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Plastic Republic – UCL iGEM 2012 Fundraising video

Plastic Republic – UCL iGEM 2012 Fundraising video

This summer, we’re looking beneath
the surface of the Pacific Ocean. A hundred million tons of
tiny plastic pieces float here. This is what happens to our plastic waste.
It ends up in the oceans and breaks down where these pieces remain for hundreds of years. Our project deals with this
environmental disaster. We are competing in iGEM, the world’s largest
student synthetic biology competition. And our aim is to build synthetic organisms
to clear these plastics from the ocean. First, we’re building organisms
to safely degrade the plastic. But we also asked ourselves: Could we collect
the plastic, instead of just getting rid of it? Can we use it as a valuable resource? So, we’re building a second synthetic organism that can stick these particles together into large floating clumps. These large pieces could
be easily collected and recycled Ultimately our long term vision is to
turn the pollution into artificial islands. Giving new purpose to our waste. So that’s our vision! We’re building these organisms
and testing their behavior in safe experiments. It’s important to stress that this is a student project. Our island isn’t going to happen anytime soon. But if you support us, you might be one of
the first to holiday on Plastic Republic. To involve you, we’re opening up the project to as many people as possible. Come see us work in a public lab where we collaborate with the London DIY-Biohacking community. Keep up to date with development on the plastic island, where we explore into how plastic waste can be used as a construction material,
with Carina – our architectural expert. Finally, join our adventure from home by watching our documentary episodes
released during the summer. All of this takes money, which is why we need your help,
to make our island come alive. Support us by sharing this video with your friends, and donating. No matter how small,
it will make a really big difference. In terms of rewards: For £5, you can be one of the first
plastic island residents. Buy your land online, and name it in your honor. We look forward to seeing you soon,
on Plastic Island.

  • If we work on stopping plastic pollution at the source we'd never even have to consider ideas like this. Prevention is easier than cure. Please apply your intelligence and energy to prevention rather than clean up. If we stop plastic pollution the ocean will deal with what is already there faster than technology could be developed to remove it…

  • I prefer to REFUSE single use and disposable plastics every day.
    Your project should be easily funded by the plastic industry and all of the corporations who continue to choose to package their food, beverage and other products in plastics which leach hormone disruptors and are not healthy for us to eat and drink from in the first place. Learn more from Plastic Pollution Coalition, the global movement.
    Source reduction is key, as are alternatives to disposable plastics. Without energy wasted.

  • I can't take any guy seriously who intentionally has long "computer nerd" hair and those goofy hipster thick black-rimmed glasses. Why do so many people just copy a stereotype? It just isn't efficient to look like that. Imagine Steve Jobs or Bill Gates wearing those glasses and having that style hair. Steve corrected himself early on at least.

  • @sharkibus02
    Yes I agree we should prevent pollution in the first place, but that does not make the existing problem go away. This project represents a brilliant idea to resolve this problem, that ideally should be a "single use" solution in itself because by our change in behaviour the problem will not arise again.

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