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Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown on keeping his sons classy | Parenting Truths | Parents

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown on keeping his sons classy | Parenting Truths | Parents

– Hey, friends, it’s Karamo
Brown from Netflix’s Queer Eye. I am the resident culture expert, but I’m also a father to
my two sons Jason and Chris and I’m about to play
some parenting truths. (upbeat music) I have been parented by my own children. It happens pretty often
because as someone who believes that children have just as much to say, have just as much opinions, I give them the space to talk and sometimes I’ll say something
and they’ll be like, “Dad, that’s actually not right.” I have crashed one of my son’s dates. I crash my sons’ dates very often. My oldest son just went on a date with a girl that he’s dating
and I literally showed up 30 minutes after he got to the date because he said he was going out with her and I didn’t fully
believe what was happening because I saw a message on his Instagram but he was actually where
he was supposed to be with the girl he said he
was gonna be on and so I pretended like I just
needed to drop off some money and I left. I’ve never punished my kids
for something they’ve done that I also did at their age. I believe that with kids,
we punish too quickly and I believe that childhood
or just being a human being is about growing and learning and if someone makes a mistake,
why would I punish you? I think it’s so crazy that parents say, “Tell me the truth, tell me the truth,” and then once someone tells you the truth, “it’s like, you’re in
trouble for two weeks.” Well, why would I ever want to tell you the truth ever again? I know there’s a punishment coming. So I do the exact opposite. If you tell me the truth, we can have a conversation about it so you can grow through
it and I won’t punish you. I have been mistaken for my
sons’ brother all the time. That’s the beauty of being a teen parent. We’re only 14 and a half years
apart from me and my oldest, and, also, they wear my clothes so when we’re out, people
assume that we’re brothers. I’m just the oldest brother and then my youngest son
is the youngest brother, which I get a kick out of but they hate. I have let my kids dress me for an event. My youngest son, Christian,
is a young fashionisto. If he was gay, Tan would
be in serious trouble because he would be on the show as the young fashion Queer Eye guy because his style is on point and I actually don’t leave the house, normally, 95% of the time, without him critiquing what I have on. I have used my kids as inspiration for a professional project. The biggest professional project is my transition from
being a social worker and a psychotherapist into television. If it wasn’t for my youngest son writing a paper on living your dreams and asking me if I was living my dreams three and a half years ago
and me finding the courage to tell him I wasn’t at the time, I would have still been in this field, which I love that field,
but this was my passion and every time I think about
me going after something but feeling like I’m
afraid, I think about him and it always inspires me
to go after it and do it, just like I did with
TV and here I am today.

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