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Parent Involvement in School Fundraisers

Parent Involvement in School Fundraisers

Hello fundraising family my name is
Kristy. My name is Eric. And last month we gave you all of the back-to-school
resources for this season. All of them. Yup. In four videos. But, this
month we’re talking about how to get your community involved in your
fundraising efforts. Cause schools need money. And your cause needs
fundings. Causes need funding. What are you a Parrot today? Parrot today. So let’s get
into it. So we have three tips for you today on how to get parents involved
because clubs, groups, organizations and fundraisers know that parents are
important when trying to raise money or trying to get donations. But how do you
get parents involved because parents are always busy? We have three tips, here we
go. Tip one, be welcoming of all parents.
Often, parents feel like they’re disconnected from their school community
because they don’t really know how to get involved and this is especially true
when there’s new parents to the school or district. It could be something as
simple as the parents don’t speak the native language very well or they have
other obstacles in their lives or other responsibilities like jobs, or family
responsibilities that keep them from helping or meeting up with you. Doesn’t
mean they don’t want to be involved. Also, you can explore other opportunities that
they may be able to help with your organization. Be sure to explore other
opportunities that they could possibly do virtually or other ways that they can
assist your organization. Tip number two, be mindful of parents time. Every parent
has a lot of demands on their time whether it’s with their children, or
their own parents, families have stuff to do in and of themselves so make sure
you’re mindful of that. Ask parents to participate only a couple hours during
the entire school year even if it’s only two hours, if you get every family to
help you that’s a lot. The key thing is to make it easy on the parents. Provide
clear directives. So if your group is doing a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs maybe you have one parent that’s in charge of keeping count of the bags
of shoes that are collected, or you have another parent that is in charge of
calling the neighborhood. Yeah and if you give them clear directives they’re able to do
stuff very efficiently in the two or three hours that they’re helping you
throughout the school year. Number three, acknowledge the parents
effort. Even if it’s just a small thank, be sure to give them praise and
thank them for the amount of hours that they put in and helped your school
organization. Yeah and even if it’s a big thank you make sure you give them the thank
you because thank you is thankful. Just let them know that however small the
effort, you appreciate all that they could give. Yeah and if you do that they
might help you with your next fundraising effort. People like to be
thanked. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome.
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everywhere not a creepy way. Oh. Not in a a creepy way I’m not in your closet or anything. No, no. Don’t check in there. He’s making us weird. My name’s Kristy. My name’s Eric and we’ll
see you guys next time. Bye. hi mom where’s the me look ready okay okay I don’t know
what chair how funky is your chicken what did I just say oh my gosh I hate
myself but I love me too maybe something that beeping what did I
say I have no idea forget that let me do it again
so if your family star sorry

  • "Thank You" means a lot when you're asking for a donation or anything. I always said; thank you when I received a donation. Some times I said it more and that usually was because of a big donation. I thank the donor later in the fundraiser to let them know their donation help and at the end of the fundraiser thankig them for the support of cause. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Donors are my vip; very important players.

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