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Protests Against Zuckerberg’s Chris Christie Fundraiser

Protests Against Zuckerberg’s Chris Christie Fundraiser

progressive protesters are against mark
the second part because the fact that he’s now getting a little political
mathematical it a call up with the secret of the political before but also added he’s putting together
these fundraising events and the first partition the fundraise for new jersey governor crist christy band
ron’s so you can understand why progressives are unhappy about this especially when it comes to chris
christie’s are record on defunding planned parenthood and so
that’s a specific issue that these progresses are focusing on and of course uh… credo was one of the
organizations that was behind this protest extension of that tool marks up herbert’s home walk that fundraising event was
happening in the report testing that naa chris christy had cut funding for
planned parenthood by seven point five million dollars and of course he did so
by saying look we want small government but you know what that small government
shutdown a few clinics in the state of new jersey may so that there’s a huge problem there
because of course as you guys all knowingly send over and over again planned parenthood is not just about abortions that’s literally three percent
of what they do their are screenings uh… you know as he detests uh… contraceptives everything that you
can imagine that women will not everything he can magic with a lot of
that a preventive screenings that women need are provided their correct that
would be the people of different issues to uh… fight back chris cristiana he’s got a level of
recently because of what happened with superstars sandy and uh… and so and
he’s very popular in in new jersey cuz of that he seem to have a bipartisan air about
him because he praised obama’s response that of course earlier than it used to
measure speech about how about was terrible they should definitely
reelected et cetera uh… he’s got a lot of good hide behind it but the reality
is in part a white suburb ur as source fundraiser form uh… his biggest chris chris he is the best
representative of the rich that there is in this
country especially it’s really about he cuts uh… viciously from the state
budgets to the park and the newark at the fire large parts of their police force and crime skyrocket in those places but
who cares it’s newark and camden the at christmas he was never any donors
in newark and camden so he doesn’t give a damn and what do you use extra money for he was super tax cuts for the rich and
for corporations and we cover the story before and he said no that was so they can
create jobs and altman companies allow the companies
that got those tax cuts they create jobs no they cut jobs in new jersey and chris
christie took away for three percentage like wanted exam i remember if he was
campbell soup that they were so we’ve got forty two million in tax breaks for
hired people they fired about a hundred people increase p_c_r_ that’s i can’t
believe you fire them sort of hiring that why you only get thirty eight for thirty four million in double so now chris chris christie and a i’d feel like you
know there’s he hasn’t been near a end of the new year’s like this likable guy
you know he jokes about his way dot late night shows and he seems like but i got
you want to have a beer with right and that’s a bit of a cliche now when it
comes to politics letting people who aren’t necessarilly in the political world will
look and see likable guy that’s fine you have to do a lot of research to really
figure out what he’s doing to destroy his own state he remember christopher
door the killer l_a_ yeah so yeah i like hillary clinton but you know it’s like
you know my like christmas it makes no sense not harmful opposite ends of this time
but he doesn’t know much about politics recently that christmas is allied with
that the rich absolutely love chris christie wife is a
lot of them in new york and by the way in silicon valley of course is like a
burgers or socially liberal they don’t you know
he gave people a bit of a black people there and you can get it set a
restaurant but they want a mani lebowski anyway
keep their party they eight axes so they don’t know white dot gif
education other people did not do know i want the plot capitalism that’s that’s
getting cannot be used to socially conservative engineered johnnie cash was what
pretending to be really got chris christie his top donors are hedge fund guys and now all the silicon valley billionaires are
like you at what’s right dot gravy train now i was october excommunication team
of course responded to this and they said republicans has nothing to do with
taxes right now we’re going to tell us about this to-do about the execution in new jersey
already if you can not are uh… marks after byrd did donate a
significant amount of money to new jersey uh… public schools okay that was wrong
was having some p_r_ trouble nannies a contract for a hundred million dollars
to newark schools yes and that’s it play and he did give a hundred million
dollars but here here is what the reality is okay ic that education system or what chris
christie wants to do with the education system in new jersey is a complete and
under disaster he’s in favor of the vouchers which of
course on the surface look like it’s a great idea but basically it sucks the
money out of public education so that public education fails and then you use
the batter’s to encourage parents to send their kids to private
schools right privatized education and then you don’t
have a public option for education if you think i’m just gonna help me out
those vouchers we’re not okay so you’re screwed you
have to pay for education if you can’t afford it stube at your kids can’t get
my sense is when you privatize it corporations that fumbles politicians
make more money and by the way the on forcing a lot of
the wealth in the country or the senate is a private schools sleeping why my paying property taxes that are going to public schools so my
kids over to anyway so we wind up i’m watching those schools i save a little bit of money exact and
then if and let my kids are prime school private schools are great you know my
parents at one point they were extremely poor we had to depend on certain a
social services to make ends meet right and and and because of that i’m
able to be wearing today and i feel like it is my duty to give
back to the country certified wealthy enough to send my kids
to private school so be it but i would be happy to make sure my property taxes
go toward education to get other kids an opportunity knows all we want the wrong about that is something slightly more
unpatriotic and that’s what face book co-founder eduardo severin yes which is
he’ll literally ripped up his u_s_ passport said what’s america shit about
america of a single poured out of a pain staking taxes here before the i_p_o_
suitable or taxes and of course what happened people like
rush limbaugh and fox news that how did it because they don’t give a damn about
being patriotic or american there like are you visit with the pressure to in would be
really are loyal to is money you have money to right so like
alex sarin betrayed the country in a sense but
nobody had and care about severin proceed if there’s a big victory in here but like its lesson ball and basic
subway he’s literally couldn’t be more who who made more unpatriotic right now limbaugh celebrated fox’s celebrated kisses patriotic but one thing they care
about money and that’s what this fundraiser was october gets about this
about chris christie guy will funnel more
money to us so n is for the report on uh… but the connelly’s a rice was there a
portions of the stanford right and uh… and then they said a whole
bunch of young guys in really fancy cars were at the point asp st lincoln town
car since up like that because it’s also travel units poor young packed guys for all millionaires billy has a page
thirty eight hundred dollars at a person for this meal and have the money went for chris chris
is for sos coming away uh… vera

  • I respect Chris Christie the person because he sticks true to his beliefs. I can at least give him that. However, like you said, he is kind of a bully, and an enemy of education. Like I said, he's not a good governor, and that is an understatement.

  • Try explaning that "logic" to people like Scott Peterson, who are currently serving murder convictions for the killing of what you call a collection of cells".

  • That's because we all like his product! That's capitalism! You can buy the product without agreeing with the actions of its owner (i.e. – Chick-a-Filet! ; ] )

  • The solution to america's problems can be broken down into three things in my opinion.

    1.) Cap income to $90 an hour.
    2.) increase the income tax on the rich to 60%.
    3.) socialize the banks.

    Fixing the economy is easy it's just that our politicians don't want to.

  • sex is a choice. Pregnancy is a consequence of that action. Actions have consequences. Want to have sex? Pay for your own BC, your own condoms and your own abortion.

  • First of all, you ARE his product. Facebook's real customers are advertisers and app companies, and you are the product being sold.

    Second, since when is capitalism about mindless consumerism? Everyone should make an informed decision where they take their business.

  • Sex is not so much a choice as a biological necessity; humans are hardwired to do our most primal of task.

    P.S. – Yes, I use that line on womens ALL the time. ^-^

  • soery, i just accidentally flagged tehe video on my iphone :/ — thanls for being the moat real resource for sharing information in america. no one is more real than tyt

  • Ive considered deleting my facebook numerous times. The only reason I dont is that it is a valuable family and business networking tool

  • I went to both public & private school & I honestly don't understand why private schools are considered superior. The education itself was about the same at both.

  • whenever i hear the term 'libtards' i picture that person as one of the most ill-informed voters on the planet. it's just a blazing neon sign telling us you don't know what you're talking about. or you could just be a 12 yr old.

  • Of course some people will. People who hardly care about facebook anymore and who really don't like republicans, this will decide those people.

  • You're an idiot. Which is why i DO want my taxes to go toward the Education system. The only cure for "stupid" as you put it, is Education. The Public School system in America actually IS NOT failing. Stop watching Fox News and look at REAL stats

  • Amen. Dude, a-fucking-men. Everyone wants to complain, but when it's time to actually do something that can make a difference, everyone shuts up and sits down. Pathetic.

  • You do realize that by using AdBlocker you are depriving a lot of people who create internet content of their revenue though right? You're all "haw haw, I'm sticking it to the man" but in reality you're just crushing the small guy who needs the money from Ads to keep their Youtube channel or website or Twitch channel or whatever going…

  • wow i bet you just roll over and take everything up the ass… you got to protest this kind of shit, there is so much that needs to be protested, they were protesting FB because of its support for a republican Douche bag and his policies the very fact that you are bitching about it is a sign of the protests success

  • Ana should look into our school system in Sweden. Our Free School System is built on vouchers. You guys always hail the Swedish "socialist" system. Let's see you do it once more for the show. Oh you won't? Bet you are too scared.

  • there's a difference between being slightly hypocritical, and reversing your whole fucking ideology. I thought the whole point of the libertarian party was to keep government small and to uphold a completely free market system. RP's actions reveal how disingenuous he is about what he truly believes.

  • did you even look at my page you dumbfuck piece of shit???? oh wow…what the fuck is wrong with you? you start off with an insult about intelligence but you don't even know how to do research? holy fuck you are beyond fucking retarded! you aren't a lesbian, you are a disgrace to the LGBT community!

  • Man, Cenk's catchphrases bum me out and make me not want to watch.

    Please stop yelling OF COOOOOOUUURSE and saying "It's about the money Lebowski." It makes you seem like a clown and undermines your serious points.

  • It seems like we should eradicate all state power because it seems like it makes the country into a free for all. States fight for funding and they start funding companies so they can create jobs or lobby for useless military spending for their state to create jobs.

    It's anti-capitalism and you're not creating jobs, you're creating a monopoly and an inability for a market to innovate. The government should be unifed but should have their hands on local goverment's balls on spending.

  • actually no. i have been truly and utterly enjoying your stupidity. it is overwhelming and clearly preventing you from actually having anything worth mentioning. now, you are desperate and not even able to recognize that we see you for what you are: a troll. a fake. someone who cannot be in anyway shape or form real.

  • If I agree or disagree with someone Ill still give people some space out of respect of their opinion. Zuckerburg is no exception. Besides politics another problem I have with some people is the lack of decency to look back and say, "oh we don't agree, that sucks oh well".

  • I worry so much about the 2016 election… At least with Obama he is reliably bad. We don't want a pres that jumps around on things like mitt Romney did

  • This is what TYT has come too. Attacking a guy for giving money to a politician. Looking at how Obama has time and time again betrayed democrate party stances. I hope a republican wins 2016. Stop harassing a guy just for donating to a politician. When was the last time Obama went out of his way for planned parenthood.

  • Cenk you are wrong on this one. this is about Zuckerburgs new business plans, which will start in NJ, maybe sometype of sports gambling facebook network that will make Zuckerburg billions more.

  • So a protest about zuckerberg yet people don't protest agaisn't obama. we still have no answer on benghazi,drones can now kill people,obamacare is destroying doctors and the elderly, obama wants to raise the minimum wage even though small bussiness can't afford it, we have a spending problem with 16 trillions in debt, gives money and weapons to countries that hate us, yet there are NO protest. So america has come to a point that it no longer has any intelligent people around.

  • you guys need to cover the part where facebook got off totally tax free this year. oh wait you wouldn't because you are idiots who follow the liberal agenda and if something comes up and its a republicans fault than you cover it but if a democrat like obama creates loopholes for his little friends at facebook its ok. you guys are no more than tools, you do not cover the facts because all you care about is money am I not right cenk?

  • Exactly, this is the first time they talk about a rich celebrity doing a fudraiser. Robert De Niro and lots of others did fundraisers for the Obamas at $40 000 a plate, yet apparently they funded the Obamas out of the goodness of their heart

  • In "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" the bad guy fucks the good guy's wife to throw off his analysis about him. Chris Christie's one visible social flaw is his weight – this hides the fact that he's a terrible pro-rich bastard. (Not saying being fat is flawed – society is way too harsh on weight.)

  • I understand that, unfortunately that's just how people in LA talk. Like most people nowadays say, "I could care less" without realizing how redundant that phrase is, it should be "I couldn't care less". It's just the way it is. Are you serious right now? You're going to trump me with logic here? Well let me bottleneck your whole argument there. My point is valid simply because I am simply stating how they speak in that area. But, I never said it was okay. Read that sentence one more time buddy

  • What are you talking about dude? They preach small government man. They don't want to take people rights away! According to Ray Comfort, taking away a woman's right to abortion is giving them more choice than if we give them that right! Come on man, some of these republicans are fucking clowns. Like John Beuhner. Presenting the SAME FUCKING TAX CUT PLAN as the day before. They're clowns, they're just fucking clowns.

  • Well on your point, I am sure you have encountered someone that says something completely different than you, and you wonder, "what the hell?" and then you realize that it's just the way everyone speaks in the area and then you switch positions and think "oh, okay, still weird, but sure"? Just like "chips" in England. It was a completely neutral position not a defense.

  • I understand that, but you have to understand that people do not shy away from their native tongue quite easily. And yes, I didn't say that people elsewhere didn't say that. I live here in Utah now and people here talk the same way they did in California! Just because you have a global audience doesn't mean you should conform to every single style of talking. That's just counter-productive.

  • Oh! Wow! Now you have trolled onto someone else who knows you are not smart enough to treat with respect! "You are" is the same fucking thing as "you're" but the latter is a contraction. Grammatically speaking the "you are" is more appropriate. Yet considering how fucking stupid the rest of your other posts are I am not surprised by this!

  • not at all. I'm more surprised you didn't learn your lesson and are continuing your stupidity. seriously? you are pathetic at best. I'm not mad, I'm saddened you still exist.

  • i would love for you to tell me where or when i said i have an idea of peace and harmony. What i find ignorant about your statement is that you don't want to pay taxes for unnecessary people/things… well i wanna shit money… but w/e, no need to elaborate. Have a good day.

  • In right wing world, Ed Saverin is a PATRIOT for ditching his citizenship to protest taxes, but if someone from hollywood did the same thing he's a TRAITOR

  • Dude I'm a registered republican and I even hope my idiotic party doesn't win in 2016. We're the fucking stupid party right now -_-

    Besides, if Hillary runs in 2016, she'll undoubtedly win anyways.

  • ps. that's a joke, i get annoyed at its miss-use too, i cringe every time. as much as i cringe when stupid reporters in the news miss-use the word "epicenter" as if "epi" makes the center even more centric, somehow, when they aren't even talking about seismic activities. or howbout penultimate! and on and on…. irregardless!

  • famous people helping the left = yeah!!!! someone famous helping the center or he right = lets protest, lets boycott

  • nice cars Lincoln town car? if they took a car service yeah but not limos , instead of town cars? or did they mean Ferraris

  • Suckerberg is a communist and dictator, he censors free speech and bans FB users if it goes against his queer or Muslim agenda. What baffles me is Muslims executes queers.

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