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#purpleforAKT fundraising challenge

#purpleforAKT fundraising challenge

When my friends find out
that I am pansexual, the first question I usually get
is something along the lines of “do your parents know?”,
“is your family ok with it?” “are you having
any problems at home?” I believe that these questions
should not exist, but the reality is that 1 in 4 people
who come out to their families are rejected, and for young people
who have no other means of support this can have
deadly consequences. Many are thrown out of their family homes
and have nowhere else to go, while others have to run away
because they are threatened with beatings, religious abuse, forced marriages
and other forms of violence. It is estimated that almost half
of homeless youths are LGBT, and that they are at a higher risk
of physical and sexual assault, harassment and suicide
than their straight counterparts. The system fails them
and many shelters aren’t safe. Until unaccepting families learn to love
their children for who they truly are, it is crucial
that we support these youths, for example through charities
such as the Albert Kennedy Trust. The AKT supports homeless LGBT youth
in England by providing safehouses,
where vulnerable youths can spend the night and
be clothed and fed, while also providing counseling,
support, therapeutic care, and programs designed to get them
back into education or work. I am currently undertaking
a fundraising challenge to support
the fantastic work they do, and I want you to be
a part of it. All you have to do is make a small donation
to my challenge page on JustGiving. You can find a link to it below. If you’re in the UK,
you can also donate by texting PAKT99 and your chosen amount
to the number 70070. Once you’re done,
upload a picture of yourself wearing purple on your preferred social media site
under the tag “purpleforAKT” to raise awareness
and spread the challenge to others. Take the challenge today
and help give a young person a fresh start
and a better life.

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