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Private Border Wall Fundraiser Under Criminal Investigation

Private Border Wall Fundraiser Under Criminal Investigation

Well, we get to have one of those “I told
you so” moments with this story right here and uh, this is actually an exclusive available
at Raw Story. If you want to follow the link and go check
it out. I suggest everyone does. But here is this story in a nutshell. You remember us talking about Brian Kolfage,
right? A disabled military veteran who decided that
he was going to start a charity, a go fund me and build that border wall because the
Democrats aren’t ever going to fund it. And he raised well over $20 million and we
told you at the time that Mr. Kolfage actually does have a history of ripping off charities,
starting these little groups saying he’s going to give them money to this group. And then he never gives the money to the group. The guys at Grifter, he’s a fraud basically. Well now his little, we fund the wall or we
build the wall. Charity is under criminal investigation in
the state of Florida where Mr Kolfage is based. Here’s what’s happened that we know of so
far. Um, because reporters actually tried to reach
out to law and law enforcement officers here in the state of Florida, but they could not
comment on it because it is an ongoing investigation, but we do know a few things that they’re looking
into. First and foremost, the fact that they think
this charity has misspent one point $7 million on non charitable items. Basically spinning them on political things. Now maybe that has something to do with the
event they just hosted that featured Donald Trump jr Louie Gohmert and Corey Lewandowski. That seems like it was more political than
charitable, don’t you think? I mean after all you do have members of the
Trump administration and of course one of the dumbest members of Congress available,
Louie Gohmert that was purely political, but they use their charitable funds for that and
you cannot do that. There’s also the issue of Chris Kobach who
happens to be running for Senate and also happens to sit on the board of directors and
also happens to be the lawyer for we build the wall and what’s happened is that a Kobach
is actually triple dipping here because not only is he getting paid just to be a board
member for we build the wall, he’s also using their resources to help reach out to donors
for his senate campaign. You can’t do that. Again, this is a charity, this is a political
thing. You cannot share these donor lists. You cannot use their information, the phone
numbers, the addresses. You can not do that. It is illegal and yet according to the a investigations,
that’s what they believe Kobach is doing. And because Kobach happens to be on the board
of directors of the charity and the candidate himself, this is not just Kobach doing something
illegal. This is the entire charity technically at
this point, doing something illegal. And of course the legal fees because again,
Kobach not only is he the board of director, not only is he double dipping with the Senate
campaign, he’s triple dipping because he’s also using the uh, charity funds to pay himself
as the lawyer for the group because they’re being investigated most likely because of
how corrupt Kobach is. Brian Kolfage, you really stepped in it this
time body, you know your past little things that was a little bit of a Grift, you know,
maybe a slap on the wrist. Nobody, maybe nobody cared enough to, to take
a look at it. You’re not going to escape this one. These are third degree felonies that carry
up to five years in prison in the state of Florida. If you get convicted, and I have a feeling
based on what we’ve seen based on what we already know about these investigations, it’s
unlikely that your little we build the wall organization is ever going to actually build
any part of the wall. And I say that because the part of the wall
they’ve allegedly already paid for, it’s going to have to be torn down because apparently
they built part of it in Mexico itself. So Kolfage’s group technically illegally crossed
the border to go build something without a permit on another country’s sovereign soil. This guy’s not very good at what he does,
but luckily for him, he was able to find enough people in this country foolish enough to think
that he actually knew what he was doing.

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  • Have you done a video yet on AOC and the investigation that is currently being conducted about her campaign finances?

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  • Oh come on! He REALLY did build 1.5 miles of fence. So he "spent" 8 million (give or take) so that leaves 12 million leftover for office supplies and such… right? no problems here.

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  • He outright admitted he was grifting, when right after ther gofundme didn't get enough money he said he wouldn't return the money, but that it would basically help kickstart his career as a political pundit. Because that's what the magatard donated to him for, surely.

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  • This and the arrest of one of the chairs to Students For Trump only prove that this joke of a President Has Got To Go!

  • I found a Fb page where this guy was trolling for donations and showing a portion of the wall he's allegedly already built . so I left a couple of comments telling what I had heard about him and warning people to be careful when dealing with him. Of course a bunch of trumpsters jumped all over me.
    I did the best I could do. I can't make them any smarter

  • I was sued by Brian Kolfage, and I got his own lawyer to dump him and Kolfage lost the suit. I was also the one who exposed his multiple charity frauds, stochastic terrorism, online harassment and cyber stalking, and overt white supremacy:

  • Steve Bannon also goes in on some these events. He and Kolfage came through our city near the U.S.-Mexico border. Despicable!

  • Imagine they illegally crossed the border! Wouldn't they need planning permission to build a big structure like a border wall, supposing it was actually built in the US?

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