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Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing AGAIN!

Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing AGAIN!

Rand Paul senator from Kentucky Center
Ron Paul has been cut plagiarizing speeches and
content again Lewis last week we talked about
how he got caught copying from the wiki page for the movie Gatica for speech BuzzFeed analyze that and
then they found that he was also copying stuff from the Wikipedia entry
for the movie Stand and Deliver and BuzzFeed is all
over this once again sections open op-ed that Rand Paul wrote on mandatory
minimum sentences in the washington times a couple months ago are identical to an
article by Dan Stewart over the week that ran one week prior to
Rand Paul’s up ed this is a really really becoming absolutely pathetic Paul also delivered testimony before the
Senate Judiciary Committee just a few days later that included some of these copied
sections from Dan steward as well others read a
little bit over to you here’s how Stewart wrote his
introduction to his article on mandatory minimum
sentences it’s the automatic imposition a minimum
number I’ve years in prison for specific crimes usually related to drugs by design
mandatory sentencing mandatory sentencing laws take discretion away from prosecutors and judges so is
to impose harsh sentences regardless of circumstances now I will read from Rand Paul’s article mandatory minimum sentences
automatically impose a minimum number I’ve years in prison for specific crimes usually related to drugs by design mandatory send man Dettori sentencing
laws take discretion away from prosecutors and judges so is
to impose harsh sentences regardless of circumstances some might argue listen mandatory minimums are kind
of unknown entity therefore it stands to reason that the
vocabulary used would be similar okay but I’ve got four more paragraph
that are almost identical word-for-word this is so pathetic Louis yeah I I have to assume that this is just
really ways the staffers in speechwriters working for
Rand Paul who have been I’ll being really lazy just copying
these things I imagine a ball but fired at this point in this probably won’t
happen again but then again I I wouldn’t be surprised what we
actually have some information about that after the first two or three of these
cases there was no comment from Rand Paul staff there finally was a statement
today where staff admitted to quote or
sourcing and improper bedding and that Rand Paul
does he use his ideas in speeches but he relies on staff to kinda lash out
the background and now he is going to start having
footnotes for when he writes stuff I don’t know if
I buy this Louis because me one of the most common responses when
people are accused of plagiarism is to say we didn’t plagiarize in other words we
didn’t copy hoping to trick people into thinking that these were our words what
we did was we knowingly use we knowingly and hoping openly used excerpts but we just
for got to give credit right and that makes you seem it’s kind
of like with certain IRS issues where in fact there’s an
interesting scene in Breaking Bad related to this where if you were deliberately lying to avoid taxes are for to mislead stuff
stockholders that is a crime but if the issues are a
result %uh incompetence or lack of knowledge
there’s actually in many cases no crime that’s been
committed it’s kinda the same routine that’s used with the plagiarism new nano we didn’t do anything wrong we
weren’t trying to copy your take someone’s word we simply didn’t have proper foot noting
and it can’t always be true yeah this is a crock are considering
plagiarism is is pretty much covered in now grade
rates pirate said I I think it’s safe to assume that they
knew very well what they were doing in this case

  • Whats the big deal, its like saying you can only use an idea once because of plagiating laws.

    Admit that you are al wrong here.

  • The "big deal" is that it shows that he cannot even bother to make his own speeches, or that he does not have the intelligence required to do so. And therefore relies on plagiarizing others work.
    If this was a student in school, he'd get a low grade for plagiarizing.
    Yet somehow this is okay for someone that's supposed to be smart enough to make life changing decisions.
    the difference between quoting/referencing and plagiarism is one of crediting and footnoting.

  • Footnotes! Sounds more like literary regulations to me. All this context and citations just gets in the way when will these libs learn?

  • do you really not see the difference between, for example, stating an idea that someone else has probably had, such as "it's better not to jump out of tall buildings in order to not hurt oneself," and copying large portions of published articles verbatim, passing them off as your own original words?

  • At 0:45 David said, "This is really, really becoming; absolutely pathetic."
    Just so you know, the word "becoming" indicates a pleasing or attractive appearance for a person or thing. So, David said that Rand Paul's plagiarism makes him (Paul) much more attractive.
    But nevertheless, great video!

  • Blahahahahahahahhahahahah…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… whew, that was a good one, President Paul.

  • Yeah, except that he was using the word as an adjective, not as a noun or verb. The adjective "becoming", although spelled the same, has a very different meaning and is used to describe something as "attractive."

  • The conservative Washington Times canceled Rand Paul's weekly op-ed tonight due to an ever growing list of plagiarized material.

    Rand Paul is a copy and paste Senator, never before have we seen plagiarism on this scale (books, magazine/online articles, speeches, op-eds, Senate floor) in U.S. political history.

    And of course Rand denies any knowledge, and takes zero responsibility– like his father did with a decade worth of racist newsletters bearing his name. Like father, like son.

  • Rand Paul is personally responsible: Who would hire a speech writer that doesn't know the basic rules of writing?

    You also can't footnote a speech. Its not like you're going to hold a sign under you &/or a little number above your head when you talk. Furthermore, If you take too much its still plagiarism, even if you properly footnote it.

  • He wouldn't get a low grade. He would be automatically failed out of the class and maybe even expelled if this was any university.

  • This is just the culmination of the Con path since 1994. They all say the exact same things. Same villains, same heroes, same solutions, myths, lies, jokes, same book published every 2 weeks, full of the same extremism, aimed at the same people who have have been in the same bubble for 20 years. "Job-killing regulations, Muslim radicals, choose life, Marxist takeover, good old days, Jew York Times, makers vs. welfare queens, Adam and Steve." Paul is just too lazy to pretend to be "original".

  • Its not plagiarism, its parenthetical citations. I used this trick in writing a paper back in high school. The teacher underlined the citations and said, I think this might be plagiarism. Got a C on the paper, pwned. On another note, it was some unnecessary 7 page paper requirement.

  • Using another persons work and passing it off as your own is illegal and immoral. Plagiarism will get you a failing grade in grade school and KICKED OUT of college programs. This is just sad that a public political figure would stoop to this.

  • nope, there is no semicolon after "becoming". "is becoming" is the verb of the whole sentence, and it means "to come to be, develop or grow into"

  • The "reaction" from the right wing when they get their hand caught in the cookie jar, reminds me of the scene in Star Wars Ep4, where Obi-Wan Jedi mind tricks the Stormtrooper and says; "These aren't the droids were are looking for,.. move along, move along".

  • writing a book or paper is not the same as giving a speech. Imagine if it was people did they would spend half their speech on references. and how is not referring to wiki when the story plot is from the movie itself. Why give the credit to something like wiki if it is better to just give to the object itself? and Rand Paul made it clear if Obama said something on the new, it is good enough to say that Obama said it and not having to refer to ABC News on This show at this Time…

  • OMG this video is shit, How many different ways can you say, statement "A" until is is the nearly the same and is consider plagiarizing? BS if the Dem was doing it the right would be bitching and same with the right, idiots.

  • The student wouldn't just get a "low grade." A student would get a failing grade and possibly expelled. Politicians have little accountability.

  • I know of no school that gives failing grades for plagiarizing except for on finals and tests.
    And yes, politicians have little accountability, which was my entire point.
    He is in a position to make big changes to america, and yet it's somehow perfectly fine that he's so dumb that he wouldn't even pass a high school final due to plagiarizing.
    This is not a way to make the nation smarter or better.

  • Then you're not looking hard enough.

    Subsequent Offenses (major):
    • Collection of unauthorized material, conference with student and teacher, student will receive no credit for that assignment, and a parent contact will be made
    • Administrative discretion as to whether student will be on probationary status, or will be removed from class
    • If student is removed from the class, a grade of 'E' will be recorded on his/her transcript

  • Second Offense (minor):
    • Collection of unauthorized material, conference with student and teacher, student will receive no credit for that assignment, and a parent contact will be made
    • One to five days in-school suspension at administrative discretion

    First Offense (minor):
    • Collection of unauthorized material
    • Official warning to student
    • Conference with student and teacher, student will receive no credit for that assignment, and a parent contact will be made

  • Eastern Michigan University (My College)

    In most academic dishonesty cases, Student Conduct and Community Standards will issue a decision of probation as well as the completion of an educational sanction that requires reflection on ethical decision making or a review of academic integrity policies. Extreme cases or repeated offenses, however, may result in suspension or dismissal.

  • This isn't high school, he wants to run for Pres! The right likes politicing but not governing. Congress barely works anymore claiming there isn't enough work despite immigration, economuc and many more issues left unsettled. Their purpose is only to criticize, obstruct and dismantle and are uselessvat moving us forward. But then their agenda is to go back, not forward whichbis why they've been left behind by a super majority of Americans. The self destruction of the GOP continues.

  • Reminds me of an episode od Star Trek. A woman is claiming to have written a poem. Someone says "that was written by Shakespear hundreds of years ago." The woman replies "that doesn't take away from the fact I wrote it again today." This is Rand Paul. Did I mention that the people involved were in a mental institution? Coincidence, I don't think so.

  • Fucking google and it's new updates screwing up what used to be a good comment section system. Now i cannot even see comment history anymore.
    I strongly doubt they hand out failing grades for the class based on assignments. Perhaps for continued plagiarizing on tests and exams/finals, but not on run-of-the-mill assignments. If they are, they are only contributing to the education problem.

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