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President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

The President: So, we’re
going to Dayton first, and then we’re going
to El Paso. And we’ll be meeting with
first responders, law enforcement, and some of
the victims, and paying my respects and regards. I’ll be going with
the First Lady. And it’s a terrific
opportunity, really, to congratulate
some of the police and law enforcement. The job they’ve
done was incredible. Really incredible. The Press: Mr. President,
no doubt – I don’t think anybody will argue this is
a difficult time in our country for all of us. So, from your heart, from
your mind, what do you say to your critics that
believe it’s your rhetoric that is emboldening white
nationalists and inspiring this anger? The President: So,
my critics are political people. They’re trying
to make points. In many cases, they’re
running for President and they’re very low
in the polls. A couple of them, in
particular, are very low in the polls. If you look at Dayton,
that was a person that supported, I guess you
would say, Bernie Sanders, I understood; Antifa,
I understood; Elizabeth Warren, I
understood. It had nothing to do
with President Trump. So these are people that
are looking for political gain. I don’t think
they’re getting it. And, as much as possible,
I’ve tried to stay out of that. The Press: Mr. President,
Senator Ted Cruz today said that people on both
sides of the political aisle need to tone
down the rhetoric. Do you agree with that? The President: Well, I do
agree, but I think we have toned it down. We’ve been hitting – we’ve
been getting hit left and right from everybody. Many of the people,
I don’t know. A couple of people from
Texas – political people from Texas that aren’t
doing very well. I guess somebody said –
the mayor – I had one very nice conversation with the
mayor of Dayton; could not have been nicer. And then she goes and
says I tried to call her. Well, I spoke to her, and
I didn’t receive any call. So they’re trying to
make political points. I don’t think it works
because, you know, I would like to stay out of
the political fray. As I was saying, and as
just came out, the Dayton situation – he was
a fan of Antifa. He was a fan of
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Nothing to do with Trump. But nobody ever
mentions that. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Say it? The Press: (Inaudible)
supported Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Should they be blamed
for (inaudible)? The President: No, I don’t
blame Elizabeth Warren, and I don’t blame Bernie
Sanders in the case of Ohio. And I don’t blame anybody. I blame – these
are sick people. These are people that
are really mentally ill, mentally disturbed. It’s a mental problem. And we’re going to be
meeting – we’re going to be meeting with
members of Congress. I’ve already got
meetings scheduled. And I have had plenty of
talks over the last two days. And I think something is
going to be come up with. We’re going to come with
something that’s going to be, really, very good –
beyond anything that’s been done so far. The Press: Do you support
bringing the Senate back to consider
legislation on – The President: Well, we’re
going to see where we are. We’re dealing with
leadership right now. And, you know, you have
two sides that are very different on this
issue, and, let’s say, all good people. But two sides that
are very different. If we get close, I
will bring them back. But it has to be – you
know, we have to see where we are with leadership. Normally, this has been,
really, a decision – Congress gets together and
they try and do something. But if you look over the
last 30 years, not a lot has been done. The Press: The background
check bill already that has passed the House,
what good (inaudible)? The President: Well, I’m
looking to do background checks. I think background
checks are important. I don’t want to put guns
into the hands of mentally unstable people or people
with rage or hate, sick people. I don’t want to – I’m
all in favor of it. The Press: What about
assault rifles? A lot of people would
like to see them banned. What is your position? The President: Well, I can
tell you that there is no political appetite for
that at this moment. If you look at the – you
could speak, you could do your own polling. And there’s no political
appetite, probably, from the standpoint
of legislature. But I will certainly
bring that up. I’ll bring that up
as one of the points. There’s a great appetite –
and I mean a very strong appetite – for
background checks. And I think we can bring
up background checks like we’ve never had before. I think both Republican
and Democrat are getting close to a bill on –
they’re doing something on background checks. The Press: (Inaudible.)
South Korea and Japan exports are (inaudible.) The President: Yeah. South Korea and I
have made a deal. They’ve agreed to pay a
lot more money toward the United States. As you know, we’ve got
32,000 soldiers on South Korean soil, and we’ve
been helping them for about 82 years. And we get nothing. We get virtually nothing. And South Korea and I have
made a deal where they’re paying a lot more money,
and they’re going to pay a lot more money. And the relationship
is a very good one. But I felt, all along, I
felt for years it was a very unfair one. So they’ve agreed to pay
a lot more, and they will agree to pay a lot
more than that. And we’re with them. We’re with them. The Press: Mr. President,
you banned bump stocks. Would you consider
a ban on these huge, large-capacity magazines? The President: So, you
have to have a political appetite within Congress. And, so far, I
have not seen that. I mean, I can only
do what I can do. I think there’s a great
appetite to do something with regard to making sure
that mentally unstable, seriously ill people
aren’t carrying guns. And I’ve never seen the
appetite as strong as it is now. I have not seen it with
regard to certain types of weapons. The Press: Mr. President,
how concerned are you about the rise in
white supremacy? And what are you
going to do about it? The President: I am
concerned about the rise of any group of hate. I don’t like it. Any group of hate, I
am – whether it’s white supremacy, whether
it’s any other kind of supremacy, whether it’s
Antifa, whether it’s any group of hate, I am very
concerned about it. And I’ll do
something about it. The Press: Do you believe
that your rhetoric has any impact on (inaudible)? The President: No, I
don’t think my rhetoric has at all. I think my rhetoric is a
very – it brings people together. Our country is doing
incredibly well. China is not doing
well, if you look at the trade situation. China just admitted
yesterday that they’ve been a currency
manipulator. First time they’ve
ever been called out. Companies are moving out
of China by the thousands, and our country is
doing very well. We’re going to see
how it all works out. Somebody had to do this
with China because they were taking hundreds of
billions of dollars a year out of the United States. And somebody had
to make a stand. So, I think our country
is doing really well. The Press: What’s your
reaction to the market reaction to the trade war? And what’s next
with China? The President: I think
the market – I think the market reaction
is anticipated. I would have anticipated. I would have maybe
anticipated even more. But ultimately, it’s going
to go much higher than it ever would have gone
because China was like an anchor on us. China was killing us
with unfair trade deals. The people that allowed
that to happen are a disgrace. China, what they were
doing to us, for years and years, taking hundreds of
billions of dollars out, stealing intellectual
property, targeting our farmers. All of that is ending,
and they understand that. The Press: Mr. President,
you still believe there’s no political appetite for
an assault weapons ban, but as the leader of this
country, do you personally believe people should
be able to buy assault weapons? The President:
That’s right. I’ll be – I’ll be
convincing some people to do things that they don’t
want to do, and that means people in Congress. But you’ve got a lot of
people on one side, and you have a lot of
people in the other. But I can – I have a lot
of influence with a lot of people, and I want to
convince them to do the right thing. And I will tell you, we’ve
made a lot of headway in the last three days. A lot of headway. The Press: Mr. President,
do you still believe that illegal immigration
into this country is an invasion? You and the shooter in
El Paso used that same language. Do you regret that? The President: I think
that illegal immigration – you’re talking about
illegal immigration, right? Yeah? I think illegal
immigration is a terrible thing for this country. I think you have
to come in legally. Ideally, you have to
come in through merit. We need people coming
in because we have many companies coming
into our country. They’re pouring in. And I think illegal
immigration is a very bad thing for our country. I think open borders are
a very bad thing for our country. And we’re stopping; we’re
building a wall right now. We won the lawsuit in
the Supreme Court two weeks ago. The wall is well
under construction. It’s being built
at a rapid pace. We need that. We need strong
immigration laws. But we want to allow
millions of people to come in because we need them. We have companies coming
in from Japan, all over Europe, all over Asia. They’re opening up
companies here. They need people to work. We have a very low
unemployment rate. So, I believe we have to
have legal immigration, not illegal immigration. The Press: Are you
watching the stock market’s reaction
to China, sir? The President: I am. I think the market
reaction is to be expected. I might’ve
expected even more. At some point, as I just
said, we have to take on China. They’ve been taking –
look, they’ve been taking us to the cleaners
for 25 years. This should’ve been done
long before me as a President. You know the story
better than anybody. You know it better
than I do, frankly. Hundreds of billions of
dollars a year taken out of our country. Stealing intellectual
property. And you know what? We, right now, we’re
sitting on top. We have money pouring in. We have powerful
companies, strong companies. China is losing so many –
they’re losing – thousands and thousands of companies
are leaving China now because of the tariffs. And we’re in a very good
position as to whether or not a deal will be made. I will tell you this:
China would like to make a deal very badly. The Press: Mr.
President, Joe Biden. Joe Biden says you have
more in common with George Wallace than
George Washington. The President: Well, you
know, Joe is a pretty incompetent guy. I’ve watched
his interviews. I’ve watched what he
said and how he said it. And I wouldn’t have rated
him very high in the first place, but Joe Biden has
truly lost his fastball, that I can tell you. Thank you.

  • We need to AXE the Hart-Seller act of 1965, and bring in ppl of merit from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Belarus, the 3 Baltic countries, and Ukrainę!!!

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  • President and First Lady Trump=awesome people! We are blessed as a country with gread leadership! True heroic individuals!

  • You seem so stressed, President Trump. Please don't be, as your supporters are much behind you and will remain so, indefinitely. Please know that no one who opposes you will ever get an ounce of at least my heartfelt energy, intended for you only, meaning that, I, for one, will not be influenced, in any respect, or better, sabotaged. Here's to maintaining a good "appetite," shall we say. All my love, President Trump, now and always — DV 🙂



  • "White supremacy" isn't the problem. Diversity and being over-run by immigrants (socialist democrat voters) is what's tearing the country apart.



  • Lol, I just noticed the hair-spreader. Thanks for not cutting his speech though. Things are crazy. I came here to hear directly from my President. Peace.

  • 3000 signatures for Stan Maillaud.

    This former French gendarme has been on hunger strike for 1 month. Fighting against paedophile crime, he was arrested by Interpol in Venezuela, two days after Epstein's arrest in New York – while he was returning from….. Paris (where no investigation has been opened into the activities of this sex criminal, billionaire and blackmailer…).

    Do you believe in coincidences?

    NB: While "China is breaking off all police cooperation with France

    The announcement is said to be linked, according to diplomatic sources, to Paris' decision to grant political asylum on 15 May to the wife of former Interpol President Meng Hongwei. "

  • I support you 100% Mr. President! I am a white nationalist but I am absolutely NOT a racist! Leftists can't even define nationalist apparently!

  • Mr. President Donald Trump, pleased watch this video and understand its gravity –

  • Why does the stupid press even agree to conduct these press conferences by a copter where the only voice that gets heard is the president. He's effectively eliminated the nature of the questions that he faces.

  • Hopefully our democratic voters are paying attention to the total abuses of power and just the pure hatred for our president by a party hell bent on destroying our country

  • Look up all the democrats backgrounds. 90+% of them have been involved in corruption. DRAIN THE SWAMP. TRUMP 2020. DON JR. 2024

  • God, overshadow our president with your grace, favor, peace, wisdom, understanding, guidance, and rest. Please vindicate him today and let his enemies and those who oppose good be openly ashamed, swallow ed up in the ditches they have dug for the president, be greatly disappointed, and permanently removed from positions of influence. Amen.

  • one question for a clarification: I heard Trump saying that the USA is in South Korea since 85 years. I can not find any information that the US was before 1945 in Korea.Where did Trump got that information?

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  • Thank you President Trump, for not following the democrats to set up a soapbox on the bodies of the victims of this horrible tragedy to push their agenda and further divide the country. I appreciate your moral fortitude.
    All this talk of so called "rehtoric", all the lies, major media outlets bring in conspiracy nuts talking about quack psudo science like numerology and subliminal messages in a desperate attempt to push a failed, thoroughly debunked narrative. I've offered $100 to anyone who can show me a clip of Trump saying something racist, if it requires a leftist talking head with a room full of red string connecting all the conspiracy dots about why we should think something is racist, it doesn't count.
    A racist slur or disparaging remark about a race of people will be accepted. $100,
    If it's so obvious, (as the smear merchants would have us believe), that should require almost no effort to find.

  • President Trump is correct. Governor Mike DeWine is handling it perfectly by giving money to help the mentally ill in the state of Ohio.

  • Andrew Stein is a longtime Democratic politician from New York. He wrote this 8/7/19 for The Hill:

    When I was Manhattan Borough president and president of the New York City Council, I asked Donald Trump numerous times to help black or Hispanic groups, and he always came through, many times without publicity. When a hurricane ravished Puerto Rico in the mid 1980s, I asked many big companies to give various forms of assistance — but the problem was how to get all of this aid down to Puerto Rico. I called Donald Trump, and he provided us with a 727 jet to take all of the donated material down to the island, and he didn’t ask for any publicity for that generous act.
    My friend, Rev. Floyd Flake, the minister of the largest black church in Queens, asked for some help for his senior center. Again, I called Donald Trump and he wrote a big check.
    One day I met an African American woman on the street with her two adorable young kids. She was homeless, and I gave her some money — and then asked Donald to get her into some low-income housing in Queens. He came through, and did so without any fanfare.
    When President Trump recently attacked Congressman Elijah Cummings(D-Md.), he was not doing so because Rep. Cummings is black but because the president is a counter-puncher. And he is right that Cummings has been a congressman for 22 years and that Baltimore, part of which is in his congressional district, is a mess. The city has gotten worse during his tenure: more poverty, more drugs and more crime.
    The president is honest and doesn’t parse his words, like most politicians, and that drives the media crazy. But his honesty is refreshing, and he is usually right, if not always diplomatic.
    African American and Hispanic unemployment under his presidency is the lowest it has been in 60 years. The president pushed through criminal justice reform and has created empowerment zones that help economically distressed communities — and their poorer residents — through tax incentives and grants. In short, he has done more for minorities in three years than President Obama did in eight, and he deserves credit instead of rebuke.
    I truly do not believe that Barack Obama is a racist — but some of his actions during his presidency could make people wonder.
    Obama listened to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s vile sermons every Sunday for years; Rev. Wright frequently and viciously attacked whites, Jews and America itself.
    Barack Obama had many meetings in Chicago with Rev. Louis Farrakhanand said many nice things about the Nation of Islam leader. He attended many of Farrakhan’s rallies, where Farrakhan set a new low for anti-Semitic attacks, calling Jews a “gutter religion” and white people “devils.”
    In addition, President Obama had Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the country’s highest-profile race-baiters, as a guest in the White House dozens of times.
    In order to protect President Obama, the media largely ignored these and many other questionable things — but these things happened, and they are far worse than anything President Trump has done.
    The point is that President Obama was not a racist but he did things that could be construed as racially divisive — and yet, he was never widely criticized for it, nor was he publicly condemned as a racist. President Trump is not a racist, either — and yet, he is being condemned as one by his critics on the left, and by much of the mainstream media.
    Race should not play a part in our politics. For too long, it has been a scar on our country. We should focus instead on the issues, and on what’s going to help make America strong for everyone.

  • I see Orange Low IQ Imbecile on YouTube or TV I Turn volume down to 0 and -5 if possible waiting for next video then Turn Volume back to Normal

  • President Trump woke the spirit of American Independence.

    Globalists have a better chance at conquering Mars than conquering America!

  • Russ-Iran-China Theory of destroy us 1st then Israel will be held to produce acorrding to peace agmt. Leader working w/Pres' son-in-law, is he dangerous?

  • How many shootings and other crises occur at Election time over the last 20 years. I see a pattern, scare the Voter, collect some $$, make more unfulfilled promises, get into office then keep the status quo to use again! Why Amerixa LOVES POTUS TRUMP ==>you CAN & WILL take his promises to the bank! Why America will give our POTUS a landslide Victory==> We will NOT play in the Swamp. Deep State DemSoc & GOP you are being voted OUT. Bye to Senator Tillis, too. No more get rich schemes w/ our tax$, by Pelosi, Scumer, et al. MSM you will loose b/c no more crooks need your FAKE platform.


  • Angelic President Trump and First Lady Melania always working hard to pull America together. Love and sweet peace of Jesus be with them and all those who are hurting right now with these shocking losses of loved ones.

  • LOL Congratulations America! … are now officially a "shithole" country. Thanks for all the laughs.

  • — I told CNN even Warren was better than a de blokio. The fact that biden pedo thinks that he could be president and mock Trump, just because some foxnewsshortnewsslobs said that he was once vice president and that he should give the presidency a shot– is more than a "bizarre" (pig) joke. But he got more than just clowns next to him in this, so why not– right. They all run on the mentality of what you don't see you don't know. (point blank)

    — After a day or two, videos were getting minimal-er with CNN and more 2020 politics and more on Tulsi Gabbard, so I told CNN/ cnn to go tell the foxnewsshortnewspigs

    — Videos on CNN/ cnn were getting specific away from bashing President Trump off the bat and there was one with Charlamagne tha "God" supposedly dissing Harris2020 but it was NOT bashing her, it was bashing President Trump and the election securities. So I messaged, questioning if the dude is or has he been paying attention to what the administration is trying to do for election INTEGRITY? GO STATE IDS!

    — Then came de blokio again with a 5 year old murder case still being litigated. So I said things like: IT took five years, because they had and have "bigger" (nonsocialistpig) fish to fry.

    De blokio stating that a court case should not last five years again, is a dam shortstory dream. As long as the likes of De blokio is breathing– there definitely could be a LOT of cases that could last (over) five years! I just got told my landlord issue could be addressed within five years and I can't handle it all at once, AND this is not the first landlord case that I'm suppose to address– of which the judge ruled in my favor and she can't be found, because it was a slob via craigslist in socialistconnecticut who ran away from her own apartment. And that situation was almost five years already, but with all the crap going on before today and today– I still can't address it!!!!

    It'd be great if CNN compared the three cases that de blokio is comparing to this case. All you hear is the guy saying I can't breathe (11x), but you can't see nothing? Cops need to wear cameras that they can't remove or "fall out". The de blokio sure doesn't repeat that part.

    There is no such complete rule as a murder case always having a speedy process. The de blokio is corrupt! This is not the presidency where half of America elected a man and more than half of the electoral elected him. The presidency happens because of EVIDENCE through the American people. A murder case is NOT the same. The fact that this guy thinks he's being listened to and the fact that he is being li%tened to is beyond disgusting, and even he knows it– f'n socialistpigbubbling mouth.

    "They have to– I think they have to beg this important question, the Justice Department has to ensure a speedy justice. It's right there in the Constitution. There can't be a process that goes beyond five years, ever again." That wasn't even a dam question, let alone a begging moment and we sure heard that ending statement before, I wonder by whom. Copy and paste a few great words and you got yourself a sentence (even the lady next to him knows he's full of s***). As he completely ignores how it's also in the Constitution for how the USA is suppose to "elect" to attack (or rather, to nullify) a presidency and instead it was held by a bunch of self chosen awol democrats.

    A statement by the families is NOT a "private conversation" (I'm telling you– what you don't know, you don't see).

    I guess he thinks that if he waves his hand in front of the lady next to him, as he's dictating and repeating to them that "finally a decision was made", that that gives "more weight" to the matter. Don't doubt that they elect their jury! You know how much of a dismissive demon he sounds like ("I can't breathe" (11x), but you can't see nothing? (de blokio sure doesn't repeat that part)).

    That lady next to him knows he's full of s***.

    "Did you talk to the officer?" "I have not spoken to him, and it is because I respect this process. If you believe there is a fair and impartial process, and I do.." 8:07 (and they all "MUST have" believed it's fair and impartial, since even his a** is still up there at the podium). Do you feel the dam 2016 hypocrisy? I DO. What you don't know, you don't see. The PEOPLE who are pro Garner want all the people fired who are colluding with this murderer looking mo'f'r. That means all the way up to the de blokiopig.

    I bet you that lady next to him wants to jump de blokio's bones. They both look like some lying mo'f'ers.

    Some comments that were on that video: "He should be in PRISON screw just fired.. He'll just go to a small town and get hired again.."

    "…kid working at McDonald’s is late for work four times: fired. Cop kills a man: meh."

    "Long fkn overdue and he needs to be fined and put in jail too."

    — Then videos for Baltimore and Cummings kept flowing like milk and honey, stating– "This is what bothers me"- cummings. So I commented: I will say this to those blacks (and tans) who are hired by leftistpigs who run a muck acting like they have no eyes, no mouth and no ears– there's a reason why (%)blacks (and tans) THINK they were the last and the ONLY slaves. What do you know about the history of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, etc.

    (this is where foxnewsshortnewspig starting coming around, but not yet)

    — They came for Saudi: "End our unholy alliance with Saudi Arabia" (but not the iranclintonobamapigs??). So I commented: I will say one thing for sure, if you'd end an alliance with Saudi who knows the secrets and beginnings of all muslims– then I hope you're doing it with indiaclinton, germanysoros, iranobama, canadafrance, podestaweinsteinunderground, etc.

    The video was stating how Christians are being attacked around there (duh), so I stated: This is a message we need to hear more of. We need to know more about Christians, because Christians were led astray by others and themselves. Jesus and magic vs GOD vs Africa history vs Greece history (etc) are a real reason why people have gone to other religions. We are magic. GOD IS MAGIC, but with the lazy Christian message and the various abuses that goes secret against humanity in so many forms are what leads many to become delinquent in their beliefs and even stray away– far away. President Trump sure likes to talk like he surrounds himself with Christian preachers, yet we see him around more Jews than anything.

  • — Then Marianne Williamson started coming around number one as well as Tulsi Gabbard, but once pharma/ cnn was knocking her thoughts on "too much pharma" they started beating and taking her words out of context– saying that she was too extreme for that. So I commented on Mrs. Williamson's youtube page stating:

    Mrs. Williamson, I seen your appearance on CNN where Mr. Cooper practically tries to corner you against a tweet you made versus what you think about pharmaceuticals increasing to "numb their pain". I want to say I applaud your take (it is important that these people does NOT take what you say out of context and your context was more than that dam tweet). CNN is paid by pharma!! So, of course they're going to take shots at someone who is trying to speak the truth about these pop culture drugs and solutions. Just like the excuses given for why there is pop cities versus those cities in pain (witchcraft). All of a sudden, Mrs. Gabbard (who rightfully belongs in their spotlight) is talked about left and right on CNN.

    And then, once you started mentioning GRIEF– then you were interrupted by Mr. Cooper (of course), because grief is one of their narrative gummy gum drop situations for popping them "pills", get hospitalized, etc. I know, I was one of them in my teens as a child. I thought I was hearing voices and it was just loud thoughts that weren't being addressed, because my dad was a runawaysocialist(pig) (I feel for him now though, because he was from Puerto Rico and was brought over to the states when he (they) was young– but still did a lot of damage) (you hear how they got rid of the current Puerto Rico governor because of his rants/ tweets about the socialistdemocratpigs in and around Puerto Rico making people gayer and so on). It's true, they are making people gay/er– not by choice, but by the socialistpigtricks that are layed within their society of what you don't know you don't see.

    "There is value in feeling the sadness– that dark night of the soul." Very GOOD, Mrs. Williamson.

    — Video on beto and El paso: To blame this on the president is a dam joke. I could've blown up how many buildings and people if that was the case– a dam (clinton)long time ago.

    I could blame President Trump for some things, but killings? NO. NOT ONE DAM BIT. That's a dam democratleftistsocialistpig thing.

    Christchurch? He must either be a catholic or rather a f'n liar. Jesus didn't inspire that bulls***. That's all the devils' works– most related to the clintondemcratsocialistleftistpigs.

    beto is one of the biggest lying a** mo'f'ers out there (the dude who changed his name, so he wouldn't be recognized for the white street punk that he really is).

    But it's not the awol democrats that are fueling hate. (I'm telling you, if you don't know you can't see)

    The occultists and their followers despise Jesus with a passion– they blame him and Jesus followers for history. They literally tear bibles apart and do rituals with things like blood and skulls, and this is mostly overseas– brought to America over time. They're all races.

    — obama gets enlightened knowing JUANRR3 voted for him (once)? "obama urges American to resist racist language from the top" f*** you obamaclintonbush.

    — video of beto telling CNN that President Trump to don't come to El Paso, my comment: Once the socialistpigs start, ain't no stopping.

    "Texas cop accidentally kills a homeless woman while shooting at her barking dog


    Three words/ one name: sounds like beto.

    — Then a "Texas cop accidentally kills a homeless woman while shooting at her barking dog


    and my comment was: Three words/ one name: sounds like beto.

    — cuomo makes video stating white nationalists are killing us mostly at home, so I commented: This video title sums it all up to the left. I'm telling you, what you do you know about history– except their f'n pocket. You know how much I got/ get judged just for being light skin, but given credit for my last name. It's f'n disgusting and a dam pig's shortstory.

    P.s. foxnewsisapieceofshit.

    — cnn comes out with a video called "this is how you impeach a president" (with clinton's face in the middle, President Trump on the right and a old President on the left of clinton) and I commented: He don't deserve to be equated to clintonpigs. So far he belongs exactly where he is.

    You guys didn't even involve the American people to get Mueller elected and the Constitution specifically states that elected officials are to have the say. So, so far anyone who put Mueller in– should be cited for more than just criminal contempt (AND I can DAM sure speak about a lot MORE).

    — Then a video of Buttigieg stating from him "we say never again, and it happens"– so I commented: Buttigieg would be the type that likes to say "never say never, because it will happen" (witchcraft is all up in the socialistpigs).

    — Then a video from de blokio stating McConnell is being called Massacre Mitch for a reason, so I commented: How was my messages received according to sloopydebitchio(?)(.)

    — THEN foxnewsshortnewpigs came in by a video from Don Lemon stating "Don Lemon calls out foxnews for defending Trump's rhetoric", so I commented: That ain't the problem. The foxshortnewspigs is the problem. They got caught up in putting my messages on blast, because they didn't know 1+1 for people to see and got tripped up in Puerto Rico news via hannitypig and geraldopig's bean factory in Puerto Rico– let alone that socialistpignut for San Juan Mayor. I would've left as Governor to! They made gay even gay-er and the Governor of Puerto Rico was right.

    The foxnewsshortnewspigs could've reported on a lot with more than just Puerto Rico. More in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc!

    — There were videos in between this time and the last above, but none about foxnewsshortnewspigs except when I saw this video "Trump brags about El Paso crowd size" and I commented: Well, g, I wonder what got de blokiopig to visit hannitypig.

  • Them three messages about that previous landlord was copied and pasted from my messages to a college counselor. Yes, even the first sentence that said "I wanted and need to send this to you".


  • You all need to NOT underestimate how much spying these people are doing! (listening from the phone, seeing how we respond to commercials, being harassed by the ones we don't like, by people who are exact examples of socialistdemocratpigs, random old and new politics, common every day situations, listening from computers, tvs, and even quantum spying from things like beer that go to your blood stream and brain) YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE F' UP. All this was talked about way before 2016 and a simpleton would dismiss it. You think the devil just cares about if we would just buy their products.

  • You guys make American(men)s find out things through "the market", so why are you spoon feeding f'n women?? The women who mostly been sitting on their a** at home or comfortably receiving warnings of change from the old women life to the "new days" (2016) of NOT sitting on their a** no more.

  • Long story short… a radicalized armed Trump supporter was harassing minorites in a city that suffered a massacre by a White Nationalist who was inspired by the very President who was viewing his aftermath. On the very day the President visits El Paso, a 21yr old Caucasian male was detained outside of a Migrant Community Center. He was detained by the police for brandishing a knife and also wear blue latex gloves, multiple reports that he was trying to intimidate people in the area. He was driving a pick up truck plastered with banners of Trump as Rambo, Infowars stickers, and another of Trump and George Washington with the phrase "If it were me and my homies, We'd be dropping bodies by now". When this kid was searched police found: 1. A loaded hand gun 2. Additional ammunition 3. A knife 4. A bag of a powdery substance identified by the kid as Alex Jones' supplements. This kid was stating to police that he's an avid supporter of Alex Jones and his show, and that he was traveling with a group of Trump supporters stopping on the way to Portland, Oregon to go to a protest. The protest was reported by Portland authorities to likely turn violent. El Paso police stated that they couldn't arrest him for anything he'd done, but that had not gotten there when they had it was likely that this kid was going to try something. Yea… You're definitely on the wrong side of history.

  • If Trump outlaws any more gun stuff,,I’ll vote democrat. Then the country will be ruined forever just by voting,,,then everyone’s children will live like animals trying to survive,,standing in lines to get a piece of cat leg ,,like in a doomsday movie,,, crazy killers shouldn’t be able to determine the future of the USA with violence ,,like antifa. The democrats always take the side of the bad people ,,,
    Trump is doing biblical improvements ,,so we’ll see what happens

  • Dear President Trump:

    Race is racism. 

    White supremacy is racism, and racism is white supremacy. Racism and white supremacy are not two separate ideologies and practices, and/or business plans and/or a religious beliefs, it is all one in the same. The system of white supremacy (racism). Not racism and white supremacy.

    Racism is the racists ideology from the white supremacists (racists), and the system of white supremacy is the functional practice of racism, and also the religious practice of white supremacy. Racism is less about hating someone, and more about having power over someone and/or a group of people.

    Racism is about the power to tell groups of people what to do, and what they can’t do, and they have to do it, and/ or they don’t eat, no food, no clothing and no shelter, because you can force them to do anything, but they can’t force you. They are slaves!

    When people talk about hate, it confuses the real issue of the people who are made powerless and stripped from being men and women and are in a permanent state of being children forever, that is the true purpose for the practice of racism. This has been the experience of the global victims of racism for thousands of years, and the existence of all non-white people worldwide.

    People who enjoy harming others with violence are rarely motivated by hating someone. They just love violence for the sake of violence and harming others for glory, for fun and material. They live for violence, they glorify violence, and they worship death, and without the extreme violence they would have no need to exist.

    We are all indoctrinated into this white supremacists’ (racists) culture, that believes in worshipping warriors and mass murderers like Alexander the great and Cesar Augustus. 

    The white supremacists’s culture is based on mistreating and subjugating people based on colour for glory, fun and material comfort.

    Thank you President Trump for talking about racism white supremacy.

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder said in a speech Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that despite advances, the United States remains “a nation of cowards” on issues involving race.

    “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been, and we, I believe, continue to be, in too many ways, a nation of cowards,” Holder said in remarks to his staff in honor of Black History Month. His comments appear on a transcript provided by the Justice Department.

    I can say with conviction that Mr. President that you are definitely not a coward. You had the courage and the fortitude to talk about issues involving race, when no one else on the planet was willing to, that I believe you should be acknowledged for trying.

    Thanks again Mr. President!

    Replace racism with justice.

  • What an ugly thing he is,. Beyond unattractive. How is this man who can barely string words together President ? Crazy Americans..


  • At 7:38 Trump gives a perfect metaphor ("anchor") to describe how trade with China in the past was 3 steps forward and 10 difficult-to-detect steps back. Time to stop the net losses by taking a stand
    At 11:00 he addresses the Biden/ George Wallace comparison…. "Joe has lost his fast ball" lol

  • We heard Him!! Antifa, white suprematists, and all hate groups have been served notice! The President is not BSing! “Git ‘er done, Sir!”

  • ol black man here from south carolina loves his family god and america ! Hates commies and lazy cry babies asking for hand outs . Trump 2020 !!!👌🏿👍🏿✌🏿

  • When something does not work, then FIX IT.
    We need to work on fixing ghettos and third world countries. Part of the problem in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Panama, South Korea from its inception, etc is that we did not understand how to stand up these people, and it needs to be bottom up, not top-down. Top-down just wastes money- they view it as OPM, not as their own money.

  • When I was randomly watching Judge Jeanine and clips of (in/ before June), I saw Mr. Scaramucci getting dismissed by Judge Jeanine stating "yea, there's a lot of nice people out there" after he was saying that President Trump "should watch what he says sometimes, because there are nice people out there". Looks like she wanted that conversation to go a whole different direction. Looked like the foxnewsshortnewspigs put him on with her just because of JUANRR3/ etc. At that time I was saying how you weren't saying enough and it looked like President Trump blatantly sees and ignores (only uses what he needs) what JUANRR3 says, so when I saw how ticked and "cool" it made Mr. Scaramucci– I emailed a message to foxnewsshortnewpigs stating "Haha. Mr. Scaramucci" (validating him and not her). I BELIEVE after that, that some fakes in foxnewsshortnewspigs decided to connect Mr. Scaramucci with more of the leftistpigs to get him to keep talking more about his perception/ fight with things instead of their constant fakeness.

  • The 2nd Amendment is a God given right! There can be no compromise!
    Apply "red flag laws" to the right to freedom of religion or free speech, the right to vote…. Red flag laws are against the Constitution!!!
    Anyone that votes for red flag laws will NOT get my vote!

  • What an embarrassment. Who would have thought his "type" would be selected president. 2020 lets not sleep like we did in 2016. Lets VOTE this uneducated unqualified racist moron OUT.

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