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Protests at Hong Kong’s Airport & A Terrifying Open-Carry “Prank” | The Daily Show

Protests at Hong Kong’s Airport & A Terrifying Open-Carry “Prank” | The Daily Show

Over the past few months, people in Hong Kong
have taken to the streets to protest
China’s increasing influence on their previously
autonomous city. And after weeks of protest
in the streets, today they took their
demonstration to the next level. Now to those massive protests
in Hong Kong, bringing one of the busiest
airports in the world to a standstill this morning. Outbound flights cancelled
for the rest of the day after thousands
of pro-democracy demonstrators, right there,
swarming the main terminal. This comes after a weekend
of violent clashes. Hong Kong police are defending
their use of force, including using teargas
inside a train station… Damn. That airport looks crazy. Yet somehow
still better than LaGuardia. (laughter) (applause, whooping) And… and really, after seeing this,
there is no way you can doubt the dedication of these
protestors in Hong Kong, because they went
to the airport, not to fly… but to protest. Do you know how committed
you have to be? Even when I am flying, I don’t want to go
to an airport. I hate the airport. Last week, my mom asked me
to pick her up from JFK. So she lives there now. -(laughter)
-I told you, Mom, don’t test me! You don’t test me! And can you imagine, like, getting off the flight
and seeing this? ‘Cause you forget,
people were landing as well. You’d probably want to get
right back on your plane, ’cause this is chaos. Yeah. -Unless you flew
on Spirit Airlines. -(laughter) Spirit Airlines– it’s like a violent
Chinese protest in the sky. (applause, whooping) And finally…
while many in the U.S. are still dealing with
last weekend’s mass shootings, some jackass in Missouri thought
it was a good idea to do this. NEWSMAN: Tonight,
Dimitri Andreychenko is in jail on charges of making
a terrorist threat after setting off fears
of a mass shooting. The 20-year-old walked
into this Walmart in Springfield, Missouri,
dressed in body armor, carrying an assault rifle. He had a hundred rounds
of ammunition. A store manager
pulling the fire alarm, sending customers
fleeing outside. Police say Andreychenko
told them he… “wanted to know if that Walmart
honored the Second Amendment,” and that, due to three recent
shootings and a stabbing, he wanted to protect himself. LT. MIKE LUCAS:
His intent was not… to cause peace or-or-or… comfort to anybody
that was in the business here. In fact, he’s lucky
he’s alive still, to be honest. Yeah, This kid walked
into a Walmart wearing full body armor
and carrying a giant-ass gun, and he says it was all, like,
a prank or an experiment. And I’ll be honest, I don’t know
how much he demonstrated the power
of the Second Amendment, but that was
a very effective demonstration of white privilege,
that’s what that was. -(laughter)
-Because, uh… -(applause, whooping)
-I’m gonna warn you now… I will warn you now, do not try this shit
if you are black. (laughter) Or Muslim. Or one of those Greek people
who are super tanned. (laughter) I will say this, though, like, the kid has exposed how crazy
open carry laws are, right. In many states,
you can just walk around with an assault rifle
and it’s completely legal until the moment
you threaten someone. Which is terrifying. Right? In a country where
there’s this many shootings, open carry is like having a law where you’re allowed
to dress up like a clown and sneak into someone’s bedroom
with a knife. Yeah. And then
the person’s just like, (gasps)
“Are you here to stab me?” It’s like, “No, No.
I’m just testing the law, man. Shh. Go back to sleep.”

  • Serious topics aren't serious if you gonna make jokes man. You're a funny guy but the protest is serious situation.

  • A giant ass gun hahahaha……..that shit made me laugh so hard. Trevor dont know jack shit about guns. ( No disrespect Trevor Noah )

  • And i believe in open and carry law. The only way to stop a bad person with a gun, is a good person with a gun.
    ( in my opinion at least. I know a lot of people are scared because of what happened.)

  • Couldn't the dumb ass with the guns just have called "that" Walmart's information desk and asked them if they honored the SA? That's what every other dumb ass does if they want to know if Walmart has Prince Albert in a can . When you buy a boat you are not going to be happy just storing it. Sooner are later you are going to want to put it in the water. That's the problem with people who buy an arsenal of firearms and all the accessories — sooner or later they are going to want to go out and use them .

  • Lol a guy chased my car once with a shot gun thinking my sister’s boyfriend was in there with us. My sister was pregnant and we backed into an electric pole trying to get away. He got picked up by police but later released because he “hadn’t fired the gun”

  • These people carry American flags, get paid by the the supporters from the USA, imprison innocent people in the airport. Their leader has left=fled to the NYU already, supporting the rest of the protester orally. what a joke, shame on you Hongkong

  • I am mixed native american irish and french american, i look white on the outside, but even i wouldn't try that shit.. You carry your gun in a case when you are in the city limits, you only unzip that shit when you are out in the woods going hunting.. THATS HOW I WAS TAUGHT.. why do people think they can RAMBO up and waltz into stores.. Even in the wild west most saloons would make you check your 'holstered gun' at the door because even they knew guns + potentially adversarial people don't mix.

    I'm not saying that people at Walmart are Drunk but.. many of them look like they are.. seriously Walmart is the shit-stained 7 week old rank ass underwear of America , WHY WOULD YOU EVEN GO INTO A WALMART..

    Reasons not to go into walmart
    1. guaranteed to witness a 600lb person who smells like his service animal DIED between his asscheeks waddle into the store and hold up the line you are in
    2. shit is not even that much cheaper
    3. you need a GPS or you will get lost inside of one
    4. none of the employees know where anything is
    5. the multi hundred X Billionaire WALTON Family puts out ANTI union videos while they under pay their workers and cause the state and federal governments to compensate their workers with welfare benefits when they DEFFINATLY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES BETTER
    6. you might get shot..
    7. do i even need to add more to this list

  • I don’t know. Given a choice between open carry, or concealed carry. I’d choose open carry. I’d rather be aware of someone having a gun then having to worry about everyone hiding them.

    That’s just my personal preference though.

  • And the kid was stopped by a concealed carrier and held at gun point till the cops showed up. Funny how you left that out. ? Also the 2nd ammendment and open carry laws pertain to public areas. As Was-Mart is a private institution on private property it does not apply. Even the kid's girlfriend told him this was a bad idea.

  • You should cover the latest news Protesters in HK call to action withdraw all the cash from their banks. What a creative way to protest!

  • This is no more a protest this is riots and you are not telling the truth! I’m from hong kong and majority are feeling heart broken and we still need to live with it. This is not funny at all.

  • Shouldn't the authorities have at least verified if that white kid really didn't intend on shooting civilians by going to his house and trashing the place turning it upside down to see if he isn't hiding any manifestos or something?

  • Here's a little history lesson for those ignorant people making up their minds based on what they hear on the news without doing their OWN research.

    wiki: The 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests are a series of demonstrations in Hong Kong against an extradition bill proposed by the government of Hong Kong.[13] If enacted, the bill would allow local authorities to detain and extradite people who are wanted in territories that Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements with, including mainland China and Taiwan.[14] Some fear the bill would place Hong Kongers and visitors under mainland Chinese jurisdiction, undermining the autonomy of the region and citizens' rights.

    To thoroughly understand this we have to look back.
    Hong Kong was transferred to China on 1 July 1997, after 156 years of British rule.
    In 1984, the British and Chinese governments signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration which stated that the sovereignty of Hong Kong should be transferred to the PRC on 1 July 1997, and Hong Kong should enjoy a "high degree of autonomy" under the "One Country, Two Systems" principle.

    So british had hong kong as a slave and China helped free hong kong. Now hong kong joined China and wants all the benefits of china and doesn't want to share intel and security with china.. People in Hong kong thing they are better than the chinese people. China helped get your freedom from the British.. now you spit on the hand that fed you. Don't get me wrong china isnt an angel nor is any other government in the world but you cant have it BOTH ways. benefit economically from chinese corporations and influence and trading and at the same time be above the law. Now you can have your complete independence but then dont expect china to help you economically and provide you security… fairly simple really.

  • S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Exactly ,the pranks took away from the argument// but the pranks were part of the statement// see it wasnt that bad /and I like the one in Dallas

  • Those violent protesters overrun the airport, capturing passengers at the airport, not letting them to pass(even for going to hospital), terrifying them. They attacked the police and police station, attacked innocent travellers from mainland China and other countries, destroyed the national flag, trying to split the country apart. So this is so called freedom and democracy the rioters pursuing ? In the name of democracy, they deprived other people 's freedom and democracy. Most of HK people they don't support these violent protests. You can not walk on the street without worries of being beaten by those violent protesters. You can't make a living since no one would risk to go to HK for traveling and business. You live in fear. Who took your freedom away ? The rioters !

  • So we gone just act like that piece of shit aint a Trump Russian Op? ok Cool dont wanna hear you Passive left wing Liberal Pussies drying when some more shit goes down cos you pussies think self defense is not cool??‍♂️

  • “I walked into the supermarket fully kitted for battle to see if they honor a constitutional amendment”

    Thats not how amendments work. You are not just an ass but a dumb, inconsiderate ass.

  • Hey just thought about it, if they take all the guns away from law bidding citizens hands… then we can rob them with ease!

    Most criminals don't have a legal gun anyways, they have a throw away dirty gun. So only you law bidders will become easy prey. Enjoy being defenseless as you asked for it . 🙂

  • He knew he would sow chaos and was eager to do so. Had anyone loaded a gun upon seeing him, I'm sure he would have shot them, claiming it was because he felt threatened. So either he gets to scare everyone with total impunity or be becomes a poster boy for gun nuts who are claiming that he was victimized. Best case scenario, he's a sociopath. Worst case, he's a murderous sociopath.

  • makes you wonder how cops see cosplayers with prop guns. I'm asian yet I wonder how cops would see me with a gun. Think I should raise my hands everytime I have a prop gun since I have a Red Hood cosplay. In all seriousness, guys like the missouri walmart are scary and could do a lot of harm

  • Regardless, if we're going to have guns everywhere, I'd rather them be large guns carried openly than concealed handguns

  • Maybe if everyone carried guns then maybe no one wud try to commit mass shootings bexause everyone wud then b able to defend themselves…its too late for gun control there are too many guns in the world already n bad ppl will always b able to get our only option is to arm and defend ourselves

  • Didn't an off duty fire man detain the prankster with a hand gun? Just saying throw some credit to that guy for stepping up.

  • Islam is the religion of peace. Look at these videos below and tell me if Islam is the religion of PEACE!!!

    Mohammed Hijab (6’5 goofy Muslim) is the ringleader and the Muslims following him. He has

    on a maroon shirt.

    This all happened in London, England 2 months ago, simply because a Black man(in a blue

    jumpsuit) disagreed with a Muslim.

    *Mohammed Hijab (big, goofy, Muslim with maroon shirt) attacked the smaller Black man and

    his two minions

    *Abdul Ahmed (Tweedled Dum) and

    *Mohammed Tawheed (Tweedled Dee)all tried to jump on him together.

    Then a massive Muslim crowd ensued him and they chased him for 30 minutes across the

    park before the London Police could intervene. It is frightening to watch

    Do we American want these types of Muslims in the United States? These people can not

    and will not assimilate. They took the law (Sharia Law-look it up) into their own hands. Check out all three video and you judge for yourself. This is NOT going to happen in my America…not in the United States. NOPE!!

    Mohammed Hijab (goofy,6’5 Muslim)the instigator of the whole massive rumble. He is the

    Muslim leader at Speakers Corner in London England.​

    Abdul Ahmed(Tweedled Dum)the fat Muslim with the solid Black hat and beard​

    Mohammed Tawheed(Tweedled Dee)the bald head fat Muslim in the center talking……SAVAGE


    Muslims screaming "Allahu Akbar while the Notre Dame Cathedral was burning​

    You be the judge of these sweet and kind Muslims. A religion of PEACE?

  • HongKong polices and HongKong young protesters should watch this video, and they know America government always has two standards…..put your hands up if not I will shots you…..

  • The LaGuardia and Spirit airline shade was pure hilarity. As for that clueless idiot walking into Walmart in full body armor with a rifle, mind you after a recent mass shooting. White privilege is real.

  • Someone has to say it how it truly is. Thanks trevor for your honesty. Maybe you can talk about how people are upset about disney movies using black characters. They want black people "to get their own movies" maybe American needs a reminder that these are kid movies and kids dont see race until their racist parents teach them. Also, maybe a quick history about segregation and lack of diversity in movies is needed for people who dont know or forgot?

  • You've just said it: "A Violent Chinese Protest" wakakakakkakaka
    They dont admit it was a violent protest,
    They dont admit they are Chinese…
    Oh well…

  • A lot of people making videos calling it a 2nd amendment audit. When it was conceived they probably didn't think about one person being able to kill a hundred people with one gun without having to reload

    Lucky to be alive. How lucky was the black guy trying to buy a bb gun in Walmart

  • What happen in HK is a protest against passing of an extradition bill (which is already shelved) and against the government against their characterization of the event. It’s not against Chinese influence. Wrong context!

  • There's only two kinds of people who open carry. There's mass shooters, and there's THIS jackass!

    I have lived in Texas for all 40 years of my life and have NEVER seen anyone open carry. If you carry a gun, you want it concealed. You want your attacker to be unaware you have a gun until you draw it into their face.

  • Tokyo Haneda, Narita, Frankfurt, London, Singapure. Never flew in America but I love airports and flying don‘t know what you talking about.

  • Trevor Noah when will you speak about the 2nd Amendment without bringing up race? I would like to not be reminded that i'm Black/African-American every time I come here for the news.

  • I will say that I wish they would have added that he was detained by somebody with their concealed weapon until police arrived.

  • wow. trevor noah didnt even mention anything about the 2 people the "protestors" tied up, beat up, and prevented medical personnel from getting to them, even after one of them lost consciousness. They also attacked police cars and ambulance who turned up. They also prevented tourists from taking their flights and going through security. As usual, a complete downplay of the disruption and violence of these "peaceful protests".

  • I like Kevin Hart but he just can't touch Dave Chappelle. Dave has officially surpassed Richard Pryor, but Trevor Noah might really blow them both out of the water. Trevor hands down has the versatility no other comedian has shown, the ability to be serious in front of an audience with zero intention of finding a laugh or revealing a punch line. I think it shows how genuine he is, and reveals potential for true acting greatness. He is proven to be a great host, comedian, human, and general personality. More than excited for this young man's career, almost relieved or dependant in fact. The world needed a Trevor Noah, gratitude to his parents for their bravery and for what they gave to the world.

  • Hong is a free economy, capitalist in nature. That's what made it one of the greatest cities in the world. China is just going to fuck it up by making it communist.

  • Where is the videos of those protesters attacking police station, destroying government building, & shooting harmful laser at cops eyes????
    This is not a peaceful movements!
    Those protesters will & are attack anyone who has different views than them, does not matter they are 70-yr-old man or 20-yr-old powerless young woman!
    Don’t believe me, YouTube the video!!
    Those protesters are cowards!!
    They use their number to their advantage!
    What a shame!!!!!

  • People needing guns to protect themselves from police and criminals and blah …Don't you guys pay taxes for the police to protect you overall?…. Out of the US and never going back. My so-called Shit Hole – is gunless and free.

  • Hong Kong protesters have signs that say we need guns, American protesters have signs saying we need to get rid of guns. ?

  • They are not protesters, they are rioters, they did lot of criminal activities , and some media did not reported it. What a shame!

  • Concealed carry is better. People who open carry are just proud of what gun they own. People who conceal carry are serious about protection and the 2nd amendment.

  • if Hong Kong turns into another Tienanmen, the second amendment won't seem like such a joke eh Trevor? Anyways, the Chinese loved your 5G humiliation of America. Keep up the good work!

  • I don't care WHAT the gun laws are.

    If I know you walk around with a gun – especially if you have it on full display, and proudly – I will treat you like a dangerous animal, run for my FUCKING LIFE, and alert the police, too.

    P.S: That kid Should eave experiments to the scientists.

  • Hong Kong protesters are definitely potential terrorists. They wore masks and LIVE-STREAMED beating up & choking a tourist in the HK airport for hours! And they wouldn't let the paramedics in to rescue that man who was already unconscious. It took the police and the paramedics EIGHT hours to get that poor man some help, no news on whether he's still alive or not. Those so-called protesters have gone too far, now they're just thugs with no respect for human life.

  • Trevor, I appreciate you reporting the protest in Hong Kong and highlighting the dedication of the protesters; however, I am very disappointed to have also found out you cancelled your show there due to the political movements. Despite what China media has claimed, there has not been much violence, and the only people who have gotten hurt so far are the protesters due to police using unnecessary force. You always talk about fighting for what's right and challenging the government for unfairness; yet, your act of cancelling the show demonstrated otherwise.

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