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Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!

Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!

– You guys spammed me to
plant 20 million trees on Twitter, Reddit, all
over my comments section, so I made it happen. Today we will be planting
20 million trees. And we put ’em in the hole. Now we need mulch. Put the mulch around the tree and we hydrate it. And there we go. And again, hole, tree, mulch, water. And before we go any
further this is Sarah. She’s a tree planting expert. Will this tree grow to be big and healthy. – I’m gonna look and
see if I can pull on it and it doesn’t pull out
of the planting hole. So good job there. – Only 19,999,980 more trees, let’s go! (yelling) – Oh yeah.
– [Tareq] Sturdy? – Oh, very sturdy. – Dude you could tug on this with a rope and it wouldn’t come out. – Chris, I need help. Can you massage my tree for me? – Massage your tree? – I can’t get it out of this pot. – Dude, it’s like rock solid in here. There you go. – So talking to trees
makes them grow faster? – Bro, what you want the planet to die? Come on. – Do you see the sky it’s so beautiful. – You gotta be house for birds and stuff. – You gotta toughen these trees up. Look at this, no movement. So the reason we’re spacing
the trees eight feet apart is so the roots, like, have to grow out and they don’t have to compete. – It’s kinda weird to put
mulch around a growing tree cause it’s like, grinding
up all of it’s relatives and spreading it around ’em. – [Male Voice] Bro. (upbeat music) – All right well it’s started to rain. At least now we don’t
have to water the trees. No but seriously, we want
to plant 20 million trees and a little bit of
rain never hurt anyone. – If the tree falls in the woods and no ones around to hear it does it make noise? Yes, it’s still a tree. – [Tareq] If you plant a tree in the middle of the forest– – Hold on, I’ve gotta
do something important. – [Outside Voice] Timber! – Why you mad? – What is this? – It’s a hole, with a tree in it. – Look at this tree, look. (rubber stretching) – What is this Chris? – You see that? (yelling) (upbeat music) – After planting all day we only managed to plant 300 trees. – Which is less than 20 million and my back hurts. – I put out a tweet and have tons of people coming
here tomorrow to plant trees. – I think, I’ve got an idea for a drone. – So I haven’t mentioned this yet, but this is Mark Rober. This is his channel. He use to work at Nasa. He put this thing on Mars. He does a lot of cool things. So, he’s gonna try with a drone and we’re gonna try with people. – Play to your strengths.
– May the best, eh, all right. It’s day number two and we
brought a lot more people. (cheering) And now we’re gonna try to
plant the 20 million trees. So step one is we need to
give everyone their tree. – In the air.
– Can I have a fist bump? – Yes.
– Oh my God. – I shall name him Russell. – Look at all these people, we’re easily gonna hit 20 million. (sonic theme song) And now it’s time to begin. Let’s plan the trees! Unless you’re him, he already planted it. – You’re doing great!
– Great, good job. Do you need help? – If you would like to help, go for it. – I think right here,
seems like the best spot. – The holes too big. (dramatic music) – Tree review. (rock music) Let’s see, do the tug test. You don’t want any
oxygen in the root system or the tree won’t survive. What are these people doing? That’s a solid tree. – [Tareq] That’s a solid boy. – That’s a solid tree.
– [Tareq] Okay, good. – That’s great. Who ever planted that, amazing. (upbeat music) – [Chris] Make sure you wanna do a donut. I believe in you. – [Tareq] Thank you so much
for helping us do this, by the way, how’d you hear about this? – I saw the tweet, had to hop in. – Oh, not bad. Fit’s well, I like it. Thanks for helping with my
tree man, appreciate it. – Of course, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you as well. – I was honestly, like, I have to do this. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. – We’re gonna get to the 20 mil right? – Oh, 100%, no doubt.
– All right, cool. Interview conducted. – Look at all these people. Let’s do a tree test. The way you know if they did a good job is if you can pull on it and that one you can pull on. – You’re killing it.
– Thank you. – [Tareq] How many trees have
you planted so far today? – I have dug 473 holes. – [Tareq] Really? – Yes. – [Tareq] How many did you do? – Oh my goodness. – Hey you, digging, bro. – How’s it going? – I don’t know, how’s it going? – It’s good, it’s good. It’s pretty fun to plant some trees. – It is pretty fun to plant some trees. – You know.
– You know. – Earth does a lot. – Earth does do a lot. (upbeat music) – Let’s do a little tug test. Oh, she’s nice. So we just need some mulch, that’s a good tree man. – [Mr.Beast] Good job Chris. – Dude, thanks. (exclamation) – Killing it, there we go. – Oh, he gets a high
five, you know, whatever. – The last tree.
– Thanks Chandler. – As you can see there
are a ton of trees here. Now we actually grabbed
a drone shot before hand so here’s the drone
shot of the empty field. Look at it, it’s empty. And here’s the drone shot now. Is that a lot of extra trees? – Yes, it’s quite extra. We had to, yeah. – Cool. Unfortunately, despite having
a large number of people, we came no where near close
to planting 20 million trees. But, I don’t wanna let you guys down. So I devised a plan where
we can actually plant 20 million trees. But I need your help. We partnered with the largest, nonprofit tree planting
organization in the world, Arbor Day. But we need your help. Every dollar donated,
they will plant a tree. Watch, here’s a dollar and I donated it. – Another dollar, another tree. – Here’s ten dollars
and I just donated it. This is 30 dollars and guess
what happens when I donate it. Even Chandler can do it. – Another one. Another one.
– Yep. – And another one. – Arbor Day and their
partners are the pros. They’ve planted hundreds
of millions of trees. They’ll make sure they have
a high rate of survivability and they genuinely do care. If you donate a dollar something like this ends up in the ground. And given enough time,
this will turn into, this master piece. Now, one thing I wanna address. I personally haven’t always been the most environmentally friendly, we’ve burnt the box fort, we’ve
done many other dumb things. And a lot of you might of
the mindset of the old me, that was basically, you know, someone else will figure it out. But that’s not how it works. We genuinely need all the help we can get. And honestly, I’ve done everything I can. I got a bunch of fans together and we planted thousands of trees. Me and Mark have invested months of time behind the scenes and to
getting this all together. And I’m personally planting 100,000 trees, aka 100,000 dollar donation. I’ve literally tried my
best to do everything I can. And now it’s your guys turn. You guys have been spamming
my comments section and spamming my mentions on Twitter telling me to do something. And now I wanna see that same energy. We only have one Earth and it’s important we take care of it. Recently, lots of not so great things have been happening to forests and people just keep making
fun of our generation for reTweet activism and not
actually doing something. Which is why we created with the help of the Arbor Day Foundation. This is your chance to make a difference. For every dollar you
donate here on YouTube or at, a
tree will be planted. And the Arbor Day Foundation are really good at what they do. These trees will have
an extremely high rate of survivability. Please donate now, don’t
push it off to later, you might forget. This is our chance to
show the world we care., donate there or donate using the donate
button below the video. Thank you. DONATE!!! (booming) DONATE

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