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Pete Buttigieg Won’t Say No To Fundraiser With Billionaires

Pete Buttigieg Won’t Say No To Fundraiser With Billionaires

Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg
has a very real money problem. It’s not that his campaign is running out
of money. Oh God, no, it’s that he doesn’t want people
to know where his money’s coming from. And the just a couple of days ago, Buttigieg
was asked by a student reporter the following question, uh, he said, I wanted to ask if
you think that taking big money out of politics includes not taking money off of billionaires
and closed door fundraisers. Pretty straight up question, right? Like, Hey, you said you want to get money
out of politics, so does that mean you’re not going to do fundraisers with millionaires
and billionaires? Buttigieg had a one word reply, that reply
to that question of will you stop going to these high dollar fundraisers was no, no,
that’s it. That’s all he said. This student with a very legitimate concern
asking Buttigieg, Hey, aren’t you talking out of both sides of your mouth right here
by taking money, even though you said we need to get the money out. So will you stop taking it? And Buttigieg just says, no. A day or two before that, Buttigieg was asked
at another event, you know, Hey, you said you were going to open up your a fundraisers
to the press and you haven’t done it when you’re going to do it. And he said, Oh, why don’t, I mean I don’t
have a timeline for that? And then he was asked, yeah, but aren’t you
the guy in charge? Can’t you just do it like that? And he said, yeah, so when are you going to
do it? I don’t have a timeline. And then of course after this second story
broke, the one I just mentioned about the reporter saying, Hey, aren’t you gonna not
take billionaire money? Cause you say money’s bad. They’ve now decided, you know what, we’re
going to open up a press or a fundraiser, excuse me, to the press. Y’all can come in. Go ahead. You know, show up. We’ll, we’ll do this. I’ll even release the names of my donors and
all that stuff too because I’m totally a transparent guy now I’ve seen the light and I’m going
to change. No. See Buttigieg was not visited by three ghosts
the night before who told him to change his ways. What happened was that he got called out,
rightfully so for being a hypocrite. We actually do have a candidate right now
who is walking the walk and that person is Bernie Sanders and I don’t care if you support
him or if you hate him. I think the hate is a little weird, but whatever. That’s your choice. He is the only candidate who straight up said,
I’m not taking corporate money and guess what? He’s not taking corporate money. He says we should get big money out of politics
and therefore he is not taking any big dollar donations. He’s not attending these fundraisers, he’s
not doing all this stuff that he wants to get rid of. He is doing what he says he will do and he’s
pulled in more money because it Buttigieg on the other hand says, Oh yeah, these things
I’m doing, we got a ban this now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go to this fundraiser
over here. By the way, press, you can’t come and I can
not. Can tell you who was there cause I need their
money. Who are you going to trust? Honest to God, straight up answer, I don’t
care who your support right now. Who do you trust? The person who says these things are bad and
I won’t participate in them, or the person who says these things are bad, but I’m still
going to do them. Ask yourself that question and give an honest
answer because if you pick the guy who says these things should be abolished, but I’m
going to keep doing them, then you yourself might actually be part of
the problem.

  • Just like trump, "i will release my Taxes", can't win, with out Big Money . Lie, Cheat, Steal, N Ask Russia To Set You Up ?

  • Bernie Sanders is authentic, he rejected corporations and billionaires greedy dirty money, he's been speaking the same language the pass 40 years

  • I'm voting for Bernie Sanders because he's the only one that I can trust. I like some of Pete's policies such as wanting to eliminate the EC, but some of his other policies such as Medicare For All Who Want It are terrible. I can say no to voting for Pete in the primary. We need Medicare For ALL. That's one reason that he's not getting my vote in the primary. I suggest that he run for Governor of Indiana. He might not win, but he'd be a good candidate for that race rather than for POTUS.

  • Umm last time I checked Warren also hasn’t taken any money from the billionaires. I checked her list of donations and the ones that donated the most were women’s groups and universities and they donated around 8-15k each. What billionaire did Warren take money from?

  • Don’t be surprised. Left and right wing belong to the same bird. Both funded by Big Corp, plutocrats, private bankers etc. The world is basically a Corporatocracy. Only a few companies and people own/worth more then most of the rest combined. Even if Sanders/Warren both got in they are up against a powerful players corrupting the system. Kennedy in a speech and others before him warned about.

  • Mayor Pete is so disgusting in his corruption. He knows that people have come to hate all of the money in politics, of our representatives being bought and paid for by the wealthy elite. And he wants to be able to keep jumping into that hog trough of corrupt corporate cash.

  • Pure and simple. Pete “Opt-Out” Buttigieg has no principles, his words are untrustworthy, and is only in it for the money.

  • Hi, for this time election, there are lots of different than before. You know, Trump already got several hundred millions of dollars.
    If don't try to get enough money or don't open all kinds of the door from the fundraisers, it's no doubt that we will lose this election, right?
    Why you try to stop Pete get the money? Did you ask Trump the same questions before? Did you came from Trump Camp or did you want the Democratic Party to lose this race? Or maybe you just want to pull Pete out of this race.

  • The essential thing is not who they take funds from but who you expected to be your representative. Did you believe that someone beat Trump without enough money? No way! Trump has raised triple times money than any of the Candidates of the Democratic Party
    Did you feel all in healthcare and all in college free are correct? When you choose yes, I promise you won't get what you want.
    As all healthcare free, some will take the most expensive medicines. Some lazies stay in the hospital and never go outside again.
    As college free, you will see more and more colleges appear, and higher and higher tuition of colleges appear in the bills. It just all of these burdens, take by all of us rather than the students. That's all.

  • Sanders never won the election of the presidency and never will win it.
    Because he can't take efficient strategies to do the most right thing.
    We need to hug most of us and unite them to win the elections.
    When you refuse all kinds of funds and supports, you not only lost money but also voters.
    The election is a high invested gambling, no money no win.
    How to beat Trump?
    Did you know the Trump already gained triples time of funds than any of tops 4 candidates in the Democratic Party?
    Did you feel some urgent things we must to solve?

  • Him, Amy, Bloomberg , I would never vote for , ever . Even Biden i would hold my nose for , just not these 3 arrogant Neo Liberals .

  • but why? I really don't see the appeal this guy has. let's just hope that it is just a hype bubble and the people who think he's the next cool thing wake up with a huge buttload of a hangover and come to their senses.

  • It's pretty clear he thinks people on the left are just a pain in the ass, not letting him get away with shitty things, and he seems offended that they were even brought up.

  • He use to support Medicare for all or at least claim to until he started recieving money from big pharma. Pete is completly bought off by billionaires. Only other presidential canidate that has received more money than Pete from big pharma is Donald Trump.

    If someone here in the comment section supports him, please reconsider.

  • any Butti think bread is expensive? Mayor Pheat Booyastench may know more than just “spreadsheet work”. …yeah potentially canadian bread price fixing Buttigeig

  • All those that don’t vote for Bernie are voting against their best interests because as far as I can see he’s the only one that’s fighting for you and has been for decades.

  • Good old Petey boy belongs with the GOP and he is a complicit racist.

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