reason was not about
the taste of the food, But for having lunch
sitting and chatting with them. For the first time in my life, I have
observed something about them on that day. It was, the way of placing food
in their mouth is different. Because they have never
seen anyone eating food. That is the reason they have a different
way of placing food inside their mouth. So, I brought gifts
based on these 3 aspects. The first gift is based on ‘comfort’. The second gift is based on ‘safety’. The third gift is based on ‘entertainment’. In a way how we live a happy and
comfortable life at our home, I thought of providing them with the
same standards to their hostels. So, I gave them a washing machine
to ease up washing their clothes, A computer with an internet connection
to bring them closer to the world, A refrigerator to preserve their
food and dispense cool water, And racks for placing their clothes,
pillows and table fans. The second gift is about ‘safety’. I brought mosquito repellants
to prevent mosquito menace, And water filter to dispense
purified drinking water. Our team said that the girls requested for
sanitary pads very hesitantly, feeling shy. But we weren’t shy but felt proud and provided them with a stock of
sanitary pads which would last for a year. And the final gift is about entertainment. In order to provide entertainment
during a holiday and evening times, We gave a TV with a cable connection, Cricket kit and carrom board. They have taught me how to
play blind cricket after that. They tied a cloth to my eyes and
asked me to play with them. Really saying,
that is the best game I have ever played. The single agenda behind this charity is, In order to raise the living standards of
people who are disabled or poverty-ridden, I have done this. And at the same time,
as an assistant manager of SBI, I have even donated my 10 days
salary to Kerala flood relief fund. I have done this as a YouTuber, Because I have promised to provide
charity for those children a few months ago. After spending an entire
day with those children, It became the happiest day of my
life as they were happy because of me. I even had the most
peaceful sleep on that day. For this to happen as per my wish, I give 50 percent of the credit to the
people who supported me through Patreon. I got a support from 100 people to
do this activity through Patreon. They couldn’t have donated a
computer to support someone, But due to the collaboration
of 100 people with me, I was able to provide those children with a
refrigerator, computer and a washing machine. When we were able to raise the standard of
living of an organisation consisting of 82 children, with the support of 100 people, Just imagine,
if 10, 000 people support me, We can raise the standard of
living of 100 such organisations. If you want to support me and my channel, Or if you want to be a part of any these
kind of services which gives us satisfaction, You can support me
through my Patreon website. Or you can click the
‘join’ icon below this video, And support me even through that. I have given the URL link of Patreon
in the description below this video. I hope you support my ideology. In the coming 3 months, I want to help the people who had
raised children and made them successful and have been dumped by their
children after turning old a 100 of them. I hope that you would
support me even in that good work. When you are supporting me through Patreon, If you want to withdraw
your support at any time, Deleting your ATM card
from Patreon site is enough. It’s very easy. Meet you soon. Keep smiling. This is Vikramaditya signing off.

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