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Professional Fundraisers, Do You Know Your Registration Requirements?

Professional Fundraisers, Do You Know Your Registration Requirements?

If you’re a professional fundraiser
working with charities to solicit donations there are some important registration
and reporting requirements that you need to be aware of. Professional solicitors
need to register in up to 43 states when they solicit on behalf of charities.
Similarly, fundraising consultants need to register in up to 31 states when
they’re soliciting—well, actually not soliciting but when they’re working with
charities, in terms of advising and counseling them on charitable
solicitation. The filing office for these registrations is the Attorney
General’s Office or the Secretary of State. And it’s important that you don’t
skip over this requirement. The reason is because many of the charities that
you’re working with are already registered to solicit and once they
engage your services, they have reporting and disclosure requirements to the
states to let them know that they’re working with professional fundraisers.
So if you’re not properly registered, it can trigger notices from the states as a
result of their filing and reporting and disclosure regarding their charitable
registrations in various states. Thanks for listening today. If you have additional questions,
please visit our website.

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